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Diving Equipment AMU:
Provides a list of selected diving equipment, tools and accessories which have undergone design safety reviews, testing and evaluation to ensure diver safety and acceptability. Click here for the AMU page

US Navy Diving Manual and current ACNs: Other systems manuals are located on SUPSALV's CAC enabled website at

US Navy Diving Manual Rev. 6 with Change A entered
Click here to download.
Note 1. This is a large manual. Recommend downloading to your local drive from a high speed connection.
Note 2. This pdf file does not include ACN 1/R7 or ACN 2/R7 which should be downloaded the from links below.
For hard copies, (military only), view Ordering Information. To submit change request, go to: secure site.
SS521-AG-PRO-010 0910-LP-106-0957 10/15/2011
  • ACN 2/R7 to the U.S. Navy Diving Manual Revision 6 Change A addresses Mission Planning and ORM for Navy Diving
  • 11/12/2014
  • ACN 1/R7 to the U.S. Diving Manual Revision 6 Change A provides the operating guidelines for enclosed or confined space diving utilizing Interspiro MKII, DP 1/2 Surface Supply Diving Apparatus
  • 02/04/2013
  • Diving Manual Chapter 20 (only) - Diagnosis and Treatment of Decompression Sickness
    Click here to download.
    Note: This contains Chapter 20 with Change A entered. - Ch.20 separated for ease of downloading only.
    Guidance for Diving in Contaminated Waters SS521-AJ-PRO-010, 0910-LP-107-2826 03/15/2008
    DIVEAIR 2 - Diving Air Analyzer Operating Manual - GEOTECH
  • U.S. Navy General Specification for the Design, Construction, and Repair of Diving and Hyperbaric Equipment
    NAVSEA TS500-AU-SPN-010 08/23/2006
  • A Navy Diving Supervisorís Guide To the Nontechnical Skills Required for Safe and Productive Diving Operations
    NEDU TR 05-09 June 2005

    Diving Systems Newsletter

    FACEPLATE Newsletter
    The official newsletter for the Divers and Salvors of the United States Navy.
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  • 03 May 2016:
    Published updated AMU list
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