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Electronic versions of many SUPSALV maintained manuals, publications, and related documentation are currently available through the Technical Data Management System (TDMIS), the Naval Logistics Library (NLL), and the SUPSALV public or secure websites. Subsequent changes and revisions will also be available for downloading or viewing as they are developed and promulgated.

Hard copies of publications may be ordered through the Naval Logistics Library at

Since NAVSEA 00C does not make an initial hard copy distribution of its publications, the availability through the Naval Logistics Library (NLL) is limited to two (2) copies per order for ships only. Ships ordering the U.S. Navy Dive Manual from the NLL are advised that the tables and many of the photographs in the dive manual are illegible when obtained from the NLL printer. Ships requiring additional dive manuals should print them directly on a quality color printer using the electronic file downloaded from the SUPSALV website. Shore commands requiring copies or ships requiring more than two copies should make their own arrangements to print them using the electronic files downloaded from the SUPSALV website.