Ocean Simulation Facility (OSF)

The OSF simulates ocean conditions to a maximum pressure equivalent of 2,250 feet seawater (fsw) at any salinity level. The chamber complex consists of a 55,000-gallon wet chamber and five interconnected dry living/working chambers totaling 3,300 cubic feet of space. Wet and dry chamber temperatures can be set from 28 to 104 °F. Equipped with the latest data acquisition capability, the OSF can accommodate a wide range of complex experiments including diver biomedical studies and testing of humans as well as small submersible vehicles and other machines in the wet chamber. Saturation dives can be performed for more than 30 days of continuous exposure in the OSF. For human and equipment testing underwater over extended periods, divers use the dry chambers as comfortable living quarters, from which they can make diving excursions into the wet chamber. The dry chambers are also capable of altitude simulation studies to heights of 150,000 feet.