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 Welcome to the Navy Experimental Diving Unit!

Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) partners with the warfighter to develop timely, cost-effective solutions to support and improve manned operations in undersea and other extreme environments through biomedical research and independent testing and evaluation of equipment and procedures.

NEDU will be the partner of choice for:

  • Strategic planning and alignment for undersea and extreme environment research, development, testing and evaluation efforts.
  • Helping our customers define requirements and develop technical solutions for transition to the warfighter.

NEDU saturation divers featured in AllHands
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Diving Equipment Authorized for Navy Use (ANU) - NEDU does not maintain or distribute the ANU List on this website. An official copy of the most current list can be obtained from NAVSEA.

Diving Manuals - NEDU does not maintain or distribute U.S. Navy diving manuals on this website. Official copies of the most current manuals can be obtained from NAVSEA. NAVXDIVINGU
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Panama City Beach, Florida 32407-7012
Main switchboard: (850) 230-3100
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