September 25, 2023
Did Shayanna Jenkins benefit financially from Aaron Hernandez's death? A look into her finances post-Aaron Hernandez, exploring whether she received any money, the truth of her financial situation, and the impact of the legal proceedings on her finances.


Shayanna Jenkins gained notoriety as the fiancée of former NFL player, Aaron Hernandez, who was convicted of murder in 2015 and died by suicide four years later. In the aftermath of his death, many have wondered about how this affected her finances. This article endeavors to explore whether or not Shayanna Jenkins received any money after her fiancé’s death and what her financial situation looks like today.

Investigating the Finances of Shayanna Jenkins: A Look at Whether She Received Money

Before delving into the question of whether Shayanna Jenkins received any money following Aaron Hernandez’s death, it’s necessary to examine what financial assets she had before and after he died. According to public records, Jenkins and Hernandez owned a home in North Attleborough, Massachusetts worth an estimated $1.3 million. Additionally, she had previously held a position at a dental office and worked as a real estate agent.

During Hernandez’s trial and after his death, there were rumors that he had left Jenkins money in his will or had secret accounts that she could access. However, both of these claims were found to be untrue, and there is no evidence to suggest she received any direct inheritance from Hernandez.

Outside of any inheritance, there are other potential sources of income that Shayanna Jenkins may have had. Even though she was not married to Aaron Hernandez, Massachusetts law still entitles her to a portion of his assets, which could include insurance payments or retirement accounts.

The Truth about Shayanna Jenkins’ Financial Situation: Did She Receive any Money After the Death of Her Fiancé?

Despite rumors to the contrary, there is no evidence that Shayanna Jenkins received any money directly from Aaron Hernandez’s estate after his death. It is likely that she is entitled to some of his assets under Massachusetts law, but this would have to be decided in court, and we do not have any information to suggest that this has occurred or is currently in progress.

However, there is still much that is not known about Shayanna Jenkins’ finances. It is possible that she received financial assistance from other sources or had other income streams that are not publicly available.

Did Shayanna Jenkins Benefit Financially from Aaron Hernandez’s Death?

There is no doubt that Aaron Hernandez’s death had a significant impact on Shayanna Jenkins, and it is possible that it affected her financial situation in both positive and negative ways.

On the one hand, Hernandez’s death has given Jenkins control of their home in North Attleborough, Massachusetts, which is worth an estimated $1.3 million. This could put her in a more secure financial position if she decides to sell the property or make use of it in other ways.

On the other hand, it is possible that Aaron Hernandez’s legal issues and eventual suicide could have cost Shayanna Jenkins money. For example, Hernandez may have had to spend a significant amount of money on lawyers or other legal fees, which could have depleted their joint accounts.

Untangling the Complexities of Shayanna Jenkins’ Finances Post Aaron Hernandez

It’s difficult to get a clear picture of Shayanna Jenkins’ financial situation post Aaron Hernandez. She has not been a public figure and does not talk about her finances. This has made it challenging for outsiders to understand how she is managing her finances.

Additionally, with any large estate, there can be many complexities when it comes to dividing up assets and dealing with any debts or outstanding legal issues. Shayanna Jenkins may be involved in any number of legal proceedings related to Aaron Hernandez’s estate that are not public knowledge.

Following the Money: A Deep Dive into Shayanna Jenkins’ Financial Situation

While it is difficult to know precisely what Shayanna Jenkins’ finances look like today, we can examine what is publicly available about her and Aaron Hernandez’s joint assets. Therefore, we know that she controls the North Attleborough home the couple shared, which was valued at $1.3 million in 2013.

We also know that Jenkins was briefly involved in selling NFL merchandise under the company name “Hernandez and Jenkins” alongside Aaron Hernandez. After his arrest, he severed their professional ties, but it’s possible that she may have continued with merchandise sales under a different name.

The Financial Fallout of Aaron Hernandez’s Death: Did Shayanna Jenkins Receive any Compensation?

It is still unclear whether Shayanna Jenkins has received any compensation for the legal fallout of Aaron Hernandez’s various crimes. She may be entitled to receive money to help cover any legal costs that were accrued during or after his trial. At the moment, there is no clear indication that she has received financial assistance for this, but it is possible that any compensation has taken the form of a private settlement.

Exploring the Financial Implications of Aaron Hernandez’s Death on Shayanna Jenkins’ Finances

Even if Shayanna Jenkins didn’t receive any money directly from Aaron Hernandez’s estate, the aftermath of his death likely had significant financial implications for her. There may have been unexpected costs associated with his legal battles and funeral expenses, and any inheritance that she is entitled to may have taken longer to be distributed due to legal proceedings.

Furthermore, the notoriety associated with Aaron Hernandez may have made it difficult for Shayanna Jenkins to earn a living or maintain her professional reputation. The media scrutiny that accompanied his trial and death could have an ongoing impact on her ability to support herself and her family.


Overall, while there is no evidence to suggest that Shayanna Jenkins received a windfall as a result of Aaron Hernandez’s death, there is much about her finances that we do not know.

It’s possible that she has inherited assets under Massachusetts law or received other forms of assistance that are not publicly available. As with any high-profile estate, there may be legal complexities that have yet to be resolved. Nevertheless, it is clear that Hernandez’s death had a significant impact on her financial situation, and it is likely that its effects will continue to be felt for years to come.

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