October 3, 2023
Does Lululemon hem for free? Learn about the brand's hemming policies and other alteration options in this comprehensive guide. From DIY hemming to professional alterations and real customer experiences, this article explores everything you need to know about getting the perfect fit for your Lululemon workout gear.


Have you ever purchased a pair of Lululemon leggings or another favorite workout top or bottom, only to find that the length is slightly too long or too short for your body? Whether you’re looking to hem pants to match your height or customize the length of a sports bra, Lululemon customers often have questions about the brand’s alteration policies and options. In this article, we’ll explore the question of whether Lululemon hems for free, as well as other DIY and professional alteration options and cost-saving strategies for your favorite workout gear.

Everything You Need to Know About Lululemon’s Hemming Policy: Are Alterations Really Free?

Let’s start with the most pressing question on Lululemon customers’ minds: does Lululemon offer free hemming services? While the answer is technically yes, there are a few caveats. According to Lululemon’s official policy, customers can bring in their Lululemon apparel to any retail store location for complimentary hemming. However, there are a few restrictions that customers should keep in mind.

Firstly, the item must be in like-new condition, with tags on and unwashed. Secondly, the hemming service is only free for full-priced items. If you purchased your leggings or other gear on sale or clearance, you may not be eligible for free hemming. In these cases, the hemming service will cost $20 per item.

If you’re unsure whether your item is eligible for free hemming, it’s always a good idea to double-check with a store associate before dropping off your apparel. They can help clarify any questions and provide more information on the services available. It’s also worth noting that the hemming service may take up to a week to complete, depending on the store location’s workload.

Are there any frequently asked questions about Lululemon’s hemming policy? Here are a few common ones:

  • Can Lululemon hem any of its apparel?
  • Can I have multiple items hemmed at the same time?
  • What if I live too far away from a Lululemon store?

The answer to the first question is generally yes, as long as the item is in like-new condition and has not been altered in any other way. However, more complex alteration requests may require an additional fee. As for multiple items, there is technically no limit to how many items you can have hemmed at once, as long as they meet the requirements for free hemming. Finally, if you’re unable to visit a Lululemon store in person, you can also ship your items to the company’s hemming service center. Simply follow the instructions on Lululemon’s website and include a prepaid shipping label with your items.

Saving Money on Lululemon: Why Hemming Your Own Workout Gear is Easier Than You Think

While Lululemon’s hemming policy can be a convenient and affordable option, sometimes you may want to take matters into your own hands—literally. DIY hemming is a practical and cost-effective option for those who are comfortable with a needle and thread. Not only does it save you the trip to the store, but it also allows you to customize the length and fit of your Lululemon apparel to your exact preferences.

Here are some steps to guide you on how to hem your Lululemon apparel:

  1. Take accurate measurements: Use a measuring tape to determine the desired length of your item, and mark it with a piece of chalk or fabric pen. Make sure to measure both sides of the item to ensure consistency.
  2. Cut excess fabric: Once you’ve determined the correct length, use fabric scissors to carefully cut off the excess fabric. Remember to leave a little extra to fold under for hemming.
  3. Fold and pin: Fold the excess fabric under twice to create a neat hem, and pin it in place. Make sure that the hem is even and straight by using a ruler or other straight edge.
  4. Sew the hem: Using a needle and matching thread, sew the hem in place. For best results, use a simple running stitch or a machine hemstitch. Make sure to knot the thread at the end for durability.
  5. Try it on: Once you’ve finished hemming, try on your newly customized Lululemon apparel to ensure the fit is satisfactory.

There are also other options for customizing and personalizing your Lululemon apparel beyond just hemming. For example, you could add your own personal flair by sewing on patches, embroidery, or other embellishments. Take a trip to your local craft store or explore online tutorials to find inspiration for your next DIY project!

The Ultimate Guide to Lululemon Alterations: Exploring All Your Options

Beyond hemming, Lululemon offers a variety of other alteration services to fit your needs. Some of the most common types of alterations include:

  • Shortening sleeves or straps
  • Taking in or letting out side seams
  • Adjusting the neckline or waistband
  • Adding or removing pockets

If you’re not sure which alteration option is right for you, don’t worry—Lululemon store associates are trained to help you find the best fit and look for your apparel. They can also advise you on any additional fees that may apply to more complex alteration requests.

One unique alteration service that Lululemon offers is its hemming for a cause program. Through this program, customers can choose to donate the $20 fee for hemming sale or clearance items to a charity partner of Lululemon’s choice. It’s a way to give back to the community while also getting the hemming service you need.

Why Lululemon’s Hemming Policy Sets It Apart From the Competition

So, why does Lululemon’s free hemming service matter? Beyond just the convenience and cost savings for customers, it reflects the company’s dedication to creating high-quality, customizable apparel that meets the needs of a diverse customer base. By offering free hemming services, Lululemon is demonstrating its commitment to inclusivity and making its products accessible to all customers, regardless of their height or body type.

When compared to similar policies at other retailers, Lululemon’s hemming policy stands out for its flexibility and generosity. Many other brands either don’t offer any hemming or alteration services at all or charge high fees for these services, which can deter customers from making purchases in the first place. By contrast, Lululemon’s hemming policy creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the brand and its customers, fostering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Real Customer Experiences: Getting Your Lululemon Pieces Hemmed in Stores Across the Country

Of course, every customer’s experience with Lululemon’s hemming services will be different based on their location, the specific item being hemmed, and their personal preferences. Here are some firsthand accounts from Lululemon customers who have used the brand’s hemming services at various store locations:

“I recently had my Lululemon leggings hemmed at my local store, and I was really happy with the results. The store associate was friendly and knowledgeable, and the hemming was really well-done. It was also a plus that the service was free!”

– Kelly, Chicago, IL

“I had a pair of clearance leggings that I was really excited to hem, but then I found out that hemming wasn’t free for sale items. I was disappointed at first, but then the associate told me about the hemming for a cause program, and I thought it was a great idea. I donated the $20 and got my leggings hemmed—it was a win-win!”

– Rachel, Austin, TX

“Unfortunately, the Lululemon store in my town closed down, so I had to ship my items to the hemming service center. While the shipping cost was a bit of a hassle, the hemming itself was well-done and I was happy with the result. If you’re in a similar situation, I would recommend this option!”

– Sarah, Minneapolis, MN


So, does Lululemon hem for free? The answer is a qualified yes, but as we’ve explored in this article, there are many other options and cost-saving strategies available to customers looking to customize or alter their Lululemon apparel. Whether you choose to take advantage of Lululemon’s free hemming services, try DIY hemming, or explore the brand’s other alteration options, the most important thing is to find the fit and look that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your workout gear.

As a final piece of advice, we would recommend that customers always read the fine print and ask questions before committing to any alterations or modifications. By doing so, you can ensure that you’re getting the best service and value for your money, while also supporting companies that prioritize inclusivity and customer satisfaction.

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