September 24, 2023
This article explores the topic, "Does Planet Fitness Have Barbells," and examines the pros and cons of Planet Fitness's decision to not have barbells available. It includes tips for incorporating barbells into your workout if needed and discusses alternative equipment available for strength training.

Does Planet Fitness Have Barbells?

If you are looking for a gym to join and have been considering Planet Fitness, you may be wondering if they have barbells available for use. As a fitness enthusiast, weightlifting and strength training are important components of your fitness routine, which is understandable. However, it is important to know that Planet Fitness has made a conscious decision to not have barbells available in their gym. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of Planet Fitness’s decision to not have barbells available and will also examine other equipment available for strength training.

Pros of Planet Fitness’s NO Barbells Policy

Planet Fitness’s decision to not have barbells available does have some advantages, which may appeal to some gym-goers, especially those who are new to fitness and strength training.

No Need to Lift Heavy Weights to Achieve Fitness Goals

Planet Fitness’s emphasis is on creating a non-judgmental, welcoming environment for gym-goers. As a result, they do not cater to serious weightlifters or bodybuilders. Instead, they focus on providing equipment that allows gym-goers to achieve their fitness goals, often without having to lift heavy weights. This means that Planet Fitness is a suitable environment for individuals who want to improve their overall health and fitness levels while avoiding the use of heavyweights, which can be intimidating to some.

Minimizes the Risk of Injury and Accidents in the Gym

One of the most significant reasons why Planet Fitness does not have barbells available is that they can be hazardous, especially if a person is not familiar with how to use them correctly. Planet Fitness’s mission is to create a safe and comfortable environment for all gym-goers, and by not having barbells available, they can ensure that their equipment is user-friendly and safe to use, minimizing the risk of injury and accidents in the gym.

Promotes a Less Intimidating and More Welcoming Gym Environment

If you are new to the gym environment or have not been to a gym for a long time, you may feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the many weightlifting machines and equipment available. The absence of barbells means that Planet Fitness is less intimidating and more inviting, making it an excellent starting point for people who are new to fitness.

Alternative Equipment Available for Strength Training

Although Planet Fitness does not have barbells available, they do have other pieces of equipment specifically designed for strength training. They have machines that use weight stacks, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and cable systems for their strength training workouts. This variety of equipment allows gym-goers to choose the equipment that best suits their fitness goals and preferences.

Cons of Planet Fitness’s NO Barbells Policy

While the absence of barbells has some advantages, it also comes with some disadvantages:

Limited Options for Progressive Overload Training

Progressive overload is a popular strength training technique used to increase muscle strength and mass by gradually progressively increasing resistance over time. Unfortunately, this technique is limited without barbells, which typically provide the highest level of resistance.

Missing Out on Certain Exercises that Require Barbells

Although Planet Fitness provides a range of alternative equipment for strength training, it is essential to note that some exercises require the use of barbells, including the bench press and squat. As a result, gym-goers miss out on these exercises, which are beneficial for building strength and mass.

Not Suitable for Serious Weightlifters or Bodybuilders

Planet Fitness’s no barbell policy was created to provide a fitness environment suitable for all gym-goers, including novices. Unfortunately, this policy is not suitable for serious weightlifters and bodybuilders whose fitness routine requires heavier weights, which are mostly available through the use of barbells.

Limitations in Building Strength and Muscle Mass

Because the majority of the equipment available at Planet Fitness does not provide the same level of resistance as barbells, there are limitations in building strength and muscle mass.

Alternative Equipment Available at Planet Fitness

Despite not having barbells available, Planet Fitness has other alternatives available for strength training:

Weight Stack Machines

Weight stack machines are machines that use a stack of weights to provide resistance. These machines are a popular choice for individuals who want to improve muscle strength, build mass, and increase endurance while following a strict range of motion through the machine’s exercise stroke.


Dumbbells are free weights that come in various weight ranges. They are ideal for strength training and can be used to tone specific muscle groups. Dumbbells also provide a wide range of exercises that can be performed in a limited space.


Kettlebells are similar to free weights and are used for strength training, cardio, and flexibility. They provide a more comprehensive range of motion and can be utilized in more compound movements.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands provide help to perform exercises that may not be possible using free weights. This equipment provides a variable resistance! Without using iron weights, which is useful for rehabilitation and pre-habilitation programs.

Cable Systems

Cable systems are versatile equipment that allows for variable resistance because they allow for different attachments and exercises to be performed.

Tips for Barbells-Only Workout at Planet Fitness

If you still prefer barbells for your strength training routine despite the prevailing no barbell policy, here are some tips to help you incorporate them into your workout:

How to Incorporate a Barbell Workout at Planet Fitness

The best way to use your barbell workout at Planet Fitness is to bring your barbell along. This may sound inconvenient, but it gives you the full freedom to use your preferred exercises at your disposal and incorporates them into your workout routine.

Safety Precautions for Using Barbells

If you are bringing your barbell to Planet Fitness, you must prioritize safety. Ensure you are working out on a stable and level surface, use a weightbench for support, ensure you are using appropriate weights, and use a spotter to help you avoid any accidents or injuries.

Benefits of a Barbell Workout

Barbells are ideal for building muscle mass and strength, which are crucial elements in providing overall body conditioning. Barbells also improve core strength, enhance balance, and help with fat loss, amongst other health benefits like increasing bone mineral density and reducing the risk of developing diabetes.

How to Decide if Planet Fitness is Right for You

Whether Planet Fitness is the right gym for you depends on several factors:

Factors to Consider before Joining Planet Fitness

The decision to join Planet Fitness depends on several factors, including your fitness goals, budget, schedule, location of the gym, and the type of equipment that is available. It would help if you determined if Planet Fitness is suitable for your fitness goals and whether they have the necessary equipment to support them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Planet Fitness’s NO Barbells Policy

The absence of barbells in Planet Fitness has both advantages and disadvantages discussed in the article, and as such, it would help if you considered whether the facility meets your workout needs.

Personal Fitness Goals and Preferences

Your personal fitness goals and preferences are crucial in deciding whether Planet Fitness is suitable for you. If your workout routine mainly incorporates barbells, it may not be a practical workout facility for you, but if you prefer a more relaxed and non-judgmental workout environment, then Planet Fitness may be an excellent choice for you.


In conclusion, Planet Fitness has made a conscious decision not to have barbells available in their gym. This policy has its advantages, including promoting a safer and more friendly workout environment for all gym-goers, especially new fitness enthusiasts. At the same time, it also has its disadvantages, including limited options for progressive overload training, missing out on certain exercises that require barbells, and not suitable for serious weightlifters or bodybuilders. That said, Planet Fitness has alternative equipment available that can help gym-goers meet their fitness goals while still accommodating their preferred workout style. Ultimately, the decision to join Planet Fitness depends on your fitness goals and preferences.

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