September 23, 2023
This article focuses on the various methods by which pirate ships make money, including plundering, ransom, smuggling, privateering, protection money, and the black market. The article discusses the challenges and risks of each method and provides some recommendations for staying safe in the face of piracy activities.


Pirates have been a part of history for centuries. They were known for their aggressive and violent tactics, but also for their ability to profit from their actions. However, piracy is not just a thing of the past. Even today, pirates still operate in different parts of the world.


Plundering is the most common method of making money for pirate ships. It involves raiding and looting ships at sea. Pirates will attack and board the ship, seizing any valuable goods they can find. These might include food, weapons, gold, precious jewels, and other items of value.

The tools and techniques used by pirates to plunder a ship are diverse. They use weapons like swords, guns, and muskets to intimidate their opponents, and they might also use grappling hooks and ropes to board the ships. Stealth is also a crucial element in their strategy, as they try to catch their prey off-guard.

However, plundering poses several risks and challenges for pirates. The biggest threat is encountering other ships or naval forces that might be better armed or superior in numbers. Additionally, finding a valuable ship to plunder is not always easy, and even when they do, there is no guarantee that they will find anything worth taking.


Ransoming involves capturing and kidnapping wealthy individuals and demanding a ransom for their release. Pirates will usually target ships with high-ranking officials, politicians, or wealthy businessmen. They will hold the captives until the ransom is paid.

The ransom amount is usually negotiated by a mediator, and it can be a significant sum of money. Pirates value their reputation and ensure that hostages are treated well to prevent any harm to their future captives. The downside is that there’s a time constraint since hostages are likely to be searched for, traced, or even rescued by other authoritative forces.


Smuggling is another method piracy can make money. Pirate ships might be used to smuggle illegal goods like drugs, weapons, and other contraband items. They may also engage in human trafficking activity, enslaving, and forcing people into labor or prostitution.

The smuggling business is fraught with risks and challenges. The authorities are constantly on the lookout for any suspicious activity, and patrols are usually more frequent in and around known smuggling areas.


Privateering is a legal form of piracy authorized by individual governments. Privateers are licensed by the government to attack foreign vessels of rival nations, and a bounty is set for their successful capture. Pirates would often use these privateers as a defense against attacks by foreign foes.

However, it also poses risks since neighboring nations may see these authorizations as a form of provocation, and privateers or pirates may be treated as criminals if captured regardless of their government’s authorization.

Protection Money

Protection money is a method where pirates demand money from ships in return for their protection. Although, in several cases, these arrangements might lead to a partnership with the ships, leading to more significant gains in the future. Protection money guarantees a pirate ship safe passage through waters or even the ability to dock safely.

However, this kind of deal does not always guarantee a safe pass, and pirate ships have been known to renege their end of the agreement even after being paid for protection. This type of piracy can significantly impact a country’s economy and tourism sector detrimental.

Black Market

The black market is a place where goods are sold illicitly without appropriate documentation. Pirate ships are involved in the black market for the sale of stolen goods, transiting illegal goods, or selling weapons. The black market pays high amounts for some rare goods, guaranteeing huge returns for pirates.

The black market is an ambiance for criminal activities, and a pirate’s involvement in the market is a way of getting themselves deeper into crime circles they have difficulty extracting themselves from.


In conclusion, piracy is still an issue, even in the modern era. There are different ways that pirates can make money, and each category poses risks and challenges. These could range from running into other ships or naval forces, difficulty in finding profitable ships to plunder, encountering opposition during smuggle runs, risking criminal charges, or causing harm. Authorities worldwide face challenges trying to curb piracy’s activities, and significant efforts must be given towards creating a safer worldwide system..

Looking to the future, it’s uncertain how pirate activities will adapt, but there are things that ship authorities can do to ensure they’re safer. Conducting research on navigating known pirate areas, carrying out safety practices, hiring security detail, and keeping in touch with the coastguard are the most basic ways to guarantee one’s safety at sea. Let’s all strive to fight piracy and remain safe at sea.

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