September 26, 2023
Explore Aaron Judge's impressive career home run record and how it compares to other Yankees legends. Discover the impact his home runs have on the team, along with predictions for the future of this star player.


Aaron Judge is a name that has become synonymous with the New York Yankees. Since his debut in 2016, the towering right fielder has captivated fans with his incredible power at the plate. He has hit some of the longest home runs in recent memory, sending baseballs into orbit with ease. However, with such an impressive career to date, many fans and analysts alike are curious: just how many career home runs does Aaron Judge have?

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of Aaron Judge’s home run record. We’ll explore his best performances, compare his record to Yankees legends like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, examine the impact of his home runs on the team, and make predictions for the future. So without further ado, let’s dive into the stats.

Statistical Breakdown

Since his debut on August 13, 2016, Aaron Judge has hit an impressive 110 home runs in his career (as of August 18, 2021). His rookie year was particularly memorable, when he hit 52 home runs, setting a new rookie record. Let’s take a closer look at Aaron Judge’s season-by-season home run totals:

– 2016: 4 home runs (27 games played)
– 2017: 52 home runs (155 games played)
– 2018: 27 home runs (112 games played)
– 2019: 27 home runs (102 games played)
– 2020: 9 home runs (28 games played)
– 2021: 1 home run (due to injury, played 21 games so far)

Clearly, Aaron Judge’s best season was his rookie year, where he hit a stunning 52 home runs. His injury-ridden seasons in 2018 and 2019 still netted 27 homers each, showing that when he’s healthy, Judge consistently brings power to the plate. It’s early days in 2021, but with 21 games played so far and only one home run, this may not be Judge’s most stellar year in terms of home runs.

That said, Aaron Judge has had some impressive performances over the years when it comes to home runs. One of his most notable games was on September 10, 2017, when he hit a pair of home runs at Yankee Stadium against the Texas Rangers. Those two home runs brought his total number for the season to 43, tying Mark McGwire’s rookie record. Judge also had a home run streak from April 26 to May 3, 2017, where he hit 7 home runs in just 6 games.

Comparing Judge to Other Yankees Legends

One of the most interesting comparisons to make when discussing Aaron Judge’s home run record is to look at how his numbers stack up against some of the Yankees’ all-time greats. When looking at how many games it took to hit each 100 home run milestone, this is how Aaron Judge’s numbers compare to those of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Mickey Mantle:

– Ruth: 399 games to hit 100 home runs
– Gehrig: 451 games to hit 100 home runs
– Mantle: 515 games to hit 100 home runs
– Judge: 371 games to hit 100 home runs

This is an impressive feat for Judge, as he hit the 100 home run milestone faster than all three of these legendary players. However, it’s useful to keep in mind that Judge’s career is still young, so it remains to be seen how his trajectory will compare.

Aaron Judge’s Top Home Run Moments

When discussing Aaron Judge’s home runs, it would be remiss not to highlight some of his most impressive moments. Here are a few of his top home runs:

– On July 7, 2017, Judge hit a home run against the Milwaukee Brewers that was measured at a whopping 495 feet, the longest home run of his career to date.
– On June 17, 2018, Judge hit a walk-off home run against the Tampa Bay Rays in the bottom of the ninth inning, giving the Yankees a 7-6 win.
– On May 31, 2019, Judge hit a grand slam against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, helping the Yankees to a 5-3 win.
– On August 13, 2020, Judge hit a home run against the Atlanta Braves, the only run scored by the Yankees in a 2-1 loss. This home run gave Judge the distinction of being the fastest player to hit 110 career home runs.

The Effect of Aaron Judge’s Home Runs on the Yankees’ Season

One thing that’s interesting to consider is the impact that Aaron Judge’s home runs have on the success of the Yankees as a team. Here’s a look at the team’s win-loss record when Judge hits a home run versus when he doesn’t:

– 2016: 3-1 when Judge hits a home run, 0-3 when he doesn’t
– 2017: 36-11 when Judge hits a home run, 52-47 when he doesn’t
– 2018: 17-10 when Judge hits a home run, 54-53 when he doesn’t
– 2019: 15-8 when Judge hits a home run, 53-46 when he doesn’t
– 2020: 2-1 when Judge hits a home run, 7-15 when he doesn’t
– 2021: 1-0 when Judge hits a home run, 13-12 when he doesn’t

As we can see, in most years, when Aaron Judge hits a home run, the Yankees tend to win more often than when he doesn’t. This highlights the importance of Judge’s contribution to the team’s success.

Predictions for the Future

It’s always difficult to predict the future in sports, but it’s natural for fans to wonder how many home runs Aaron Judge might hit by the time his career is over. One thing to consider is that Judge has frequently been sidelined by injuries, which has impacted his ability to play full seasons. That said, if Judge is able to maintain his current pace, it’s not unreasonable to imagine him topping the 500 home run mark.


In conclusion, Aaron Judge has made an impressive impact on the Yankees’ home run record in a relatively short amount of time. While he has some work to do to catch up to the likes of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, his home run pace so far has been nothing short of impressive. Fans of the Yankees and baseball in general will be keeping a close eye on Aaron Judge and eagerly anticipating more home run milestones in the years to come.

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