October 3, 2023
Learn about how much Walmart charges for money orders. This comprehensive guide provides a cost breakdown, comparison to other retailers, and customer experiences. Read on to determine if Walmart is the right option for your money order needs.


Money orders are a great way to send money securely and conveniently. Walmart, one of the largest retail corporations in the world, offers money order services as an alternative to traditional banking methods. Walmart money orders are reliable, convenient, and easy to use. In this article, we will explore how much Walmart charges for money orders and provide a comprehensive guide on how to purchase them.

Cost Breakdown

Walmart offers two types of money orders: a standard money order and an Express Money Order. Standard money orders cost $0.70 per money order, with a maximum amount of $1,000. Express Money Orders, on the other hand, cost $4.00 per money order, with the maximum amount increasing to $2,500. While these prices may vary based on location, they are generally consistent throughout Walmart stores in the United States.

It’s essential to note that the fees mentioned apply only to the purchase of money orders. Customers may encounter additional charges if they lose or damage their money order.

Walmart also offers discounts to customers who purchase multiple money orders in one transaction. For example, if a customer buys ten standard money orders in one transaction, they will only pay $5.00 instead of $7.00. This discount serves as an incentive for customers who frequently use Walmart’s money order service and would like to save some money in the long run.

Comparing Prices

Walmart’s money order fees are competitive, but how do they compare to other retailers? Western Union is one of the most well-known money order providers, and they charge $1.25 per standard money order, with a maximum amount of $500. MoneyGram is another money order provider, and their prices for standard money orders range from $0.70 to $1.60, depending on the amount of the money order.

While Walmart’s prices are similar to those of Western Union and MoneyGram, it’s worth noting that each provider has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Walmart may be a more convenient option for individuals who have easy access to the retailer, while Western Union and MoneyGram may offer additional services, such as money transfers or bill payments.

Walkthrough of the Process

Purchasing a Walmart money order is a straightforward process.

  1. Visit the Walmart store’s customer service desk or Money Services Center
  2. Provide the necessary information to the customer service representative, including the recipient’s name and address
  3. Pay the fee in cash, debit, or credit card
  4. Keep your receipt in a safe place, as it will serve as proof of purchase

It’s important to note that the customer must provide personal information when purchasing a money order, including their name and address. This information serves as a safeguard against fraudulent activity, making it safer to send money through a money order than by sending cash or checks.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Walmart money orders offer various benefits. For one, they are easy to use and widely available, making them a reliable and convenient alternative to traditional banking methods. Additionally, sending a money order ensures that the recipient receives the money securely and on time, as opposed to sending cash through the mail.

However, Walmart money orders also have their drawbacks. The fees may add up, especially if you need to send multiple money orders frequently. Additionally, Walmart does not offer any additional services or options beyond money orders, such as bill payments or money transfers.

Customer Experiences

While Walmart money orders are generally reliable and convenient to use, customer experiences can differ significantly, depending on the store location and the specific customer service representative. Here are a few examples of customer experiences with Walmart money orders:

Mr. Brown used Walmart’s money order service to send money to his son for rent. He found the process easy and straightforward and was pleased with the competitive fees. He received confirmation from his son that the money had arrived safely, and he would use Walmart’s money order service again in the future.

Ms. Lee used Walmart’s money order service to send money to a friend in a different state. However, she encountered problems when the recipient never received the money order. After multiple attempts to rectify the situation, including sending the money order again and contacting customer service, Ms. Lee filed a complaint. Her experience ultimately left her frustrated and dissatisfied with Walmart’s money order service.


Walmart’s money order service offers a convenient and reliable way to send money securely. While the fees may add up, the ability to send multiple money orders in one transaction and the potential for discounts make Walmart a competitive option. Customer experiences with Walmart’s money order service can vary, so customers should be aware of the potential risks while using the service. Overall, Walmart’s money order service is a great option for individuals looking for a secure and easy way to send money.

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