September 24, 2023
Learn how to create the perfect braided ponytail with this step-by-step guide. Discover creative variations, tips and tricks, and techniques to make your hair look fuller. From formal to casual and sporty looks, these braided ponytail styles are perfect for any occasion.


Creating the perfect braided ponytail can be a challenge, especially for beginners. The right technique, design, and products are essential to achieving this sought-after look. The purpose of this article is to provide step-by-step tutorials, helpful tips and tricks, and creative variations of the braided ponytail so that you can master the technique and create your own unique style.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: A Beginner’s Guide to Braided Ponytail

The basic braided ponytail is a simple yet elegant hairstyle that never goes out of style. Here’s how to achieve it:

Step 1: Brush your hair and gather it into a high ponytail. Secure with a hair elastic.

Step 2: Section off a small piece of hair from the ponytail and divide it into three equal parts.

Step 3: Cross the left section over the middle section, so it becomes the new middle section. Then cross the right section over the middle section, so it becomes the new middle section.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 until you reach the end of the ponytail.

Step 5: Secure the end of the braid with another hair elastic.

Helpful tips and tricks:

  • For a sleeker look, brush your hair with a flat brush and use a hair straightener before creating the braid.
  • Use a clear hair elastic for a seamless finish.
  • For a messier, bohemian look, pull on the loops of the braid to loosen it up a bit.

5 Creative Variations of Braided Ponytail for an Effortless Look

Once you’ve mastered the basic braided ponytail, it’s time to get creative. Here are five unique variations:

  1. Fishtail braid ponytail: Begin with the basic braided ponytail and then substitute the traditional braid with a fishtail braid.
  2. Twist braid ponytail: Instead of braiding your hair, twist each section before crossing them over.
  3. Braid-wrapped ponytail: Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and braid it. Then wrap the braid around the hair elastic and secure it with a bobby pin.
  4. Lace braid ponytail: Start the braid at the top of your head and create a small, lace braid that merges into a regular braid down the length of the ponytail.
  5. Rope twist braid ponytail: Twist two sections of hair together and then braid them into a ponytail.

Helpful tips and tricks:

  • Experiment with combining different variations to create your own unique style.
  • Use hair accessories such as ribbons, headbands, or flowers to jazz up your braided ponytail.
  • For an edgier look, try adding a teased crown to your ponytail before braiding it.

How to Make Your Hair Look Fuller with a Braided Ponytail

In addition to its stylish appearance, a braided ponytail can also make your hair appear fuller and thicker. Here’s how:

  • Backcomb the crown section of your hair to create volume.
  • Create a small braid at the top of your head and pull on the loops to loosen it up.
  • When securing the ponytail, make sure to gently tug on the hair elastic to create a lifted effect.
  • Use volumizing products such as mousse or hairspray.

Before-and-after photos:

Before and after photos of fuller-looking ponytail

Braided Ponytail Styles for Different Occasions: Formal, Casual, and Sporty

A braided ponytail can be adapted to different settings, from formal events to casual outings and even sports activities. Here are some examples:

  • Formal: Create a sleek, low braided ponytail with a side part for a sophisticated look.
  • Casual: Add a messy, bohemian vibe to your braided ponytail by creating a loose, low braid and pulling out a few face-framing strands.
  • Sporty: Keep your hair out of your face during exercise with a high braided ponytail that incorporates a headband.

Photos of celebrities or influencers:

Photos of celebrities and influencers wearing braided ponytails in various settings

3-Minute Braided Ponytail: Quick and Easy Hairstyle for Busy Mornings

For those busy mornings when you don’t have much time to spare, here’s a quick and easy braided ponytail style:

Step 1: Section off a small piece of hair from the top of your head and create a small braid.

Step 2: Gather the rest of your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair elastic.

Step 3: Wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins.

Real people photos:

Photos of real people wearing the 3-minute braided ponytail

Braided Ponytail for Medium-Length Hair: Tips and Tricks to Get It Done Right

If you have medium-length hair, creating a braided ponytail can be a bit more challenging. Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Use a texturizing spray before braiding to add grip and volume to your hair.
  • Begin the braid a bit higher up on your head to avoid the ends of your hair sticking out of the ponytail.
  • If your hair is not long enough to wrap around the hair elastic, create a small braid with a section of hair from the ponytail and use it to wrap around the elastic instead.

Photos or videos:

Photos or videos of people with medium-length hair wearing braided ponytails

Trend Alert: Dutch Braids Meet Ponytail – How to Pull Off the Look

The Dutch braids-meet-ponytail style is a trendy and chic variation on the classic braided ponytail. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Create two Dutch braids on each side of your head. (To create a Dutch braid, add sections of hair to each strand of the braid as you cross them over, effectively weaving the hair under instead of over.)

Step 2: Secure the two braids at the back of your head with a hair elastic.

Step 3: Gather the rest of your hair into a high ponytail and secure with another hair elastic, wrapping a strand of hair around it to conceal.

Example photos:

Photos of influencers or celebrities who have worn the Dutch braids-meet-ponytail style


Braided ponytails are versatile and stylish, perfect for any occasion. With this step-by-step tutorial, creative variations, and tips and tricks, you can now achieve the perfect braided ponytail every time. Try out one of the styles and share your experiences with us.

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