September 28, 2023
Learn the top 5 proven methods to earn free COD points for die-hard fans. Unlock COD points secretly for maximum COD experience with our ultimate cheat sheet.


Call of Duty is known for its thrilling gameplay and immersive storyline. But let’s face it, what makes the game even more exciting is unlocking new gear and weapons using COD points. However, not everyone can afford to spend real money on virtual points. This article provides die-hard fans of the Call of Duty franchise with 5 proven methods to earn free COD points with ease.

5 Proven Methods to Get Free COD Points for Die-Hard Fans

Getting COD points for free seems like a dream come true for gamers. Here are the top 5 proven methods to earn COD points:

Method 1: Participating in COD Events and Promotions

COD developers regularly host events and promotions in the game where gamers can earn free COD points. Keep an eye out for official announcements on COD’s social media handles, community forums, and gaming news websites to stay updated with these events and promotions.

Method 2: Completing Daily and Weekly Missions

Completing daily and weekly missions is a quick and easy way to earn free COD points. These missions are designed to test a player’s skill and offer the added bonus of free COD points upon completion.

Method 3: Joining Loyalty Programs

COD loyalty programs are set up to reward players for their continuous engagement with the game. Upon registration, players earn free COD points that can be redeemed within the game. The more a player engages with the game, the more COD points they can earn.

Method 4: Referring Friends and Completing Surveys

There are many COD third-party websites that offer free COD points to players for a variety of tasks. Referring friends, completing surveys, and watching online advertisements are some of the most common ways to earn free COD points.

Method 5: Using Reward Apps and Websites

There are many reward apps and websites that offer free COD points to players who complete simple tasks like watching videos, answering surveys, and downloading apps. These COD points can be redeemed directly in the game, providing players with free points without spending a dime.

Unlock COD Points Secretly: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Gamers

At times, gamers may resort to illicit methods to earn free COD points. While this may seem tempting, it’s essential to understand that using cheats and hacks can lead to account suspension or even a permanent ban from the game. However, there are a few tips to earn free COD points without breaking the rules:

Discuss various hacks and tricks to get free COD points without breaking any rules

There are many ways to earn free COD points. However, gamers should be well-aware of the methods that are against COD’s terms of service and can lead to account suspension. Nonetheless, there are some legal ways to earn COD points using legitimate methods.

Caution users about the risks associated with using cheats and hacks

Earning COD points using cheats and hacks is considered a form of cheating. COD has zero-tolerance towards cheating and can lead to serious consequences. We recommend our readers to stay clear of such methods and follow legal ways to earn more COD points.

Maximize Your COD Experience: 6 Tips for Getting Free Points

The following tips allow you to maximize your COD experience and earn free COD points:

Tip 1: Utilizing Social Media to Connect with COD Communities

Social media is the perfect platform to get in touch with COD communities and engage with other players. This platform can be used to stay updated with in-game events and promotions, and unlock free COD points.

Tip 2: Playing with a Squad to Access More Rewards

Playing with a Squad not only improves a gamer’s gameplay experience but also unlocks additional rewards and missions that can earn free COD points.

Tip 3: Knowing How to Level Up Fast

Leveling up quickly is an excellent strategy to access additional missions and rewards. It also helps earn free COD points in the process.

Tip 4: Understanding How to Use COD Points Wisely

Before using COD points, gamers should have a clear understanding of how to use them wisely. Using them without proper planning can lead to running out of COD points, leading to an increased need to purchase them with real money.

Tip 5: Taking Advantage of Double XP Events

Double XP events, when available, allow gamers to level up faster and can earn more COD points within the game.

Tip 6: Following COD Influencers for Tips and Tricks

COD influencers share their tips and tricks on various platforms. Following them can provide gamers with an added advantage of unlocking free COD points.

The Future is Free: Tricks and Hacks to Score COD Points Without Spending a Dime

The Call of Duty franchise has amazed the gamer community with its immersive gameplay experience. The future has many new and exciting changes in store, which will include opportunities for earning free COD points. Experts predict that future versions will have better in-game promotions and activities, leading to minimal real money investment by gamers.

Top 6 Strategies to Get More COD Points Than Your Friends

Strategy 1: Mastering COD Gameplay to Win More Rewards

Mastering COD gameplay quickly can help gamers unlock missions and bonuses that their friends may not be able to.

Strategy 2: Staying Active and Consistent

Staying active and consistent within the game can help gamers earn more rewards and unlock new levels and bonuses, providing them the edge over friends.

Strategy 3: Knowing How to Utilize Bonus Codes

Keeping an eye out for bonus codes and utilizing them quickly can help gamers unlock new missions, bonuses, and free COD points.

Strategy 4: Completing Challenges and Objectives Faster

Completing missions and objectives quickly can help gamers unlock new achievements that lead to more rewards and free COD points.

Strategy 5: Earning and Trading in Old COD Gear

Old COD gears may have some value attached. Gamers can trade them in to unlock new levels and bonuses, earning free COD points in the process.

Strategy 6: Taking Advantage of Random Bonuses

Random bonuses offer the perfect opportunity to earn free COD points. Players must keep their eyes open and jump on a chance to unlock COD points to edge above their friends.

COD Points on a Budget: How to Earn Them Without Breaking the Bank

Gamers who are on a tight budget have the option to earn free COD points without breaking the bank. Earning free COD points is an excellent way for such gamers to leverage the game’s offerings without needing to spend real money. Saving for special in-game events and loyalty programs is another way to stretch their budget.


Earning COD points can be a challenging task for die-hard fans without breaking the bank. However, the tips and strategies mentioned in this article, including the ultimate cheat sheet, provide an actionable guide for unlocking free COD points. Follow these methods and maximize your COD experience.

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