September 24, 2023
Getting a stubborn toddler to take medicine can be a frustrating task. This article provides helpful solutions like creating a reward system, mixing medicine with favorite food or drink, using fun administering tools, playing games, and remaining positive and patient. Follow these steps to help your toddler recover and stay healthy.

How to Get Your Stubborn Toddler to Take Medicine: Helpful Tips and Solutions for Parents

As a parent, getting your toddler to take medicine can be a frustrating and stressful task. Toddlers are notorious for their picky and stubborn nature, making it challenging to get them to take medicine when they are sick. However, it is crucial for their health to take the medication as prescribed by the doctor. In this article, we provide helpful tips and solutions for parents to get their stubborn toddlers to take medicine.

Highlight the Importance of the Medicine

First and foremost, it is essential to emphasize the importance of the medicine to your toddler. Explain to them that the medicine will help them feel better and get back to their regular activities. It is also crucial to mention the potential benefits of taking the medicine, such as a faster recovery time and fewer symptoms.

Use a Reward System

One solution to get toddlers to take medicine is by using a reward system. Offer small rewards like stickers, small toys, or praise for taking their medicine. It can motivate toddlers to take medicine as they associate it with something positive. However, it’s crucial to ensure the reward is achievable and appropriate for the task. Overpromising and underdelivering can lead to disappointment from toddlers, making it challenging to use the reward system in the future.

Mix with Their Favorite Food or Drink

Another solution to get toddlers to take medicine is by mixing medicine with their favorite food or drink. Common foods and drinks that can be mixed with medicine include applesauce, yoghurt, or fruit juice. The taste of medicine can be a significant factor in a toddler refusing to take it. Hence, mixing the medicine with their favorite food or drink can make the experience less unpleasant.

Use Fun Tools

Fun tools that can be used to administer medicine might include syringes or spoons with their favorite characters. You can also use medicine dispensers that come in fun shapes, like animals or cars, to make taking medicine more playful and enjoyable.

Play a Game

Playing a game while taking medicine can make the experience more fun and engaging. You can create games like “medicine hide-and-seek,” where the medicine is hidden, and your toddler has to find it. Another game is “medicine magic potion,” where the medicine is mixed with water or juice like a magic potion. Such games can distract toddlers from the unpleasant taste of medicine and engage them in an enjoyable playtime.

Be Positive and Patient

Remain positive and patient while encouraging your toddler to take medicine. Praising them for taking medicine can make them feel accomplished and positive. Avoid getting angry or frustrated as it can create a negative experience that can impact future attempts to give them medicine. Remember, it may take several attempts for toddlers to take medicine, so remain patient.


Getting your toddler to take medicine can be a challenging task. However, using the solutions discussed above can make the experience more positive and enjoyable for both you and your toddler. Remember to be patient and positive, emphasizing the importance of taking medicine and creating a reward system or playing games that can distract them from the unpleasant taste of medicine. By following these steps, you can help your toddler recover and stay healthy.

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