September 23, 2023
Learn how to hide posts on Instagram using a variety of methods including the Archive feature, Privacy Settings, third-party apps, and more. Discover the benefits and drawbacks of creating a Finsta account and using hashtags to hide posts. Keep your content professional with regular profile audits.


Instagram is a fun way to connect with friends and followers, but we all have some posts that we’d rather not have visible on our profiles. Whether it’s an embarrassing photo from college or a personal post meant for only a select audience, hiding Instagram posts can be a real conundrum. Thankfully, Instagram provides several ways to hide posts, giving users complete control over their content. Let’s explore the various methods to hide posts on Instagram.

How to use Instagram’s “Archive” feature

Instagram’s Archive feature is a relatively new addition to the app. It allows users to hide posts from their profile without deleting them entirely. This feature is especially useful for posts that you might want to revisit later or posts that you don’t want to delete permanently.

To use Archive, simply navigate to the post you want to hide and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Then, select “Archive” from the dropdown menu. The post will disappear from your profile, but you can still access it by selecting “Archive” from your profile menu. To un-archive a post, navigate to your Archive, select the post, and tap “Show on Profile.”

Using Privacy Settings on Instagram

If you want to hide posts from specific people or groups of people, Instagram’s Privacy Settings are your best bet. These settings allow you to create a private account or hide posts from certain followers or hashtags.

To create a private account, navigate to your profile settings, and toggle the “Private Account” button. By doing so, your posts will only be visible to accounts that you’ve approved to follow you. If you want to hide posts from certain followers or hashtags, you can use Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature. This feature allows you to create a list of preferred followers and share only selected posts with them. To create a Close Friends list, navigate to your profile, and tap the three-line icon in the top right corner. From there, select “Close Friends,” and add the followers you want to include in your list.

Third-Party Apps to Hide Posts

If you want more control over your post hiding options, third-party apps like Cleaner for IG or InstaHide can be useful. These apps allow you to hide posts based on specific keywords or hashtags, and even automatically delete posts that meet certain criteria.

To use Cleaner for IG, simply log in to your Instagram account through their app and select the posts you want to hide. Cleaner will automatically archive the posts for you, making them invisible to your followers. InstaHide works similarly by allowing you to select keywords or hashtags to hide from your profile.

Creating a “Finsta”

If you’re struggling to find a balance between posting for your brand or personal image, you might consider creating a “Finsta” account. A Finsta, or “fake Instagram,” is essentially a separate account where you can post pictures and stories that you might not normally feel comfortable posting on your primary account. This option is especially useful for influencers or brands that want to keep their personal lives separate from their public persona.

To create a Finsta, simply create a separate account from your primary account and set the profile to private. Since the account is private, you can hand-select who to allow in as followers. Then, post away knowing that you’re keeping your brand and personal life separate.

Strategically Using Hashtags to Hide Posts

Hashtags are a useful tool for growing your following and reaching new audiences, but they can also be used to hide posts. By using a low-traffic hashtag or a unique hashtag that only pertains to your post, you can effectively hide your post from your primary feed. This method is especially useful for posts that might be important to you but aren’t necessarily relevant to your primary brand or image.

When using hashtags to hide a post, make sure to use a hashtag that isn’t already in use by many other accounts. This will make it more difficult for others to stumble upon your post accidentally. You can also create unique hashtags that only pertain to your post to make it even more difficult to find.

Regularly Auditing Your Instagram Profile

Finally, it’s important to regularly audit your Instagram profile to ensure that your posts are in line with your brand or personal image. If you find that a post no longer fits with your profile, you can hide it using one of the methods outlined above or delete it entirely. Keeping your profile consistent with your brand or personal image will help you attract the right audience and keep your followers engaged.


Hiding posts on Instagram doesn’t have to be a headache. By using the various tools and features that Instagram provides, you can keep your profile looking polished and professional. Whether you choose to use Archive, Privacy Settings, third-party apps, or a combination of all of the above, taking control of your Instagram content will allow you to build a following that’s truly authentic to your brand or personal image.

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