September 28, 2023
Learn mental and physical techniques, communication strategies, and different types of sex to last longer in bed. Seek professional help if needed. Read on for more tips.


Premature ejaculation is a common sexual issue that many men face, but it can be treated. Lasting longer in bed may sometimes feel like a challenge, but a combination of mental and physical techniques, communication with your partner, and experimentation can help.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to last longer in bed for men, including tips and strategies to overcome premature ejaculation.

Mental Techniques

Mental techniques are helpful in controlling the body’s response to sexual stimuli. They can assist in calming nerves and anxiety, two root causes of premature ejaculation. Here are some mental techniques to try:

Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment without racing thoughts. Practicing mindfulness before sex can help individuals relax and enjoy the experience. Engage in not thinking about the future or past, but only the present moment.

Distraction Techniques

Distracting oneself during sex is an effective way to avoid getting too excited. A common distraction technique is thinking of mundane things like grocery shopping or doing the laundry. It can divert the mind from unnecessary tension and reduce anxiety during sex.

Visualization Exercises

Visualization can help people visualize themselves lasting longer in bed. They can imagine themselves in control and concentrating on the pleasure rather than the finish line. Individuals can practice by visualizing the entire lovemaking session, from start to end, in their mind’s eye in one long, slow-motion scene.

Physical Techniques

In addition to mental exercises, physical techniques can help prolong sexual encounters. Here are two techniques to try:

The “Squeeze Technique”

The squeeze technique is a technique that involves the partner squeezing the base of the penis when the male feels close to orgasm. The technique delays ejaculation and can result in more extended periods of intercourse. This technique can be practiced alone or with a partner.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises

Pelvic floor muscle exercises, commonly called Kegels, can increase control over muscle contractions during sex.Contracting the pelvic floor muscles for 10 seconds and releasing for another 10 seconds can strengthen them, which can lead to prolonged sexual intercourse.

Using Condoms or Desensitizing Sprays

Condoms or desensitizing sprays can help some individuals last longer in bed. These products usually contain analgesic creams or gels that reduce sensitivity.

Benefits of Using These Products

While these products may take away from some of the tactile sensations during sex, they can still make a significant difference in a person’s endurance. Using a condom or desensitizing spray can help reduce sensitivity and prolong sex.

How to Choose the Right Ones

When selecting a desensitizing spray or condom, research beforehand and read reviews. Test out different types, sizes, and brands and determine what works best for both yourself and your partner.

Communication with Your Partner

Communication with your partner is vital in addressing premature ejaculation. Seeking your partner’s help, understanding, and cooperation can make a huge difference in lengthening your sexual experience.

The Importance of a Healthy Sexual Relationship

A healthy sexual relationship is built on communication, trust, and respect. When aiming for climaxes together, it should be about your partner’s pleasure as much as it is about your own. Be open to suggestions and understand the need to meet in the middle.

How to Talk to Your Partner About Your Needs

Effective communication is essential when discussing your needs with your partner. Speak to your partner about the strategies you plan to use and suggest ways they can help. Be honest; there should be no guilt or shame when discussing such concerns.

Trying New Positions and Techniques Together

Experimenting with different positions and techniques can assist in lasting longer in bed. Trying different sexual experiences can be a fun and bonding experience that releases any stress.

Experimenting with Different Types of Sex

Different types of sex can reinforce and enrich intimacy while experimenting with different ways to achieve pleasure. These options are particularly helpful for people who can’t control premature ejaculation through mental or physical techniques.

Non-Penetrative Sex

Non-penetrative sex involves avoiding penetration in favor of other forms of sexual intimacy. This might include activities such as sensual massage, oral sex, or mutual masturbation.

Mutual Masturbation

Masturbating can be a way to satisfy one’s desires without going too far and allowing oneself to avoid premature ejaculation. Mutual masturbation is when both partners are in the same room and are masturbating at the same time. This creates intimacy and helps prolong the sexual experience.

Oral Sex

Oral sex is an activity where one individual stimulates their partner’s genitals with their mouth or tongue. It’s a great way to stimulate one another without engaging in penetrative sex.

Seeking Professional Help

When all else fails, and premature ejaculation is still a concern, it may be time to seek professional help.

When to Consider Reaching Out for Professional Help

If premature ejaculation affects you and the relationship with your partner, it may be time to consider seeking professional intervention. Don’t be embarrassed to seek out help – sexual health professionals have trained to help you. You can also consider seeing a therapist, sex coach or sexologist.

The Benefits of Seeing a Therapist or Medical Professional

A therapist or medical professional can help address concerns related to premature ejaculation. Explaining your situation and all options can provide effective support, which could include medication or additional therapies to overcome the issue.


Premature ejaculation is a common sexual concern among men, but it can be treated. Mental and physical techniques, communication with your partner, and experimentation with different types of sex could help prolong sexual encounters. Remember, seeking professional help is necessary if you feel unable to control your premature ejaculation problems. With time, effort, and communication, lasting longer in bed can be an achievable goal for you and your partner.

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