September 24, 2023
Looking for a creative centerpiece at your baby shower? A diaper cake is it! This article contains detailed steps with tips, tricks, and ideas for decorating your diaper cake at any budget. Let's turn your creation into a showstopper in a quick and budget-friendly manner. Read more to learn how to make the perfect diaper cake.


Are you looking for a creative and practical centerpiece for your baby shower? One of the most popular choices is a diaper cake! A diaper cake is not only a beautiful decoration for your shower, but it’s also a great gift for expecting parents. In this article, we will explore the step-by-step process of creating this unique gift. We’ll also provide tips and tricks for making the perfect diaper cake, creative ideas for decorating your cake, and even budget-friendly options for creating a beautiful centerpiece. Let’s get started!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Diaper Cake from Scratch

The first step in creating a diaper cake is to gather the necessary materials. You’ll need:

  • Diapers (at least 50-60, depending on the size of your cake)
  • Rubber bands (large and small)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Cake plate or cardboard circle
  • Decorative items (optional)

Now that you have everything you need, let’s begin the tutorial for creating the diaper cake:

  1. Roll up each diaper tightly from the waistband down, starting at the front of the diaper and finishing at the back. Secure each rolled up diaper with a small rubber band.
  2. Create the bottom tier of the cake by arranging 15-20 diapers in a circle around the cake plate, with the rolled-up parts facing outwards and the rubber bands facing inwards. Use a large rubber band to hold the diapers together. Continue adding diapers to the tier, making sure they are snugly packed together. Typically, the bottom tier should have around 30-35 diapers.
  3. Create the middle tier in the same way as the bottom tier, reducing the number of diapers to 10-15, depending on the desired size of the tier. Place the middle tier on top of the bottom tier, securing it with a large rubber band.
  4. Create the top tier in the same way as the previous tiers, using around 5-10 diapers. Place this tier on top of the middle tier, securing it with a large rubber band as well.
  5. Now it’s time to decorate your diaper cake! Start by wrapping ribbon around each tier of the cake, securing it with tape or glue. You can also use decorations such as stuffed animals, baby toys, or flowers.
  6. Take a piece of ribbon and tie it around the entire cake, covering the rubber bands. Make sure the knot is at the back of the cake.
  7. Your diaper cake is now complete, and ready for display!

It’s important to note that depending on the size of the diapers and the number of tiers in your cake, you may need more or fewer diapers. Always read the packaging of the diapers you are purchasing to determine the appropriate size for your cake tiers.

Making the Perfect Diaper Cake: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

While creating a diaper cake may seem daunting at first, with the right tips and tricks, anyone can make a perfect one. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Mistake to avoid while making a diaper cake include creating tiers that are too tall, using too many or too few diapers in each tier, and not securing the tiers tightly enough.
  • Organize your materials and tools before you start making the diaper cake. This will help the process go more quickly.
  • Jazz up your diaper cake with creative decorations! Look for items that match the theme or color scheme of the baby shower.

Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Diaper Cake

While a basic diaper cake is already an impressive centerpiece, the possibilities for decorating it are endless. Here are some creative ideas you can try:

  • Use baby socks to create mini “cupcakes” on top of your diaper cake.
  • Add a banner or flag with the baby’s name or initials to the front of the cake.
  • Wrap the tiers in blankets that can be used by the baby after the shower.
  • Incorporate a theme into your diaper cake decoration, whether it’s a baby animal, princess, or sports team.

Budget-Friendly Diaper Cake Ideas for Your Baby Shower

Creating a diaper cake on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some money-saving ideas:

  • Use coupons and sales to purchase diapers. You can also ask friends and family members to donate any unused diapers they may have.
  • Use toys and stuffed animals you already have instead of purchasing new decorations.
  • Look for colored ribbons on clearance or use scraps of fabric to decorate your cake.

Top 10 Diaper Cake Designs to Impress Your Guests

If you’re feeling especially creative, try one of these top 10 diaper cake designs:

  • Bassinet Diaper Cake
  • Elephant Diaper Cake
  • Castle Diaper Cake
  • Diaper Motorcycle
  • Diaper Wreath
  • Princess Carriage Diaper Cake
  • Baby Carriage Diaper Cake
  • Safari Diaper Cake
  • Owl Diaper Cake
  • Nautical Diaper Cake

Each of these designs is unique and impressive, guaranteed to delight your guests. See if you can recreate one of them for your baby shower!

DIY Diaper Cake Ideas for Last-Minute Baby Showers

If you’ve waited until the last minute to create your diaper cake, don’t worry! These designs can be created quickly with limited time and resources:

  • Simple Polka Dot Diaper Cake
  • Baby Blocks Diaper Cake
  • Cupcake Diaper Cake
  • Diaper Bouquet
  • Hydrangea Diaper Cake

How to Make a Diaper Cake in Just 30 Minutes

If you’re short on time, this tutorial will show you how to create a diaper cake in just 30 minutes:

  1. Roll up 15-20 diapers and secure them with rubber bands.
  2. Arrange the diapers in a circle to create the bottom tier of the cake, securing them with a large rubber band.
  3. Repeat the same process to create the second tier of the cake, using fewer diapers so the tier is smaller than the bottom tier.
  4. Secure the two tiers together with another large rubber band.
  5. Wrap ribbon around the tiers and tie a piece of ribbon around the entire cake to cover the rubber bands.
  6. You’re done!

To save even more time, use pre-made decorations or skip the additional decorations altogether.


Diaper cakes are a creative and practical centerpiece for your baby shower, and they make great gifts for expecting parents. With the right materials, tips, and tricks, anyone can create a beautiful diaper cake that will impress their guests.

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