September 21, 2023
Learn six strategies for how to make more money on DoorDash, a popular food delivery platform. Find out how to choose high-paying orders, work during peak hours, complete more deliveries per hour, provide excellent customer service, utilize the DoorDash rewards program, and activate DoorDash Drive to maximize your earnings on the platform.

How to Make More Money on DoorDash: 6 Strategies for Increased Earnings

DoorDash is a popular food delivery platform that offers an opportunity for people to earn money on a flexible schedule. Whether you’re looking to make extra cash on the weekends or build a full-time career, the potential to earn more money on DoorDash is always there, and it can help you achieve your personal financial goals.

In this article, we’re going to explore six strategies for increasing your earnings with DoorDash. These tips will help you identify high-paying orders, improve your efficiency, provide excellent customer service, and take advantage of the DoorDash rewards program. By putting these strategies into practice, you’ll be able to maximize your earning potential and build a successful career with DoorDash.

Choose High-Paying Orders

One of the biggest factors affecting your earnings on DoorDash is the amount of money you earn per delivery. To maximize your earnings, it’s important to choose high-paying orders whenever possible.

You can identify high-paying orders by looking at the order details before accepting them. Consider factors such as distance, time, and order size when deciding whether an order is worth your time. Generally, it’s a good idea to aim for orders that pay at least $1 per minute of driving plus the base pay from DoorDash.

When selecting orders, you should also keep in mind the potential for tips. Larger orders or orders from restaurants with higher-priced items are more likely to result in larger tips from customers. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that tips are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the customer.

Work During Peak Hours

Another way to increase your earnings on DoorDash is to work during peak hours. During peak hours, demand for food delivery is higher, which means there are more orders available to fulfill. This can result in more earnings potential for Dashers.

You can plan your schedule around peak hours to take advantage of this increase in demand. Generally, peak hours are during lunch and dinner hours, as well as weekend evenings. You can also check the DoorDash app for information on busy times in your area.

Working during peak hours can also result in shorter delivery distances and times, which can help you complete more orders per hour. This can lead to higher earnings potential overall.

Complete More Deliveries Per Hour

Being organized and efficient can help you complete more deliveries per hour, which can lead to higher earnings potential overall. By improving your delivery efficiency, you can increase the number of orders you can fulfill in a given period of time.

One way to improve your delivery efficiency is by using a delivery bag to keep orders organized and easily accessible. You can also plan your routes strategically to minimize drive time between orders.

It’s also important to be aware of any potential delays or order issues that may arise. By communicating proactively with the restaurant or customer, you can help ensure a smooth delivery experience and minimize any unnecessary delays.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service can help you earn more money on DoorDash in a few ways. Firstly, happy customers are more likely to tip well, which can increase your earnings per delivery. Secondly, satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers, which can result in more orders in the future.

To provide excellent customer service, it’s important to communicate clearly and professionally with the restaurant and customer. You should also strive to be punctual, friendly, and responsive to any questions or concerns that may arise.

If there are any issues with an order, such as missing items or incorrect items, it’s important to address them as quickly and effectively as possible. By resolving any issues proactively, you can help ensure a positive delivery experience for the customer.

Utilize the DoorDash Rewards Program

The DoorDash rewards program is a way to earn additional bonuses for completing certain challenges or goals. By taking advantage of these rewards, you can increase your earnings potential on the platform.

To maximize your earnings with the DoorDash rewards program, it’s important to stay up-to-date on any active challenges or promotions. These can include bonuses for completing a certain number of deliveries or achieving a certain rating from customers.

You should also be aware of any target markets or specific neighborhoods that may offer increased bonuses or incentives. By proactively seeking out these opportunities, you can increase your earnings potential overall.

Activate DoorDash Drive

DoorDash Drive is a feature that allows Dashers to complete larger catering orders for businesses or events. By activating DoorDash Drive and completing these larger orders, you can increase your earnings potential significantly.

To sign up for the DoorDash Drive program, you’ll need to complete a background check and provide additional information about your vehicle and insurance. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive notifications for available catering orders that you can choose to accept.

Completing larger catering orders can be a great way to boost your earnings on DoorDash, as these orders typically have higher payouts and lower competition from other Dashers.


Making more money on DoorDash is achievable by implementing these six strategies for increased earnings. By choosing high-paying orders, working during peak hours, completing more deliveries per hour, providing excellent customer service, utilizing the DoorDash rewards program, and activating DoorDash Drive, you can maximize your earning potential and build a successful career with DoorDash.

Remember, it’s important to be proactive and strategic when planning and accepting orders to maximize your earnings on the platform. By putting these strategies into practice and continuously seeking to improve your performance as a Dasher, you can achieve your personal financial goals and build a rewarding career with DoorDash.

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