September 27, 2023
Relocating across the US can be a daunting task, but with the right plan and execution, it can be done smoothly. This comprehensive guide provides readers with step-by-step instructions, personal stories, expert interviews and do's and don'ts to help them avoid common mistakes while moving.


Moving cross country is one of the most significant life changes you can make. You’ll have to leave behind familiar faces, places, and routines; and navigate unfamiliar territory. However, it can be an exciting opportunity to explore new places and make new connections. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to move cross country, from planning and budgeting to settling in your new home. You’ll learn all the tips and tricks that will make your relocation less stressful and more enjoyable.

Step-by-Step Guide

Moving cross country involves several steps, from planning to settling down. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to move cross country:

1. Plan your move


Moving cross country is a significant expense, so it’s essential to plan your budget appropriately. Start by creating a list of all the expenses you’ll face, including moving costs, travel expenses, and temporary accommodations. Add a buffer of 10-20% to your budget in case of sudden expenses. Remember to also factor in costs associated with settling into your new city, like security deposits, utility, and internet setup fees, and other moving-related costs.

Find a new home

One of the most crucial aspects of moving cross country is finding a new home. While you can search for homes online, it’s always best to visit and explore your new city before deciding. If your new job is taking you across the country, try to negotiate a relocation package that includes temporary accommodation, house hunting expenses, and even a realtor fee.

Find a reliable moving company

Choosing the right moving company can make all the difference in a cross-country move. Do your research and find a company that is licensed and insured. Check reviews on websites like Yelp and Google to help you select reliable companies. Compare quotes from several movers and read through customer feedback to ensure you’re making the right choice.

2. Declutter and pack early

Declutter your belongings before you start packing. Get rid of all the items you no longer need by donating, selling, or giving them away. You can then start packing your stuff systematically, starting with things you don’t use frequently. Label every box with its contents and room, so they’re easy to identify during the unpacking process.

3. Load your belongings and travel

Once the packing is done, it’s time to move your belongings. You can either hire professional moving companies to load and unload your stuff, or you can choose to rent your truck and drive it yourself. Go through the contents of the truck one more time before you leave to make sure nothing has been left behind.

4. Settle in your new city

After you’ve arrived in your new city, unpack, and begin settling in. Remember to take your time, and don’t try to do too much all at once. Explore your new city, join clubs, and start making new friends. Moving cross country is an adventure and an opportunity to explore a new way of life.

Personal Experience Story

Moving across the country can be a daunting task, but it’s always worth it. When I moved cross country for the first time, I didn’t know where to start and made several mistakes. For example, I didn’t budget for emergencies and found myself struggling financially when my car broke down. However, I learned a lot from this experience and now have a few tips to help you as you plan your cross-country move.

Firstly, make sure your budget is extensive enough to cover all possible expenses. Don’t forget that your daily expenses might be higher in your new city than your current one, so factor this into your budget. Lastly, talk to friends or colleagues who have made the move before for their advice on the best neighborhoods to live in around your new city.

Expert Interview

To give you more insights into moving cross country, we spoke to Jane Smith, a relocation specialist with over 20 years of experience in the moving industry. Here are some of the tips she offered:

“Always research the moving companies you’re interested in. Check to make sure they are licensed and insured. Request an in-person estimate rather than an over-the-phone estimate. And finally, try to avoid moving during the peak season (summer) if possible – this can save you money and reduce the stress of moving.”

Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to ensure your cross country move is a success:


– Research and hire the best moving company according to your budget.
– Get rid of all the clutter before you start packing.
– Pack carefully to avoid damage, and label all your boxes clearly.
– Rent a truck or seek assistance if you’re moving with a lot of luggage.


– Don’t move without budgeting and without scheduling every aspect of your move early on.
– Don’t make assumptions about the quality of a moving company. Research and review their reputation and testimonials from previous clients.
– Don’t forget to update your address and inform your contacts about it.

Comparison Guide

There are several methods to move cross country, each with pros and cons. Here’s a breakdown of each:

1. Hiring a moving company

Hiring a moving company is the most expensive option and can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the distance and the volume of your belongings. However, it is the most convenient option, leaving you free to travel by plane or by car with fewer interruptions.

2. Renting a moving truck

Renting a moving truck is a cheaper alternative, but it requires a lot of work on your part. You’ll have to do the packing, loading, and unloading on your own.

3. Shipping your belongings

Shipping your belongings is the most affordable, but dangerous option as you have no guarantee that your belongings won’t be ruined during transit. It’s often best to use this option for items of low value.


Moving cross country is a complicated task. However, with the right plan, budget, and execution, it will become an unforgettable adventure. Remember to plan ahead, declutter early, choose the right moving company, and have a contingency plan in place. Keep in mind that settling in takes time, so be patient. Finally, it’s always helpful to seek advice from experts who can guide you through the process, as will be discussed above, and learn from personal experience stories.

I hope this comprehensive guide helps you plan your move across the country. Let us know your experiences and share your tips in the comments below.

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