September 21, 2023
Learn the art of lock picking with bobby pins. This beginner's guide provides step-by-step techniques for different types of locks using only bobby pins. Tips, tricks, and warnings make bobby pin lock picking easy, even for beginners.


Being locked out of a room or a house can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, with the help of a bobby pin, you can pick the lock and gain access to the locked space quickly. In this article, we present a beginner’s guide to picking locks with bobby pins. We provide a step-by-step tutorial that will help you learn the art of lock picking, including a discussion of the mindset and tools needed for the task. Read on to learn more about unlocking the secrets of lock picking with a bobby pin!

Part One: Understanding the Art of Lock Picking with Bobby Pins

Lock picking can feel intimidating as it seems to require special skills or training. However, that is not entirely true. Lock picking is an art that one can learn to master with the right tools, knowledge, and practice. Bobby pins are one of the tools used in lock picking, and they are readily available.

When selecting the right bobby pins, choose those that are thin, flexible, and have a slight curve at the end. Superior quality bobby pins work better than cheaper ones as they are less likely to break while in the lock.

It is essential to have the right mindset and tools before attempting to pick the lock. Take time to focus and concentrate on the task, and aim to apply both light and steady pressure.

Part Two: Picking Locks with Bobby Pins – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Before beginning the process of lock picking, it is critical to understand the different types of locks. Locks come in various forms, including padlocks, tumbler locks, and deadbolts. We will focus on the basic pin tumbler lock, which is commonly seen in homes and has a keyhole on its face. This lock consists of a simple cylinder that houses six to eight stacked pins which operate with a spring mechanism. Here are the steps to follow when picking a lock with a bobby pin:

  1. Insert the longer, straight end of the bobby pin into the keyhole of the lock.
  2. Bend the other end of the bobby pin to create a pick. Bend it roughly at a 90-degree angle to the straight end of the pin.
  3. Rotate the pick in one direction while applying slight pressure to the bottom of the cylinder with the straight end of the bobby pin. Use a gentle and slow rotation. Keep in mind you are trying to lift the pins to the correct height so that you can create a shear line.
  4. Once you identify the first pin or the binding pin, apply more force to this pin to create a shear line. A binding pin is the one that will not move as much as the others, or it requires a little more force to move.
  5. Move on to the next binding pin and repeat the process until all of them are aligned with the shear line.
  6. The cylinder will turn smoothly if all the pins are aligned with the shear line. The lock will open! Remember to turn the lock the entire way to the open position.

Lock picking can be challenging and frustrating, especially when you are starting. But do not give up! With focus and patience, you can master these skills and unlock the lock successfully. Here are some tips:

  • Use gentle and light force to insert the bobby pin and to lift the pins.
  • Rotating the pin swiftly can cause damage to it or to the lock.
  • Be careful and patient when trying to lift the pins. It may take a few tries before you master the technique.
  • Always remember to turn the lock the whole way to the open position.

Sneaky Techniques: Unraveling the Mystery of Lock Picking with Bobby Pins

Advanced lock picking requires applying tension to the cylinder by using a tension wrench. Use a tension wrench that fits snugly into the keyhole while placing tension onto the cylinder. Use the bobby pin as a pick on the pins located at the cylinder’s shear line to unlock the lock. It may take time to master this technique; these skills are valuable when dealing with more complex locks. Lock picking with bobby pins is an art, and it requires patience and practice.

The Bobby Pin Locksmith: How to Open Any Lock for Beginners

The role of a “bobby pin locksmith” is to pick the lock on your behalf. Although you can be your locksmith by applying the art yourself, having a locksmith speeds up the process and eliminates frustration. A locksmith is essential when dealing with more complex locks or if you struggle to pick locks successively.

Common mistakes beginners make when attempting to pick locks with bobby pins include not having the correct tension applied to the cylinder and not using a light touch when lifting the pins from the cylinder’s shear line. Practice lock picking skills with friends or family members, and use feedback to improve. As you work your way up, hone your skills with more complex locks.

Hacking Your Way In: A Simple Guide to Unlocking Doors with Bobby Pins

Unlocking doors using bobby pins can be an effective solution when you find yourself in a lockout situation, especially if you do not have access to more advanced tools. Slide the bobby pin in through the space above the doorknob and then wiggle it, so it can slide in further until you feel or hear a click. Here are the steps to follow when unlocking doors with bobby pins:

  1. Slide the bobby pin into the space above the doorknob.
  2. Wiggle the bobby pin until it slides in further until you feel a click. You may hear it too, indicating that you released the lock.
  3. Turn the doorknob and open the door.

Remember that this technique of unlocking doors with bobby pins may not work on more complex and sophisticated locks. Always consider hiring a professional locksmith if you are dealing with more complex locks that you cannot pick with a bobby pin.

A Creative Solution: How to Pick Locks Using Everyday Items like Bobby Pins

Besides bobby pins, other everyday items can be used for lock picking. Paper clips, safety pins, and hairpins can be a great option if you do not have bobby pins available. However, bobby pins work better than other alternatives as they are more robust and flexible.

When stuck in a lockout situation, use creativity and resourcefulness to gain access. Think outside the box, and consider everyday items that can be used as lock picking tools.


Lock picking with a bobby pin might sound intimidating at first, but it is a valuable skill to learn. Remember to have the proper mindset and tools before attempting to pick a lock. This article has provided a step-by-step tutorial on picking locks with bobby pins and shared tips and tricks for successful lock picking. Safety is key when it comes to lock picking. Therefore, it is essential to practice and master the skills before handling sophisticated locks. The art of lock picking is not just for professional locksmiths. Anyone can learn and practice it, master the art, and gain access to any locked space they desire.

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