September 28, 2023
Learn how to prank your friends with this comprehensive guide that provides 7 simple steps for hilarious fun. From classic pranks to unique ideas, this article offers a variety of options to suit your prankster style without hurting anyone's feelings.


Picture this: laughter, inside jokes, and good times with your friends. That’s what pranking your friends is all about! As long as you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings or cause any real damage, pranking your friends can be an excellent way to bond and have some laughs. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you’re in luck. This article will provide you with 7 easy-to-follow, funny pranks to play on your friends, along with tips and tricks to do it right.

7 Simple Yet Hilarious Pranks to Make Your Friends Laugh

Some pranks are simply classics because they always get a good laugh. Here are some simple pranks that are sure to make your friends giggle:

Prank 1 – “Fake Lottery Ticket”

Pick up some fake lottery tickets or make your own, then give one to your friend. Watch their face light up as they “win” big and then turn to disappointment when they realize it was all a joke.

Prank 2 – “Fake Newspaper Article”

Create a fake newspaper article with a sensational headline, then leave it somewhere your friend will find it. Make sure the article is over-the-top, so they can appreciate the joke.

Prank 3 – “Switching Salt and Sugar”

This classic prank involves swapping the salt and sugar canisters in your friend’s pantry. Watch as they add salt to their morning coffee or put sugar on their fries.

Prank 4 – “Invisible Glass Wall”

Put some clear plastic wrap across a doorway, making it appear as if there is a glass wall. Your friend will be surprised when they walk right into it.

Prank 5 – “Glow in the Dark”

Put glow-in-the-dark stickers or paint around your friend’s bedroom, making sure to place them in unexpected places like under their pillow or on the ceiling.

Prank 6 – “Fake Henna Tattoo”

To prank friends obsessed with tattoos, make a fake henna tattoo with a non-permanent marker. They will be surprised to see it on their skin and may scare them.

Prank 7 – “Fake Parking Ticket”

Print out a fake parking ticket with an outrageous fine low enough that your friend could believe paying it. They’ll be surprised and relieved when you reveal it was all a joke.

Don’t Take Life Too Seriously: 7 Fun Pranks to Play on Your Friends

A sense of humor is essential to be able to enjoy life, and sometimes, a good prank is what it takes to bring out the fun. Here are some fun pranks to play on friends that are simple, yet entertaining:

Prank 1 – “The Classic Whoopee Cushion”

The whoopee cushion is a classic prank that never gets old. Place one on a chair and wait for your friend to sit down to hear the hilarious noise.

Prank 2 – “Who’s Phone is Ringing?”

Place your phone inside your friend’s purse or backpack, and call it at a random time. Watch as they frantically search for the ringing phone.

Prank 3 – “Fake Booger”

Using a fake booger or rolled-up tissue, pretend it’s hanging from your nose while talking to your friend. They’ll be shocked to see it at first before realizing it’s just a joke.

Prank 4 – “Spicy Lunch”

Switch your friend’s sandwich with an extremely spicy one. Be ready to hand them a glass of water immediately.

Prank 5 – “Fake Spiders”

Place plastic spiders in unexpected places throughout the house, like in the fridge, the shower, or in a closet. Enjoy your friend’s hilarious reaction after they see them.

Prank 6 – “Saran Wrap on Toilet Seat”

Place plastic wrap over the toilet seat, and wait for your friend’s reaction when they go to use the restroom.

Prank 7 – “Fake Dog Poop”

Make fake dog poop using melted chocolate and peanuts, then place it on your friend’s shoe. They’ll be shocked at first before realizing it’s all been a joke.

Getting Creative: 7 Unique Ways to Prank Your Friends

If you’re a prankster, you’re always looking for new, more fun ways to get laughs. Here are seven creative ways to prank your friends.

Prank 1 – “Vaseline on Doorknob”

Put vaseline on your friend’s doorknob so they can’t grip it. Watch as they struggle to open the door without sliding off.

Prank 2 – “Switching Shampoos”

Empty out your friend’s shampoo bottle and fill it up with vegetable oil. They won’t be expecting slick, oily hair when they hop out of the shower.

Prank 3 – “Fake Hand”

Using cardboard, cut out a fake hand, and put it in your friend’s bed while they are sleeping. Watch them freak out when they think someone is next to them.

Prank 4 – “Jell-O in the Faucet”

Pour some Jell-O powder into the faucet head. The next time your friend goes to wash their hands or brush their teeth, they’re in for a surprise when the water turns red or green.

Prank 5 – “Fake Snake”

Put a fake snake in your friend’s bed, and wait for them to freak out when they realize the snake is not real. Bonus points for acting scared too.

Prank 6 – “Disappearing Ink”

Use disappearing ink to write on a piece of paper something funny like “you’re ugly!” Then watch as your friend becomes confused when the ink disappears into nothingness.

Prank 7 – “Fake Mold”

Stick some unwanted food in a container, then place it in the fridge. Watch as your friend notices what looks like mold growing on their food, then realize it’s just a cling-wrap mold you’ve made.

Ways to Prank Your Friends Without Hurting Their Feelings

While it’s always fun to prank your friends, some pranks can hurt someone’s feelings. So, here are some pranks that you can play on your friends that won’t hurt or offend them:

Prank 1 – “Fake Spilled Coffee”

Put some dry rice and coffee beans in a plastic bag, and tape it to the bottom of your friend’s mug before they pick it up. They’ll be startled when the bag pops and it looks like they spilled all their coffee.

Prank 2 – “Hiding Their Stuff”

Move your friend’s belongings while they are not looking. When they start looking for the items, tell them where it’s hidden and enjoy their exasperation.

Prank 3 – “Switching Seats”

Switch your seat with your friend’s seat, so when they come back to sit, they will be confused, and it’ll lead to a good laugh.

Prank 4 – “Wrong Birthday Present”

Wrap up a gift that they did not ask for, but not something they’ll hate. They might be surprised, which will lead to a good laugh.

Prank 5 – “Fake Door Sign”

Create a fake door sign like “Do Not Enter” or “Beware of the Dog” and post it on your friend’s door. It may startle them at first and later lead to laughter.

Prank 6 – “Laying on the Horn”

When your friend is driving, secretly lay on the car horn to surprise them. You might need to explain the joke once they’ve calmed down.

Prank 7 – “Fake Scratch on Car”

Use a washable marker to draw a fake scratch on your friend’s car. They’ll be surprised, but they’ll be happy to know it comes off with some soap and water.

Prankster’s Paradise: 7 Tricks to Play on Your Pals

Life should never be boring, and friends love surprises.

Prank 1 – “Cherry Lollipop Onion”

Put an onion inside a cherry lollipop wrapper. Watch your friend’s expression as they take their first bite.

Prank 2 – “Balloon Inside Cup”

Put a balloon in a coffee cup and hand it to your friend. Watch their face as the balloon pops unexpectedly.

Prank 3 – “Fake Accident”

Create a fake accident using ketchup. Make it look like you’ve fallen or hit your head, then wait for your friend’s reaction when they see you.

Prank 4 – “Disgusting Drink”

Mix together some of the most unappealing liquids from your fridge, like ketchup, vinegar, and soda. Then offer it to your friend as a new summer drink. Watch their face as they take a sip and realize the concoction is gross.

Prank 5 – “Fake Dog Poop #2”

Create fake dog poop using baking soda and water, then leave it in unexpected places in the house. Watch as your friend jumps when they see it, before realizing it’s only a prank.

Prank 6 – “Fake Blood on Clothes”

Put fake blood on your clothes and rush into a room with your friend. Watch as they panic, thinking you’re seriously injured, before revealing it was just a joke.

Prank 7 – “Fake Parking Ticket #2”

Print out a fake parking ticket, then put it on your friend’s car. Watch as they panic, thinking they really have to pay a fine before revealing the truth.

Pushing the Limits: 7 Epic Pranks to Pull on Your Best Friend

Pranking your best friend is always entertaining, especially when you up the ante. Here are some epic pranks you can pull on your best friend.

Prank 1 – “Surprise Cake in Face”

Bring out a birthday cake for your friend when it’s not their birthday. Watch as they get ready to blow out the candle before you smash the cake in their face.

Prank 2 – “Shaving Cream in Hand”

Put shaving cream in your friend’s hand while they’re asleep. Watch as they slowly become aware of the sensation and figure out the joke.

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