September 26, 2023
Are you struggling to read the New York Times without a subscription? Look no further. We've compiled a comprehensive guide with tried and true and insider methods to help you access the news without breaking the bank or the law. Plus, we'll provide thoughtful insights on the ethics and alternatives of reading the NYT for free.


The New York Times is one of the most respected and award-winning news sources in the world. However, its paywall can be limiting for readers who do not want to pay for a subscription. This article will cover tried and true methods and insider tips to read the NYT for free. Additionally, we will broach the ethics and alternatives available to us.

Tried and True Methods

For those looking for traditional ways to access NYT content, these methods are worth considering:

  • Library subscriptions: Many public libraries offer free access to the NYT online. You can use your library card to gain full access to the website.
  • Free trials: The NYT offers a free trial for first-time subscribers. If you create a new account every time the trial ends, you can continue to access the news for free.
  • Shortened links: NYT articles shared on social media or other websites often include shortened links. Clicking on these links may lead you to the complete article without the paywall.
  • Specific sections for free: Some sections of the NYT, such as the opinion or breaking news section, offer some articles for free.
  • Maximizing the number of free articles each month: Readers can access ten free articles per month before hitting the paywall. You can trick this system by accessing the article in different browsers or deleting cookies.

Insider Tips

For those with a bit more technical know-how, these insider tips can help you bypass the paywall:

  • Using incognito mode: Websites cannot track your activity or store cookies when using incognito mode. This can help you read more articles without hitting the limit.
  • Clearing cookies: Deleting cookies from your browser can reset the ten-article limit, allowing you to read about as much news as you please.
  • Accessing mobile app: The NYT app offers a limited number of articles every day for free, without counting towards your monthly limit.
  • Utilizing social media: When clicking on links from the NYT official social media profiles, you may be able to access unlimited articles without the paywall.

The Ethics of Reading for Free

As readers who wish to access factual and important news without bearing a high subscription fee, we have to consider the ethical implications of bypassing the NYT paywall. On the one hand, quality journalism should be available to all, regardless of income. On the other hand, subscribed readers directly support the journalists to continue producing high-quality content. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make.

Alternatives to NYT

For those who do not wish to compromise on the quality of their news, but also do not want to pay the high subscription fees, there are other options to consider:

  • BBC: The UK’s public broadcaster is an excellent source for impartial news and current affairs, and completely free.
  • The Guardian: A UK-based news source with a robust global perspective offers most of its online content for free.
  • Al Jazeera: An Arabic news channel headquartered in Qatar, Al Jazeera offers comprehensive coverage of international events and issues, for free.
  • Reuters: A global news agency that produces news and current affairs for free.

Comparing these sources with the NYT, while it has its merits, can often provide better global coverage and alternative perspectives.

Reading Legally

For those who don’t wish to flout the legality of bypassing the NYT paywall, there are a few options available:

  • School or Corporate subscription: Many schools and corporations have discount subscription rates for the NYT.
  • Sharing accounts with friends and family: You could share a subscription with friends or family to split the costs.
  • Using RSS feeds: You may be able to use an RSS feed to read NYT articles in third-party apps, although it may have certain limitations.

Journalist’s Quest

As an author of this article, I have tried all the methods mentioned above to read NYT free of cost. While some methods worked fine, others didn’t help much. I found that using incognito mode and clearing cookies was the most effective method for regular readers.

Arguments for Subscribing

While it may be tempting to read NYT for free, supporting quality journalism is a benefit for everyone. Subscribing to NYT ensures:

  • Journalistic integrity: Independent and truthful reporting that is free from corporate influence or political affiliations.
  • Increased quality: By having access to all content, journalists can produce better journalism that is more informative and in-depth.
  • Keeping the Fourth estate alive: Without paying for journalism, the cherished democratic institution of the press will face an existential crisis.

By subscribing to the NYT, you are supporting the work of the authors and providing a solid foundation for a trusting democratic society.


While the NYT may be tough to access without breaking the bank or the law, there are plenty of methods available. Whether it be trying traditional and insider tips, comparing and exploring alternatives or utilizing legal methods like school and corporate subscriptions, readers can choose what works best for them. Ultimately, the decision of subscribing is one that should be made thoughtfully while also considering the ethics of balancing the financial burden and the benefits of quality journalism.

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