September 24, 2023
This article provides a comprehensive guide for Harry Potter fans on how to watch their favorite movies for free. Different options like free streaming sites, borrowing from libraries and friends, and using social media promotions are discussed in detail. Challenges and risks are also considered, and viewers are encouraged to be cautious in their choices.


For many Harry Potter fans, re-watching the movies is a beloved pastime. But with increasing streaming platform subscription fees and rental costs, finding a way to watch the movies for free can be quite a challenge. In this article, we offer different options for viewers on how to watch Harry Potter for free.

Searching for Free Streaming Sites

Free streaming sites are available on the internet that allow viewers to watch movies and TV shows without paying a fee. However, caution must be taken as some free streaming sites may be illegal or unsafe. Before choosing a free streaming site, viewers must check the security, legality, and overall availability of the site. One advantage of free streaming sites is it is easily accessible and no payment is required. However, they may have ads that interfere with the viewing experience or restricted access to certain content. For a reliable and safe streaming site, viewers must check reviews and ratings to ensure the quality of the streaming site. Alternatives to consider if free streaming sites are not available are renting from Youtube and checking for free access days from platforms like Amazon Prime.

Borrowing it from a Friend or Library

Another option is borrowing the physical copy of the movie from a friend or library. This option is best for people who have access to physical libraries nearby. This option is the most cost-efficient but may also have disadvantages like late fees or returning the movie within a specific time frame. To minimize late fees, consider looking for libraries nearby and call in advance to inquire about the availability of the Harry Potter movies. When borrowing from a friend, ask permission and agree to follow the borrowing conditions.

Subscribing to Free Trials on Streaming Services

Streaming services provide viewers with a free trial period where they can watch movies and TV shows for free. Examples of streaming services that offer free trial periods are Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu. The free trial period may last for a week or a month depending on the platform. One advantage of using free trials is viewers can cancel anytime before the trial period ends, without paying any charges. Before signing up, viewers must read the terms and conditions of the free trial period to avoid unintended charges.

Gift Cards and Reward Programs

Another option for watching Harry Potter for free is through gift cards and rewards programs. Popular rewards programs are Google Rewards, Viggle, and Perk. These programs allow users to exchange rewards points for rental or purchase of a movie like Harry Potter. On the other hand, gift cards like iTunes or Amazon also offer movie rentals that can be purchased with a gift card. To check the rewards balance, users must regularly check their accounts. One disadvantage of using this option is some rewards programs only work in certain countries.

Social Media Promotions and Giveaways

Many movie distributors and content providers offer promotions and giveaways through their social media platforms. This option requires users to follow the global social media account of the distributors to get the chance to win movie digital codes or participate in promotions. Some popular distributors that run promotions are Warner Bros., Universal Studios, and Disney. Users can also join fan groups on Facebook to know about current promotions. The disadvantage of joining promotions is a low chance of winning digital codes due to a vast number of participants.

 Watching it for Free on TV
Watching it for Free on TV

Watching it for Free on TV

Lastly, TV channels sometimes air movies for free, and this includes Harry Potter. To avail of this option, viewers must check local programming schedules. This option is free, but it may require viewers to regularly check the TV listings for the airing schedules of the movie. If no TV channels are broadcasting Harry Potter for free, alternatives like free trials for streaming platforms and renting from a streaming service provider must be considered.


There are several options for viewers on how to watch Harry Potter for free. These options have advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account. Viewers must be aware and cautious of scams and piracy. Not all options may work in different countries or regions, so it’s recommended for viewers to experiment with different options to find the most suitable method for them.

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