September 29, 2023
Get an insider's scoop on the commitment of Aussie to create cruelty-free hair care products. Learn more about the efficacy of cruelty-free products, myths, and common misconceptions that surround them, and how to support sustainable and ethical beauty practices in this ultimate guide on Aussie hair care.


For the conscious consumer, knowing which products are cruelty-free is an essential component of their purchasing decisions. As the beauty industry strives to reduce its reliance on animal testing, it’s important to be discerning when selecting your favorite brands. Aussie is one of the most recognizable brands in the personal care industry. In this article, we will examine Aussie’s stance on animal testing and its commitment to cruelty-free practices.

Overview of Aussie Brand

Aussie is a brand that specializes in hair care products, originating from Australia. The brand was launched in the United Kingdom in the 1980s and quickly became a favorite among consumers. The brand is known for its colorful packaging, affordable prices, and high-quality products.

Aussie’s portfolio consists of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in treatments, and styling products. They offer products that address various hair concerns, including dryness, damage, and frizz. The brand is readily available in drugstores and supermarkets.

The brand is not solely based in Australia, however, the company’s formulations and ingredients draw from ingredients found in the natural habitat of Australia. Additionally, Aussie only uses natural and native ingredients from Australia for their products.

Aussie is committed to ensuring their products are cruelty-free, and they do not test on animals. The company carries out a series of evaluations and tests before launching new products to the market. They use in-vitro testing or other alternatives to ensure their products are safe for human use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we delve further into Aussie’s cruelty-free commitments, let’s explore some frequently asked questions:

What does it mean to be cruelty-free?

The term ‘cruelty-free’ indicates that a product and its ingredients have not been tested on animals. The practices of animal testing have been a contentious issue for decades. Studies have shown that animal testing does not necessarily indicate human safety for certain products. Cruelty-free products are created using alternative testing methods, usually in-vitro testing. This technique involves testing the product or ingredient on replicated human cells that mimic the human environment.

How can companies achieve certification for their products?

Certification for cruelty-free products is issued by organizations like Leaping Bunny or PETA, who follow rigorous testing regulations. To become certified, a business must not test its products on animals, it must not commission animal testing by others, nor use ingredients derived from animal sources. Companies may also self-certify, meaning they claim not to test their products or ingredients on animals but are not endorsed by any regulatory body. “Vegan” products are also free of animal-derived products.

What is the difference between animal testing, animal-derived ingredients, and vegan products?

Animal testing refers to the practice of testing new ingredients or products on animals. Animal-derived ingredients include materials like beeswax, silk, and keratin, which are harvested from animals and used in beauty products. Vegan products, meanwhile, do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and haven’t been tested on animals.

Addressing common queries about Aussie’s cruelty-free products

Aussie haircare products are cruelty-free. You can purchase the products and use them comfortably knowing that there no animals are hurt in their production. This includes their shampoos, conditioners, and all other hair care products which are not tested on animals either in-house or through third-party testing. Aussie is committed to holding itself to a high ethical standard in making their products.

Benefits of Cruelty-Free Products

Using cruelty-free products has several advantages. Firstly, it reflects positively on one’s own ethical considerations by not supporting animal cruelty. Secondly, cruelty-free products have fewer harmful chemicals than products that use animal testing methods. Thirdly, reducing the reliance on animal testing benefits the environment by decreasing the amount of animal testing.

Aussie acknowledges the benefits of cruelty-free products and is taking steps to reduce its impact. They have an ethical and environmental commitment to the use of alternative testing methods. The company believes in sustainable beauty practices and promoting environmentally friendly products.

Alternative and Effective Beauty Products

There are several alternatives to traditional animal-testing-based products that are both effective and ethical. The move toward cruelty-free beauty is gaining momentum, and many brands, both large and small, have embraced this change.

Switching to cruelty-free alternatives can have a noticeable effect on your hair and beauty regimen. Cruelty-free products are formulated using natural, plant-based ingredients without harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens. These ingredients provide a gentle and effective treatment for your skin and hair.

Aussie prioritizes the use of natural ingredients in their products. They’ve highlighted their commitment to change their formulations to entirely cruelty-free ingredients. Their formulations do not include harsh chemicals or irritants like sulfates found in many drugstore products.

Myths and Misconceptions

Despite the push for less animal testing, some myths and misconceptions still exist surrounding cruelty-free products. One belief is that cruelty-free products are less effective than those tested on animals. However, this is untrue. Most cruelty-free products are formulated with natural and gentle ingredients that are often better for use than traditional chemical formulas that can be harmful. Alternative methods of testing can give an equal, if not better, indication of the product’s efficacy. There is continued evidence that alternative testing methods are both humane and accurate.

Another myth is that small businesses cannot afford to go cruelty-free due to the costs. However, this is a misconception. Several affordable and effective animal-free testing alternatives exist, and most cruelty-free branded products are available at cost-effective prices. Several cruelty-free beauty brands have come up with affordable and ethical products that cater to every budget.

Industry and Animal Rights

The beauty industry has come under scrutiny for its use of animal testing practices in creating its products. The negative impact has prompted a push for change towards the use of cruelty-free products that have been tested using alternative methods.

Aussie’s commitment to cruelty-free practices represents a significant sentiment towards alternative and sustainable beauty practices. By using alternatives to animal testing, they are promoting environmentally friendly methods that strive for reduced impact on people and the environment.

It’s important to support brands committed to sustainable and ethical practices. As a consumer, one can also check for certifications by PETA and Leaping Bunny, further supporting the idea of cruelty-free practices.


Choosing cruelty-free products is an essential part of leading a more ethical and sustainable life. As a brand, Aussie is committed to cruelty-free practices, making it a go-to brand for those looking for a conscious choice for their hair care products. By educating ourselves on the importance of ethical beauty products, we can encourage more companies to present cruelty-free products and strive towards a more sustainable and humane future.

Aussie’s efforts towards more sustainable and ethical beauty practices sets it apart, encouraging change towards a healthier environment for all. As consumers, we have a voice in making change happen. Support cruelty-free brands, and drive change in the beauty industry today.

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