September 21, 2023
Learn everything you need to know about instant oatmeal and gluten-free diets, including the link between gluten and oatmeal, gluten-free instant oatmeal brands, and the benefits and drawbacks of going gluten-free.


For those who live with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, going gluten-free is a way of life. But when it comes to certain foods, such as oatmeal, finding out if they are gluten-free can be confusing or even frustrating. If you are wondering, “Is instant oatmeal gluten-free?” you are not alone. In this article, we will provide you with a definitive guide to help you determine if instant oatmeal is gluten-free and how it can fit into a gluten-free diet.

A Definitive Guide to Instant Oatmeal and Gluten Intolerance

Gluten intolerance, also known as non-celiac gluten sensitivity, is a reaction to gluten that causes symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal pain. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and some other grains. For people with celiac disease, consuming gluten can damage the lining of the small intestine and lead to further complications.

The effects of gluten on the body are the subject of ongoing research, and it is known that some people can develop an intolerance to gluten at any stage of life. If you think you may have a gluten intolerance, talk to your doctor and ask for a test that can confirm or exclude the condition.

The Link Between Gluten and Instant Oatmeal – What You Need to Know

While oats themselves do not contain gluten, they might come into contact with gluten during growing, harvesting, and processing. For example, oats may be processed on equipment that also processes wheat or other gluten-containing grains. In addition, some brands of oatmeal that are not certified gluten-free might contain wheat, barley, or rye ingredients.

It is important to read the labels of instant oatmeal carefully and look for a “gluten-free” label. If a product is not labeled as gluten-free, it is best to contact the manufacturer to ensure that it is safe for consumption.

Instant Oatmeal and Gluten-Free Diets – Friend or Foe?

While some people may choose to avoid oats entirely because of the risk of contamination with gluten, oats can also be a healthy part of a gluten-free diet. They are a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and can provide satiety and energy. However, if you are gluten intolerant, it is important to choose gluten-free oats to avoid the risk of cross-contamination during processing.

When choosing gluten-free oatmeal, look for varieties that are certified gluten-free or labeled as such. This certification means that the oats have been grown, harvested, and processed in a dedicated gluten-free facility and have been tested to ensure a gluten content of less than 20 parts per million.

Gluten-Free Instant Oatmeal – A Closer Look at the Ingredients

When determining if instant oatmeal is gluten-free, it is important to look at the ingredients. While oats themselves are naturally gluten-free, other ingredients may be added to the oatmeal that contain gluten. For example, some brands of instant oatmeal may contain flavorings, such as malt, that contain gluten. Other common sources of gluten in instant oatmeal include wheat starch, barley malt extract, and modified food starch.

When choosing gluten-free instant oatmeal, look for brands that use gluten-free oats and do not include any gluten-containing ingredients. In addition, make sure to read the label carefully and look for a “gluten-free” certification or label that indicates that the product has been tested to be safe.

Are There Any Gluten-Free Instant Oatmeal Brands Out There?

Yes, there are many brands of gluten-free instant oatmeal available on the market. Some popular brands include Bob’s Red Mill, Cheerios, Glutenfreeda, Nature’s Path, and Quaker Oats. Each brand offers a variety of flavors and textures, so it is important to find one that suits your taste preferences. Here is a brief review of each brand:

  • Bob’s Red Mill: Offers a range of gluten-free oatmeal options, including quick oats, rolled oats, and steel-cut oats. Their oats are processed in a dedicated gluten-free facility and are certified gluten-free.
  • Cheerios: Cheerios now offers a gluten-free version that is made with gluten-free oats and other gluten-free ingredients. It is important to note that not all varieties of Cheerios are gluten-free, so check the label carefully.
  • Glutenfreeda: This brand offers a variety of gluten-free oatmeal options, including flavored instant oatmeal and oatmeal cups. Their products are certified gluten-free.
  • Nature’s Path: Offers a variety of gluten-free instant oatmeal flavors, including apple cinnamon and maple nut. Their products are organic and non-GMO.
  • Quaker Oats: Quaker now offers a gluten-free version of their instant oatmeal. It is important to note that not all Quaker Oats products are gluten-free, so check the label carefully.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Going Gluten-Free with Instant Oatmeal

Going gluten-free can provide a range of health benefits for those who are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease. Eliminating gluten from the diet can help reduce symptoms, such as bloating and abdominal pain, and can improve overall digestive health. In addition, a gluten-free diet can help promote weight loss and a healthy weight.

However, going gluten-free can also come with some drawbacks. Gluten-free products are often more expensive than their gluten-containing counterparts, and they may be less widely available. In addition, some gluten-free products may be lower in certain nutrients or higher in sugar or fat to compensate for the lack of gluten.

When making a decision about whether to include instant oatmeal in a gluten-free diet, consider the benefits and drawbacks and weigh them against your own personal health goals.


Instant oatmeal can be a healthy and convenient breakfast option for those who are gluten-free, but it is important to choose a brand that is certified gluten-free or labeled as such. By understanding the risks of cross-contamination and reading ingredient labels carefully, you can ensure that you are making safe and healthy choices. If you are still unsure about whether instant oatmeal is gluten-free, contact the manufacturer or a healthcare professional for guidance.

Remember, a gluten-free diet can provide many health benefits, but it should always be undertaken with the guidance of a doctor or registered dietitian. By making informed and thoughtful choices, you can live a happy and healthy gluten-free life.

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