September 28, 2023
Is Intelius free or not? Read this article to explore its pricing plans and compare them with other background check services. Discover tricks to use Intelius for free, the service's pros and cons based on online reviews, and the most affordable alternative services you can try.

Is Intelius Free? Discover the Truth About Its Pricing Plans

If you’re looking to do a background check, the chances are that you’ve come across Intelius. This online service offers a variety of reports, such as criminal records, phone number lookup, and address history. However, the question on everyone’s mind is whether Intelius is really free as they advertise. In this article, we’ll explore the different pricing plans of Intelius and other background check services and highlight essential factors to consider when choosing the most affordable and convenient option for you.

Discover the Truth: Is Intelius Really Free?

As advertised, Intelius offers both free and paid services. You can use their basic search to get a person’s name, phone number, and address, which is free of charge. However, if you’re looking for something more detailed, such as a comprehensive criminal history report, paying is necessary. Intelius offers different pricing plans, starting from $0.99 for a one-time basic report to $29.95 monthly subscription for unlimited reports.

Intelius Pricing: Understanding What You Pay For

It’s essential to understand what you’re getting for the money you spend on Intelius. Each payment option offered is tailored to meet different needs, while some services come with hidden fees. For instance, you can buy a one-time report for as little as $0.99, but you’ll pay extra if you want to see more detailed information. Monthly subscriptions are also available, where you’ll pay $29.95 per month but be able to access unlimited reports. Unlimited, however, doesn’t include some features, like cell phone reports, which cost extra fees. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each plan before making a payment to avoid extra charges.

Intelius vs. Other Background Check Services: Which is the Most Affordable?

Just like Intelius, other background check services offer both free and paid options, but the pricing models vary. For instance, TruthFinder charges $27.78 per month and delivers unlimited reports without additional charges. Spokeo, on the other hand, charges $13.95 per month for three-month access pass. When it comes to affordability, TruthFinder offers the most competitive pricing.

Tips and Tricks: How to Use Intelius for Free

If you’re looking to use Intelius for free, there are several options. Firstly, you can take advantage of their free trial offer. Though this comes with a cancellation policy, it’s often the safest and easiest way to experience Intelius’s products before committing. Another way is to share an account with friends or family. Several households pay for the monthly subscriptions and access the reports collectively, which spreads the cost considerably. Lastly, some services offered by Intelius are free of charge, such as basic information and background checks on businesses.

Intelius Review: Is it Worth the Price?

Intelius offers many advanced details that most background check services don’t provide, such as criminal history, traffic records, and property. The information is presented in an easily readable format, making it very user-friendly. Intelius is also fast in delivering reports, with turnaround times of just a few minutes. However, the pricing plans and hidden fees can be frustrating, and it can be hard to know which plan offers the best value for money. We recommend trying the free trial to see if the service is a good fit for you and your needs.

Alternatives to Intelius: Free Background Check Services to Try

If you’re not interested in paying for background check services, there are several free alternatives that you can try. These include Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Although the quality and extent of information may be limited, Google, for instance, can provide lots of valuable information, such as contact information, social media profiles, court case histories, and more. Moreover, the most comprehensive alternative is county court records, which are generally free and readily available online.


The question “is Intelius free?” is complex because the answer depends on your individual needs and preferences. However, the pricing plans offered by Intelius are competitive with other background check services. We recommend using the free trial to see if Intelius works for you, and if not, try some of the free alternatives we have listed. Ultimately, whichever service you choose, it’s important to do your research and always read the terms and conditions before committing.

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