September 29, 2023
Learn how to find free pallets for your next DIY project! This comprehensive guide covers where to find free pallets, tips on how to keep them in good condition, and how to repurpose pallets for sustainable projects. Discover 10 tips for securing a steady supply of free pallets and join the community in reusing and recycling pallets in creative ways.


DIY projects are a fun and budget-friendly way to personalize your home or outdoor space. One of the most versatile materials for DIY projects is the humble pallet. Used wooden pallets are perfect for building garden structures, seating, tables, and much more. But where do you find this inexpensive, unique material? In this article, we’ll explore five different places to find free pallets, tips on how to keep them in good condition, and how to repurpose pallets for sustainable projects.

5 Places to Find Free Pallets for Your Next DIY Project

The first step to finding free pallets is knowing where to look. Here are five different places to find free or low-cost pallets:

Construction sites

Construction sites are excellent sources of free pallets. Check with the project manager or construction crew to ask if they have any pallets that they are getting rid of. In most cases, they will be happy to let you take them off their hands.

Hardware stores

Hardware stores are another excellent source of free pallets. Some stores use pallets to transport their merchandise, and they are often discarded in the back of the store. Ask the store manager if you can take them off their hands. They may be happy to give them to you for free as they are often seen as waste materials that need to be disposed of.

Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Freecycle can be excellent sources of free or low-cost pallets. Before you pick them up, be sure to ask the seller for pictures of the pallets to ensure they are in good condition.

Industrial businesses

Many industrial businesses like manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution centers receive and discard pallets regularly. Try calling or visiting these businesses to see if they have any spare pallets to give away. Be sure to leave your name and contact information, so they can contact you when they have a new batch of pallets available.

Local farms and nurseries

Local farms and nurseries are sometimes willing to give away or sell used pallets. These places typically use pallets to move bags of feed or plants, and they may allow you to take away their excess pallets. Be sure to call ahead and ask if they are willing to let you take their pallets.

How to Get Free Pallets and Keep Them in Good Condition

Now that you know where to find free pallets, it’s important to know how to inspect and keep your pallets in good condition. Here are a few tips:

Inspect your pallets

Before taking any pallets, inspect them thoroughly for damage or contaminants. Look for broken boards, protruding nails, or signs of insects or mold. Avoid pallets with these issues, as they may be unsafe to use.

Clean your pallets

After you’ve collected your pallets, clean them with a pressure washer or a cleaning solution of your choice. This step will remove any contaminants that could be harmful to you or your project.

Store your pallets properly

Store your pallets in a dry, well-ventilated area to protect them from rain or moisture. When stacking, be sure to stack the pallets on top of each other, not on their side to avoid crushing.

10 Tips for Scoring Free Pallets for Your Home Improvement Projects

Here are ten tips for securing a steady supply of free pallets for all your DIY projects:

Be polite and professional

When approaching businesses or individuals for free pallets, remember to be polite and professional. Greet them respectfully and explain why you’re interested in their pallets.

Get to know local businesses

To secure a steady supply of pallets, get to know local businesses that regularly receive them. Visit them regularly and build a relationship with their staff.

Ask for referrals

Ask for referrals from other businesses to find more sources of free pallets.

Be timely

Be sure to pick up your pallets promptly to show your gratitude and establish a positive relationship with the business.

Offer a service

Offering a service like pallet removal or disposal can be an excellent way to secure a steady supply of pallets.

Be persistent

Don’t get discouraged if businesses say no at first. Be persistent and follow up regularly.

Be flexible

Be flexible in your project plans. If you can only find smaller pallets, adjust your plans instead of trying to make them the wrong size work.

Be willing to travel

Be willing to travel to find free pallets. Check local listings for nearby cities where you might have more luck.

Join local DIY groups

Join local DIY groups to connect with other enthusiasts and share tips on where to find free pallets.

Pay it forward

If you have a surplus of pallets, remember to pay it forward and offer them to other DIY enthusiasts to create a beneficial community experience.

The Ultimate List of Places to Find Free or Cheap Pallets Near You

Here’s a list of local businesses and organizations where you can find free or cheap pallets:

Grocery Stores

  • Costco
  • Safeway
  • Whole Foods

Industrial Businesses

  • Plastic Manufacturers
  • Steel Distributors
  • Tire Centers

Specialty Stores

  • Wine and Beer Stores
  • Appliance Stores
  • Outdoor Merchandise Stores

Online Marketplace

  • Craigslist
  • Freecycle
  • Facebook Marketplace

Reuse and Recycle: Where to Find Free Pallets for Sustainable DIY Projects

Pallets are versatile and can be repurposed in creative and sustainable ways. Here are a few ideas:

Build furniture

Use pallets to build outdoor furniture like chairs, tables, and benches. They add a rustic touch and are cost-effective.

Create garden structures

Build garden beds, compost bins, or potting benches from pallets to create a sustainable and affordable garden space.

Paint or stain pallets

Paint or stain pallets to match the colours of your home and outdoor space. They make for a fun and creative way to add a personal touch.


In conclusion, finding free pallets is easier than you might think. With the tips and strategies shared in this article, you’ll be able to secure a steady supply of free or cheap pallets for all your home improvement projects. Remember to inspect, clean and store your pallets properly to ensure they are safe and long-lasting.

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