September 27, 2023
Learn how to catch up with one of the most loved kids' shows, Bluey. This article will guide you on how to stream Bluey online without paying, from official streaming services like Disney Junior to alternatives like Sling TV and YouTube TV.

Where to Watch Bluey for Free: Your Ultimate Guide

Bluey, a popular Australian children’s television show, has become a global sensation, captivating audiences with its charming characters and heartwarming stories. It has garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards, making it one of the most beloved kids’ shows in recent times. However, many fans find themselves frustrated by the lack of options for streaming it online. Fear not, as we have compiled a list of ways to watch Bluey for free online.

Top Websites to Watch Bluey for Free

Several websites offer free streaming of Bluey episodes, including Disney Junior, Dailymotion, and WatchCartoonOnline. Disney Junior streams episodes for free, while Dailymotion and WatchCartoonOnline upload each new episode as soon as it is released. Another option is the website, which offers a collection of public domain cartoons, including several episodes of Bluey. Alternatively, searching for “Bluey full episodes” on YouTube can also provide a range of free videos.

The Best Streaming Services to Watch Bluey

The most popular streaming services, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, do not currently offer Bluey on their platforms. However, Sling TV, a cable-free streaming service, offers access to Disney Junior, where Bluey is regularly aired. Additionally, Netflix Australia streams Bluey, so a VPN service could be used to access it from other countries.

 Alternatives to Traditional TV for Bluey Fanatics
Alternatives to Traditional TV for Bluey Fanatics

Alternatives to Traditional TV for Bluey Fanatics

For die-hard Bluey fans, cable-free on-demand services such as Sling TV and YouTube TV offer access to Disney Junior, which streams episodes of the show. Another alternative is to purchase the episodes directly from Amazon Prime. Alternatively, subscribing to an online video store such as Google Play or the iTunes store allows users to purchase individual episodes to stream online.

How to Watch Bluey Without a TV

Watching Bluey without access to traditional TV is easy with the help of a streaming device, such as a Roku or an Apple TV. These devices allow viewers to watch Bluey through the Disney Junior app. An antenna can also be used to access free, over-the-air broadcasts of local channels, including channels that may show Bluey episodes.

Legal Ways to Watch Bluey without Paying

In Australia, ABC iView streams episodes of Bluey for free. Other countries in which Bluey airs may offer similar streaming sources. The ABC iView app is available for download on several platforms, including Apple, Android, and select smart TVs.

Tips for Finding Hidden Bluey Episodes Online

Hunting for specific Bluey episodes is becoming more comfortable and more accessible with the help of advanced search engines. One method is to conduct a targeted web search with specific keywords, such as “Bluey season 2 episode 4.” Another option is to check popular streaming websites regularly to see if they have uploaded any new episodes.


While Bluey is not easily accessible online, several options are available for viewers to stream episodes of the show for free. From official streaming services like Disney Junior to alternative on-demand services like Sling TV and YouTube TV, numerous ways lead to the beloved Australian television show. While enjoying Bluey online, viewers must always ensure that the sources are legal, secure, and virus-free. As the world awaits season 3, share your tips and suggestions on how to watch Bluey for free online.

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