May 18, 2024
An in-depth analysis of a manhwa's business proposal ending and its impact on readers and enterprise owners.

Exploring the Business Proposal Ending of a Manhwa: An In-Depth Analysis

Manhwas or Korean comics have become increasingly popular internationally. Manhwas usually cover a range of genres such as romance, fantasy, and action. However, some manhwas often include business proposal endings that leave their readers questioning the purpose behind the story. In this article, we will explore one such manhwa’s business proposal ending and analyze its impact, as well as evaluate its feasibility, relevance, and achievability in the real world.

Analyzing the Manhwa’s Ending

Before we delve into analyzing the ending of the manhwa, it is necessary to give a brief overview of the manhwa’s story. The manhwa we are referring to is one that revolves around a young entrepreneur who faces various obstacles as he tries to launch his new business idea.

As the manhwa progresses, the story builds up towards the climax that the entrepreneur was finally able to make his business successful through his proposal. The ending of the manhwa leaves much to the interpretation of the reader as it doesn’t disclose a detailed conclusion.

The ending of the manhwa leaves many readers feeling unsatisfied. While it does show a glimpse of the entrepreneur finally succeeding in his business venture, it doesn’t go into detail of what made his proposal so successful or how he executed it.

Review of the Manhwa

Looking back, the manhwa’s story was promising as the initial setup gave the impression of a complex plot with intricate characters and an engaging storyline. Unfortunately, the manhwa failed to deliver, and it became clear as the story progressed that the author was more interested in emphasizing the business proposal aspect of the story than the characters or the plot.

The manhwa’s shortcomings are evident in the character development. The author focused more on the main character’s business proposal rather than establishing a background or providing character growth. This led to readers struggling to emotionally connect with the story or its characters.

The ending of the manhwa lacked the appropriate conclusion to the events that occur throughout the story. The author’s focus on the business proposal left the readers questioning what happened to the characters and what their future would look like.

Retrospective Feature

The story’s takeaways and lessons learned are significant. In many ways, the story has elements of what the business world is like – obstacles, competition, and having passion can lead to success. It also highlights the importance of proper planning and effective implementation.

The story’s impact on the readers showcases that entrepreneurs and business executives face rough times while breaking into the industry. It also stresses on the importance of having a clear plan and knowing how the company would fare in the future by crafting relatable narratives.

Opinion Piece

The story’s ending’s feasibility, relevance, and achievability are questionable, as it fails to establish a concrete resolution to the plot. A vague ending and lack of details leave readers in a state of dissatisfaction, making it challenging for them to connect to the characters.

An effective and straightforward conclusion can provide much-needed closure for readers, which in turn can help the story attract more readers. Hence, it is essential that a manhwa in the business proposal genre can provide a more detailed resolution.

Exploring the Role of Business Proposals in Popular Media

The manhwa we are discussing demonstrates the centrality of business proposals in popular media. Many movies, TV shows, and books use business proposals as a plot device to support the story’s theme, but they often fail to justify why the proposal worked out or how it affected the characters involved.

A popular example is “Shark Tank,” a show that exhibits new products and businesses with innovative proposals. The show’s success lies in its clear explanations of the products’ value propositions and the entrepreneurs’ understanding of their target consumers. A good proposal works only when the entrepreneur can explain why the service or product is needed and why the company would perform better in the market.


In conclusion, the manhwa’s business proposal ending lacked the definitive conclusion that would have made it stand out. The author’s focus was solely on the proposal, resulting in an inadequate connection with readers. However, the lessons learned from the story help showcase key components of business development and proposal implementation. It also emphasizes the importance of providing readers with a satisfactory conclusion in any narrative.

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