April 24, 2024
Learn how to create checklists in Discord and discover its numerous benefits and creative uses. Discover the top Discord bots for checklist creation and how it can maximize productivity.


Discord is a reliable and popular communication platform for all kinds of communities. It’s widely used for gaming, education, hobbies, and more. Its functionality has made it easier for users to maintain communities and interact with them. One of the lesser-known features of Discord is the ability to create checklists for your server. This feature assists with maintaining accountability for guidelines, tasks and ensures that everyone is on the same page. Checklists in Discord are a valuable addition that can improve the user experience. This article will provide a step-by-step guide for creating checklists and discover the benefits. We will also examine creative ways to use checklists, how they can improve productivity, and the top Discord bots to utilize for creating checklists.

5 simple steps to creating a checklist in Discord

Step 1: Decide on the Checklist’s Purpose

Before creating a checklist, it’s crucial to determine its purpose. Enumerate the necessary guidelines to keep people on the same page, keep track of tasks, or remind members of important events. Deciding the purpose helps identify the most practical approach to the checklist’s creation.

Step 2: Select a Third-Party Bot or Utilize Discord’s Built-in Checklist System

There are a handful of third-party bots like “Checklist” that can assist with creating checklists, or Discord’s built-in “Tasks” feature. Utilizing any of these methods is quick and effortless. Choose the option that fits the checklist’s purpose in step one.

Step 3: Populate Your Checklist

Fill the checklist with items to complete for any given task. For example, to keep users on the same page, the Community Guidelines can be added as items on the checklist.

Step 4: Assign Permissions

After creating a checklist, you must define permissions to access and use the checklist. It’s ideal only to allow Administrators to make modifications or changes to the checklist.

Step 5: Utilize the Checklist

Once the checklist is created, it can be viewed and utilized at any time in the designated channel. Additionally, updates or modifications to the checklist can be made as necessary.

Why checklists can help improve your Discord server

There are numerous benefits of using checklists on your Discord server. Here are three examples:

Improved accountability

The checklist can be used to maintain accountability for rules and guidelines in the community. Members can use the checklist as a reference point, and moderators can use it to ensure consistently followed rules.

Better task management

Checklists can be used to keep track of important tasks to complete a project or task in the community. This includes weekly or monthly maintenance, game updates, and other areas that require attention.

Increased Efficiency

As the checklist carries reminders and tasks that need to be done, members can spend more energy creating content with less concern of missing something important.

10 creative ways to use checklists in Discord

Here are ten creative ways to utilize checklists on your Discord server:

1. Scavenger Hunt

Create an interactive scavenger hunt in your Discord community and add items and riddles as tasks on the checklist. Members can use the checklist as a guide to keep track of progress and unlock clues.

2. Gaming Tournaments

Create a checklist with player names and the games they’re competing in. This task list provides easy tracking for the progress of each gamer in the tournament.

3. Community Feedback

Using checklists for gathering opinions and feedback is an excellent method for collecting community insight. Members can add their input to the task list, and moderators can then use this data to improve the community experience.

4. Smooth Application Processes

Creating a guideline checklist for member applications can save moderators time by keeping applications organized. This checklist can include questions to be answered and other pertinent information that the moderators need for the review process.

5. Meeting Agendas

Using a checklist for meetings in Discord can be helpful in keeping things organized and on schedule. Add concise bullet points and sections as tasks to ensure that all that needs to be covered is identified.

6. Build Parties

When community structures or game builds are needed, create a checklist for all the required materials and schedule of events. This would allow members to work through the checklist and ensures that the build party is productive.

7. Event Planning

For events like game nights, movie nights, or workshops, create a task list and populate it with everything, from the event schedule, snack list, and who will be handling the event setup.

8. Game Mods Applications

Apply a checklist for moderating gaming servers to make things easier for the moderators. Add questions that cover everything necessary for the task.

9. Team Tasks

In case a community has formed a team to accomplish various tasks, utilize checklists to assist in keeping track of specific targets and the related progress.

10. Art Contests

Checklists can also be used for organization during art contests. Members can add their art entry, along with usernames, and moderators can track for easy judging.

Maximizing productivity with a Discord checklist

Discord checklists are an excellent way of increasing productivity for an individual or team. Here are a few examples of how checklists can assist in maximizing productivity:

1. Time Management

Creating a task list can help in managing time and identifying priorities. Scheduling tasks can ensure that what needs to be done gets done.

2. Accountability

The task list holds everyone responsible for doing specific tasks, reduces the chances that anyone misses something critical in the process.

3. Reduces Forgetfulness

A well-organised and structured task list ensures that you remember what needs to be done, and nothing is missed.

The top Discord bots for creating checklists

Discord bots serve as a great assistant when working with checklists. Here are three popular and useful Discord bots for creating checklists:

1. Todoist Bot

Todoist is a popular bot that can assist in creating automated recurring tasks, assign tasks to community members, and, most importantly, track task progress across your different servers.

2. Checkmark Bot

The Checkmark bot allows moderators to create checklists for all sorts of events. It includes the ability to limit who can see checklists and who can make changes to it.

3. Tasks Bot

Tasks Bot is the built-in bot for Discord’s checklist system. Users can add and manage task lists, keep track of completed tasks through completion, and view how many more are left to complete.


In conclusion, utilizing checklists in Discord is a straightforward and effective method of keeping everyone informed and organized. Discord checklists have numerous benefits, from helping with accountability and task management to enhancing efficiency. Creative ways to use checklists can provide more means of achieving certain objectives, and it can maximize productivity. When it comes to choosing the right bot, the Todoist Bot, Checkmark Bot, and Discord’s built-in tasks system are the perfect choices.

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