February 25, 2024
Learn all about how to marry Serana in Skyrim and discover what makes her a unique potential spouse, as well as the pros and cons of choosing her as a companion in-game.


Marrying Serana in Skyrim can be a tricky task. She is a unique character in the game, and players often have questions about whether they can marry her and how to go about it. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to marry Serana and help players make an informed decision about whether or not she is the perfect spouse for their gameplay experience.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Marry Serana in Skyrim and Live Happily Ever After

Serana is a unique potential spouse in the game, which is why many Skyrim players want to marry her. However, it is not easy to get her to marry them. The first challenge is that she is an undead vampire, which makes it impossible to use the standard marriage options. Her dialogue options are limited, and her thoughts about marriage are different from other traditional marriage candidates. To overcome this issue, players need to obtain the Dawnguard DLC. Once they have the DLC, they need to complete the Dawnguard questline, which will give them the opportunity to bring Serana back to her human form and make her eligible for marriage.

After completing the Dawnguard questline, players need to follow these steps to marry Serana:

  1. Ask Serana what she thinks about their relationship.
  2. Travel with Serana to Riften.
  3. Speak with Maramal and purchase the “Amulet of Mara.”
  4. Equip the Amulet of Mara and talk to Serana about marriage.
  5. Set up the wedding ceremony with Maramal and attend the wedding.
  6. Return to Serana, and she will become your spouse.

Why Serana from Skyrim Could be the Perfect Spouse for You

Serana is unique in the game, and she has many skills and abilities that can complement the player’s gameplay. She is an excellent follower who can help the player in battles and provide valuable moral support. She also offers a unique perspective on the game’s story and lore, which can make the player’s experience even richer.

Furthermore, Serana has unique abilities, including vampire abilities that can complement the player’s spells and other attributes. Her backstory is also very compelling, and it adds another layer to the game’s storyline. She is also a loyal follower and spouse, so players can count on her to have their back through thick and thin.

However, it’s worth noting that marrying Serana can have some potential drawbacks. Some players may encounter conflicts with other characters or questlines if they choose to marry her. Players need to be aware of these potential issues, so they can make an informed decision before committing to a long-term relationship with her.

The Pros and Cons of Marrying Serana in Skyrim and How to Make the Decision

There are many advantages and disadvantages to marrying Serana in Skyrim. Players need to consider these pros and cons carefully to make an informed decision about whether she is the right spouse for them. Some of the pros of marrying Serana include:

  • Unique and interesting storyline
  • Strong follower with valuable skills and abilities
  • Good source of moral support throughout game

However, some potential cons of marrying Serana include:

  • Potential conflicts with other characters or quests
  • Complicated courtship process
  • May not be a good choice for players who value traditional marriage options

When considering whether to marry Serana in Skyrim, players should weigh these pros and cons carefully. They should also consider their gameplay style and preferences to decide if Serana is the right match for them. Ultimately, choosing a spouse is a personal decision, and players should make a choice that works best for their gameplay experience.

Exploring the Romantic Relationship Options in Skyrim: Is Marrying Serana the Best Choice?

Serana is not the only potential romantic partner in Skyrim. There are many other characters that players can woo and potentially marry. However, what makes Serana unique is her backstory and her storyline throughout the Dawnguard questline. Choosing to marry her can be an opportunity to explore an intriguing narrative and see where it leads.

Players who are looking for a traditional marriage and experience may find Serana’s character and storyline too complex. However, those who enjoy an unpredictable and intriguing narrative may find her to be the perfect match. Choosing a spouse is all about personal preference, so players need to decide what they value in a companion and what kind of experience they want to have.

The Steps You Need to Follow to Successfully Marry Serana in Skyrim and Enjoy a Blissful Marriage

Successfully marrying Serana in Skyrim requires a few steps, as outlined earlier in this article. Once players have completed the Dawnguard DLC and questline, they can follow the steps to marry her and start enjoying the benefits of a blissful marriage.

After marrying Serana, players can treat her like any other spouse in the game. They can live together, enjoy conversation, and work together to explore the vast world of Skyrim. Serana is a loyal and reliable companion that can provide excellent support throughout the game’s many quests.

When it comes to the spouse relationship in Skyrim, players should keep in mind that it can sometimes be challenging. There can be conflicts and misunderstandings that require players to work through them to maintain a healthy relationship. Overall, however, marrying Serana can be a worthwhile experience for players who want to explore a unique narrative and character in the game.


Marrying Serana in Skyrim can be a challenging but rewarding experience. She is a unique character with a compelling backstory and storyline, and she can provide valuable support to players throughout the game. However, players must consider the pros and cons of marrying her carefully and weigh their personal preferences to decide if she is the right spouse for their gameplay experience. Ultimately, only by playing the game and trying different outcomes will players find out what suits them best.

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