April 23, 2024
Deciding to watch Knives Out before Glass Onion depends on the viewer's perspective, but overall, the order of the films will not affect the viewing experience. This article explores the various perspectives of viewing order, the similarities and differences between the two films, and highlights the advantages of watching one film before the other.

Do You Need to See Knives Out Before Glass Onion?

When it comes to watching movies, it’s not uncommon for viewers to ponder the order in which they should watch a series. The same can be said for two seemingly unrelated films, such as Knives Out and Glass Onion. Should one watch Knives Out before Glass Onion? Or is it better to watch Glass Onion first? As a creative writing expert, I will explore the possibilities to help you decide.

Backwards Chronological Order

One way to spice things up is by reversing the order in which you’d typically watch the films. You can opt to watch Glass Onion, which was released in 2021, first followed by Knives Out, which premiered in 2019. This introduces the story’s timeline in reverse order. By watching the movies in reverse, you get a different perspective on the plot and the characters. Viewing the films this way provides you with a fresh context, which may reveal elements you didn’t necessarily observe when watching the films in the typical manner.

Release Order

If you prefer to watch the films in the order they were released, it’s clear that Knives Out should come before Glass Onion. It’s suggested to see Knives Out first, as it is an independent story. Watching it first provides the opportunity to truly appreciate the masterpiece that it is separately from Glass Onion. You’ll be able to relish in the brilliant performances from all its cast members, the stunning cinematography, and the sweet and sour whodunnit flavor that makes an Agatha Christie-inspired tale so thrilling. Then, when you watch Glass Onion, you’ll understand the background references and “easter eggs” that were left behind for the fans of Knives Out. You’ll have an even deeper appreciation for the genius behind the stories when watched in this manner.

Similar Themes

If you find yourself interested in the thematic similarities between both films – the intricate schemes, murder mysteries, and family relations – it might be best to watch them back to back. After watching Knives Out, which is primarily set in a single house, watching Glass Onion, which takes place in different locations, will be refreshing. Viewing them in this order also allows you to appreciate the parallels between the movies.

Plot Differences

Although there are some similarities between the films, they also have distinct differences. There is no need to watch Knives Out before Glass Onion as the plot points differ and the connections between the movies aren’t so grandiose that it requires viewing one film before the other.

Direction of the Story

Knives Out and Glass Onion have separate storylines; however, there’s an underlying motive in the former that is fully explained in Glass Onion. The direction of each story is nuanced, with twists and turns that require viewing each movie with a fresh perspective. If you prefer to get to the nitty-gritty of the plot right away, it may be better to watch Glass Onion before Knives Out. That way, you’ll be equipped with the necessary backstory to fully appreciate the plot in Knives Out.

Film Structure

When it comes to film structure, it’s best to keep the release order in mind. Once again, it’s advised to watch Knives Out before Glass Onion, as it serves as an independent story. By watching it first, it provides a starting point in the narrative for newcomers or for those who need a refresher. It also allows for a fresh perspective on the characters and build-up before the references to Knives Out are presented in Glass Onion.


There are several ways to view Knives Out and Glass Onion, so the decision ultimately depends on what you want to accomplish by watching the films. To get a different perspective, it’s best to watch them in reverse order. However, if you’re interested in the thematic similarities or the characters’ progression, it’s best to watch them back to back. If you want to understand the plot without needing too much backstory, it’s best to watch Glass Onion first. To gain an appreciation for the story and characters before the references are presented in Glass Onion, it’s best to watch Knives Out first.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you- start with Knives Out or Glass Onion- whichever floats your boat. The important thing is that whichever order you decide to watch them, it will not compromise your viewing experience.

Closing Thoughts

Knives Out and Glass Onion are both excellent films that offer something unique to the viewer. Watching one without the other will provide you with a self-contained story, with the addition of slight Easter eggs. However, if you want the full experience and to appreciate the intricacies of both films, watching them both in order is the way to go.


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