March 1, 2024
Learn all about iPhone screen recording limitations and how to overcome them. Discover tips and tricks to maximize your recording time and how third-party apps can help extend your recording duration.


One of the most convenient features of modern smartphones is the ability to screen record. This is especially true for iPhone users, who can easily capture videos of exactly what is happening on their device screen. Unfortunately, Apple’s screen recording feature is not without its limitations. In this article, we will explore how long can you screen record on iPhone and the workarounds to extend recording time.

The Ultimate Guide to iPhone Screen Recording: Everything You Need to Know About Recording Limitations

Screen recording on iPhone allows you to capture the display of your device, including anything that is happening on the screen like games, videos, and other apps. However, there are several limitations associated with iPhone screen recording. Firstly, the device’s default setting only allows the recording of 10 minutes. Secondly, screen recording may not work on some apps due to copyright and digital rights management protocols.

How Long Can You Screen Record on iPhone? A Comprehensive Review of Apple’s Screen Recording Feature

The typical duration of a screen recording on iPhone is ten minutes. That means that any recording will stop automatically at the 10-minute mark. However, several factors affect the screen recording duration, such as the amount of available storage space, iPhone battery level, and device’s performance.

Apple has made changes in screen recording duration from one iOS version to another and from different iPhone models. For instance, iOS 11 increased the screen recording duration to 30 minutes. Users of the latest iPhone models, including the iPhone XR and iPhone XS, can record up to sixty minute-long videos.

Mastering iPhone Screen Recording: Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Recording Time

To maximize your screen recording, try reducing the brightness of your device, turning off unnecessary apps, and closing all unused tabs. You can also set your device’s screen to sleep longer period before recording to preserve battery and extend screen recording time.

To adjust the screen recording time duration, open the control center by swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone screen and then select screen recording icon. Once the recording starts, you can tap the red recording bar on the top of your device’s frame and choose the “Stop” button to end the recording at any time you desire.

Unveiling the Mystery of iPhone Screen Recording: Understanding the Technicalities Behind Recording Time Limitations

The ten-minute mark default setting for screen recording on iPhone is because the device saves the recording as an mp4 file in real-time. High-quality videos typically need significant storage space that can fill an average phone’s storage within 10-20 minute recording duration. Apples’ screen recording feature prevents this by stopping recording after ten minutes to save storage space and device performance.

iPhone Screen Recording Time: Breaking Down the Limits and Workarounds to Help You Record Smoothly

To record for longer than the default time limit, you can use third-party software or apps like Screen Record as an alternative. This app allows users to record their iPhone screen for as long as they need, without any duration limitations.

Some apps have digital rights management protocols that prevent screen recording. These apps might require jailbreaking your phone. Jailbreaking gives users access to the iOS system files, allowing them to bypass these restrictions within specific apps.

From Seconds to Minutes: Exploring the Maximum Screen Recording Time on iPhone and How to Extend It

The maximum recording time on iPhone varies depending on the type of iPhone used. The latest iPhone models can record for an hour-long video, while older models set 30 minutes as the maximum recording duration by default. Third-party apps and software, however, have no such restrictions.

To extend your iPhone screen recording time manually, turn off the “Low Power Mode”, set your device’s brightness level to the lowest, turn on “airplane mode”, and close all apps running in the background.


In conclusion, iPhone screen recording is a useful feature, but the ten-minute default setting can be limiting. There are several workarounds you can employ to extend your recording time, such as using third-party software and apps or adjusting your device’s settings. By following the tips and tricks provided in this article, you can maximize your recording time and capture the content you need without any interruption.

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