February 27, 2024
Learn about Planet Fitness' guest policies, how many guests you can bring, the benefits of having a workout partner, and tips to make the best use of the policy.

How Many Guests Can I Bring to Planet Fitness?

Visiting the gym is not only beneficial for our physical and mental health, but it can also be more fun when we have workout partners. It is not a secret that mutual support and encouragement during training sessions can inspire us to push hard and reach our goals. But what if you want to bring a guest or two along to Planet Fitness? How many guests are allowed? Let’s explore the policy and find out.

Planet Fitness Policy on the Number of Guests Allowed

Planet Fitness is quite welcoming when it comes to their guests policy. Every member can bring a guest with them every day, and this guest can use all facilities available. However, there is a little catch. The guests can’t remain in the gym outside of the member’s visit. In other words, guests can only stay for the duration of the member’s workout, which means that they cannot use the gym equipment or facilities without the member present.

Benefits of Bringing a Workout Partner to Planet Fitness

Having a workout partner has numerous benefits, both in terms of motivation and safety. Studies have shown that people are more likely to stick to their fitness routine and show improved performance when they have someone to train with. A workout partner can also provide an extra set of eyes to ensure that we are performing exercises correctly and safely.

In addition, bringing a friend to Planet Fitness is an excellent opportunity to meet new like-minded people and expand our social circle. All members and guests are likely to share the same goals: leading a more active and healthier lifestyle.

The Importance of Following the Guest Policy at Planet Fitness
The Importance of Following the Guest Policy at Planet Fitness

The Importance of Following the Guest Policy at Planet Fitness

The guest policy is in place to ensure that every member can have a comfortable and satisfying workout experience. Of course, it’s natural to want to share the experience with our friends and family, but we must consider other gym-goers’ welfare and respect their workout. It’s essential to follow the guest policy to prevent overcrowding and to provide equipment availability for members. Disregarding the policy may lead to tough situations, asking to leave or being asked to pay an overcrowding surcharge, which we want to avoid.

Tips on Making the Best Use of Planet Fitness Guest Policies and Etiquette

Here are a few tips on how to make the best use of Planet Fitness guest policies:

Call Ahead: Before heading to the gym with your guest, it’s a good idea to call ahead and check the crowd situation. This can help avoid an unexpected delay or overcrowding.

Follow Time Limits: All guests are permitted to remain only for the duration of the member’s visit. It’s advisable to make sure your guest knows this and prepare them accordingly.

Be Considerate: When bringing a guest, be considerate of other gym-goers’ well-being. Encourage them to respect the rules and etiquette of a gym and not interfere with other people’s workouts.

Alternatives to Bringing Guests to Planet Fitness

If for whatever reason, bringing a guest to Planet Fitness isn’t possible or preferable, there are other options to consider:

Personal Training Sessions: Personal training sessions are available at Planet Fitness and are a great way to take advantage of the gym’s facilities and expertise. Trainers work with individuals to create customized workouts and provide guidance on technique and form.

Group Classes: Group classes are another great alternative. These are perfect for people who don’t like working out alone or are looking for a supportive community to train with. They are also an excellent opportunity to try out new workouts or experiment with different exercise styles that could break the dreary routine.

Frequently Asked Questions on Planet Fitness Guest Policies

Here are some answers to common questions regarding Planet Fitness’ guest policy:

Can non-members attend with guests? Non-members are not allowed to enter the gym under any circumstances, even if accompanied by a guest.

What is the length of time guests can stay? Guests can stay at Planet Fitness for the duration of the member’s visit only, to ensure facility availability for members.

Can guests use the equipment and facilities? Guests can use all facilities at Planet Fitness as long as they are accompanied by the member who brought them and stay only for the duration of their visit.


In conclusion, Planet Fitness offers excellent guest policies, enabling every member to bring a guest every day to the gym. The main rule it inquires is to ensure the availability of equipment and facility for only members. This policy serves a goal of making everyone feel comfortable and have a pleasant workout experience. It’s essential to follow the policy and make sure to comply with rules and etiquette to make the gym a wonderful place for all.

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