April 22, 2024
In this article, we explore how much Planet Fitness employees make and offer insights from current and former employees, comparisons with other gyms, and negotiating strategies. We also discuss the societal implications of low wages and the importance of promoting fair compensation for all workers.


One of the biggest mysteries for job seekers considering a career in fitness is how much Planet Fitness employees make. In a highly competitive industry with a range of job titles and levels of seniority, it can be challenging to determine what an entry-level fitness instructor or a veteran manager can expect in terms of compensation and benefits. In this article, we will explore the salaries and benefits offered by Planet Fitness, provide insights from current and former employees, compare these to other gyms, and offer a guide to negotiating better compensation packages.

Analysis of Planet Fitness Employee Salaries

Planet Fitness offers employment opportunities across a range of job titles, including front desk associates, fitness trainers, and general managers. As with any company, salaries vary depending on factors such as location, experience, and level of seniority. For entry-level positions, such as front desk associates, typical salaries start at around $10 per hour, with the opportunity for wage increases based on performance. For fitness instructors, salaries start around $15 per hour, also with potential for increases based on performance.

For more experienced employees or those who have moved up the ranks, such as general managers or district managers, salaries can range from $50,000 to over $100,000 per year, depending on experience and performance. Additionally, Planet Fitness offers a range of benefits to its employees, including medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) plans, and paid time off.

Insights from Current and Former Employees

To gain a better understanding of salaries and benefits at Planet Fitness, we spoke with a range of current and former employees. While experiences varied, most employees felt that their compensation and benefits were fair and that there was room for advancement within the company. Some employees noted that they appreciated the company’s focus on creating a positive, team-oriented work environment as well as the opportunities for professional training.

However, some employees expressed frustration with a lack of wage increases or opportunities for growth in their positions. One former employee described feeling overworked and underpaid as a fitness instructor at Planet Fitness, noting that it was difficult to make a living wage with the limited hours and hourly pay offered.

Comparison with Other Gyms

When comparing salaries and benefits at Planet Fitness to other gyms and fitness chains, there is a wide range of results. Some companies, such as Equinox, are known for offering high salaries and excellent benefits, while others, such as LA Fitness, offer more modest wages and benefits comparable to those of Planet Fitness. However, it is important to note that wages and benefits often vary by location and level of experience, even within the same company or chain.

Overall, Planet Fitness is known for offering fair compensation and is often cited as a desirable employer within the fitness industry.

Factors that Influence Salaries

As mentioned earlier, there are a range of factors that influence salaries at Planet Fitness and other fitness companies. Location is an essential factor, as wages differ by state and region. For example, fitness instructors in New York City or Los Angeles are often paid significantly more than those in smaller, less expensive towns and cities.

Experience and level of seniority are also vital factors in determining salaries. For entry-level positions, salaries tend to be lower, with increases based on performance and tenure. However, for more tenured or experienced professionals, salaries can increase significantly.

Finally, performance metrics, such as customer satisfaction or sales performance, can be significant factors in determining salary. Employees who consistently receive positive feedback from members or who exceed sales goals may be eligible for wage increases or bonuses.

Guide to Negotiating Salaries and Benefits

If you are a current or future employee of Planet Fitness or another fitness company, negotiating better salaries and benefits can be challenging, but there are strategies to help. First, it is essential to research the industry standard for salaries and benefits in your region and for your specific job title. This information can provide a benchmark to help negotiate a fair wage.

Second, it is crucial to come to negotiations prepared with specific examples of accomplishments, achievements, and areas where you have excelled in your position. Demonstrating your value to the company can help support your request for a higher wage.

Third, be willing to negotiate and compromise. It may not be possible to receive everything you are requesting, but being willing to meet halfway and work with employers can demonstrate your willingness to collaborate and find a solution that benefits everyone.

Societal Implications of Low Wages

While Planet Fitness and other fitness companies may offer fair compensation and benefits, it is essential to acknowledge the larger societal implications of low-wage work in America. Many low-wage employees are unable to make ends meet and may struggle to afford basic necessities, such as healthcare or housing. This income inequality can perpetuate a cycle of poverty and lack of access to upward mobility.

Offering fair wages and benefits can help combat income inequality and provide opportunities for employees to achieve greater financial stability and upward mobility.


Overall, Planet Fitness offers fair compensation and benefits for its employees, and there are opportunities for advancement and growth within the company. However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to determining employee salaries and benefits, as wages and benefits can vary significantly by location and level of seniority.

As an employee, research the industry standard for your region and job title and come prepared to negotiations with specific examples of your accomplishments and value to the company. And as a society, we must continue to promote fair compensation and access to upward mobility for all workers.

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