March 3, 2024
This article provides readers with a detailed review of the Smith Machine bar at Planet Fitness, including its weight options, grip design, and price. It also compares Planet Fitness's Smith Machine bar to others at different gym chains and explores the benefits of using a Smith Machine in strength training. Additionally, the article gives tips on how to get the most out of the Smith Machine at Planet Fitness and features an interview with a personal trainer to better understand their value.


When looking to build strength, many people turn to gym equipment. Among the different types of gym gear that can help with strength training is the Smith Machine. In this article, we will cover the price and features of a Smith Machine bar at Planet Fitness.

Our goal is to give a comprehensive review of the Smith Machine bar at Planet Fitness, looking at everything from the weight options, the difference in grip design, the durability and pricing. Additionally, we will explore the advantages of using a Smith Machine in your strength training, and provide tips for getting the most out of your workout with the machine. Finally, we’ll interview a personal trainer to get added insights and advice.

A Detailed Review of the Smith Machine Bar at Planet Fitness

The Smith Machine bar at Planet Fitness is a popular piece of gym equipment, recognised for its user-friendly accessibility. This hack squat machine is designed to cushion the load and let you handle weights comfortably and safely.

Weight Options Available

The Smith Machine at Planet Fitness provides more than enough weight options for the average gym-goer. Its base weight is around 20 pounds, and becomes heavier after that, depending on the amount of added weight plates. Generally, the weights start at 10 pounds, with each plate being 5 pounds.

Grip Design

The grip design on the Smith Machine at Planet Fitness is unique. Unlike other machines that have a perfectly straight grip, the bar on the Smith Machine is angled. This angle allows the user to adjust the angle and change the direction of the workout. The grip adjustment is a great feature, as it focuses on particular muscle groups. Most people tend to find this feature very helpful in achieving their fitness goals.

Durability of the Bar

The Smith Machine bar at Planet Fitness is a high-quality product that is built to last. This machine is designed to withstand heavy weights and demanding workouts. Given its premium quality, it also doesn’t require much maintenance or cleaning, making it great for busy gyms.


The cost of using the Smith Machine bar at Planet Fitness depends on your membership plan. Monthly memberships range from $10 to $22, but affordable pricing is heavily dependent on location and season of the year. Planet Fitness offers several discounts to customers, and are generally known for their accommodating pricing model.

As for the Smith Machine bar price, it’s similar to the cost of using the machine at other gym chains, although some gyms charge extra for specialty racks.

A Comparison of Smith Machine Bars at Different Gym Chains, with a Focus on Planet Fitness

Smith Machines are part of the standard equipment in most gyms. However, the price of using the machines varies by gym chains.

Compared to other gym chains, the Smith Machine bar at Planet Fitness is on the affordable end. For instance, LA Fitness and Anytime Fitness have a higher monthly fee, and the same is evident in membership costs.

However, since gym chains operate differently, we advise you to find the gym that suits your fitness needs and budget.

The Benefits of Using a Smith Machine for Strength Training

Smith Machines have long been valued for their effectiveness in building lean muscle, with their design making it easier to isolate specific muscle groups. They combine the stability of weight machines with the freedom of free weights.

One of the benefits of using the Smith Machine for your strength training is that it’s a great way to avoid injury, as it takes the strain off your back. Other benefits of using the machine are that it can help with muscle gain, especially in the lower body, and that it allows for a more precise lift. Additionally, it’s a suitable machine for beginners who need extra support.

Pros and Cons of Using a Smith Machine for Different Exercises

While there are many benefits to strength training using a Smith Machine, there are also some cons as it comes to using it for other exercises. For instance, it can limit the range-of-motion and freedom of movement while performing some of the exercises.

Its stability necessitates the user to grip the bar instead of letting it sway freely. Therefore, the machine is not suitable for powerlifting or other exercises requiring a lot of movement.

The Affordability of a Smith Machine at Planet Fitness

One reason that many people use the Smith Machine at Planet Fitness is its affordability. Most fitness enthusiasts like the low costs of the brand’s memberships and services. You won’t have to fork out a lot of money to get started with strength training at Planet Fitness.

How to Get the Most Out of the Smith Machine Bar at Planet Fitness

Getting the best results with the Smith Machine is all about how you use it and your fitness goals. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the machine:

Focus on Form

Having the right form during your workout is crucial when using the Smith Machine. It’s important to keep your core engaged, your feet firmly rooted on the ground, and your back straight in any movement you make.

Set Achievable Goals

Setting achievable fitness goals can help you make progress and stay motivated when using the machine. Be intentional with what you would like to achieve, and make sure that your goals are achievable.

Make Adjustments

The Smith Machine comes with multiple settings, and it’s essential to make adjustments to fit your workout routine. Know your body type, fitness goal and individual preference, and adjust accordingly.

Consult with a Trainer

If you’re new to using the Smith Machine, it’s advisable to contact a personal trainer to help familiarise you with the equipment and assist in working out the most beneficial exercises.

An Interview with a Personal Trainer About the Value of Using a Smith Machine at Planet Fitness

To get a better understanding of the value of using the Smith Machine at Planet Fitness, we interviewed a personal trainer who extensively uses the machine.

“Compared to other gym chains, Planet Fitness is a cheaper gym, and this factor mostly attracts beginners and intermediate gym-goers. With the Smith Machine, you are more likely to train specific muscles safely, consistently, and efficiently. You have more control over the movement because the machine guides you,” Jerry, a personal trainer noted.

Jerry went on to say that, unlike free weights, the Smith Machine helps users gain more control of their workout and limit the chances of getting injured.

Takeaways from the Interview

Based on our interview with Jerry and other experts, the Smith Machine is an excellent way to build muscle safely and efficiently. Additionally, its affordability is ideal for people starting out or on a budget.


In conclusion, the Smith Machine at Planet Fitness is an affordable and efficient machine for strength training. Its unique grip design, adjustable angles, and affordable price make it an excellent option for beginners and intermediate gym-goers.

We hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights into the Smith Machine bar at Planet Fitness. Remember to always be intentional with your workouts and consult with a personal trainer or medical practitioner when necessary. Try out the Smith Machine at Planet Fitness and see for yourself how it could make a difference in your fitness journey.

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