June 25, 2024
Are you having trouble building a Nether portal in Minecraft? Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to build a portal successfully and efficiently, including step-by-step tutorials, video guides, illustrated guides, and troubleshooting tips.


Minecraft has become one of the most popular and beloved games of the last decade. It offers players a creative playground where the only limit is their imagination. One of the most exciting parts of Minecraft is exploring different dimensions, and the Nether is an excellent example. It is a parallel dimension that is home to hostile creatures such as the Ghast, Blazes and Zombie Pigmen. However, accessing the Nether can be tricky, and that’s where we come in. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive tutorial to build a Nether portal in Minecraft.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

The process of building a Nether portal involves placing Obsidian blocks in a particular arrangement, requiring specific tools. Here are the following steps:

1. Collect 14 Obsidian blocks – It is a gameplay mechanic block in Minecraft and is used as one of the primary materials used to build the Nether portal.

2. Create an Obsidian frame – You will need to create a 4×5 obsidian frame. Then, dig out two blocks inside the frame, so the final shape is 2×3 inside the frame.

3. Light the portal – Using flint and steel, light the Obsidian block inside the frame, and voila! Your Nether portal is ready. You can now enter it by interacting with the purple polygon in the frame.

Tips and Tricks:
– You can keep a water bucket with you while building as it can clear away the lava.
– Before placing the Obsidian blocks, ensure that there are no mobs behind it; else, they will spawn in your portal.

Video Tutorial

Video guides are a great way to enhance learning and provide a visual experience for people who prefer it over a standard written tutorial. Here’s a video tutorial by Youtuber Mumbo Jumbo that provides a thorough guide on building a Nether portal in Minecraft:


Visual aids are a great way to represent any information. Here is a visually appealing and easy-to-understand infographic that guides you on how to build a Nether portal in Minecraft.
Infographic on how to build nether portal

Illustrated Guide

Illustrated guides are another great way to explain complex processes in a visual way. Here’s an illustrated guide that focuses on the necessary materials, their arrangement, and building techniques to create a Nether portal in Minecraft.

Illustrated guide on how to build nether portal

General Tips

Here are some general tips that can assist you while building a Nether portal in Minecraft:

– Make sure that it is in a safe location, so avoid lava or any other hazard.
– Keep a Bucket of Water handy to manage lava and fire.
– Keep pairing your coordinates while building the Nether and Overworld portal to link them correctly.


Q: What do I need to build a Nether portal in Minecraft?

A: You will need 14 Obsidian blocks and a Flint and Steel tool to build a Nether portal in Minecraft.

Q: How do I light my portal, and why isn’t it working?

A: To light your portal, use the Flint and Steel tool to strike the Obsidian block right inside the frame. If it isn’t working, ensure that all blocks are in place, and no mob has spawned behind any of the Obsidian blocks. If it still doesn’t work, try building another portal in a new location.

Q: Can I build a Nether portal near water?

A: Yes, it is possible to build a Nether portal near water, but you will need to remove the water first. Additionally, it would be best to ensure that mobs will not be able to spawn behind the portal.


Sometimes, issues may arise while building your Nether portal. Here are some common problems and how to resolve them.

Q: What if my portal doesn’t activate?

A: Ensure that all 14 Obsidian blocks are in place with no gap or broken blocks. Avoid having any mobs spawning inside or near the portal so that players can spot around it. If it still doesn’t work, try building another portal in a new location.

Q: What if I fall into the lava?

A: Always carry a bucket of water while building your Nether portal. It can be used to rescue yourself from lava and avoid losing any items in the process. Keep the bucket in your hotbar when building the portal, so it is always within reach.

Q: Why am I spawning in the wrong part of the Nether?

A: When you enter the Nether through your portal, the game will try to spawn you as close as possible to your original location. If your Overworld portal and Nether portal have the wrong coordinates, it may spawn you in the wrong part of the Nether. Check your coordinates to ensure that your portals are correctly linked.


We hope that this comprehensive guide on building your Nether portal in Minecraft has been useful to you. Remember, building a Nether portal requires time and patience, but it is an exciting experience. Ensure that you have all the required materials, be vigilant, avoid any hazards and have fun exploring another dimension.

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