June 19, 2024
Learn how to change a shower head with our comprehensive guide. Discover the best shower heads on the market, the benefits of upgrading, and how to choose the right one for your bathroom. Upgrade your bathroom today!


Are you tired of your old, outdated shower head that barely provides enough water pressure for a satisfying shower experience? Or maybe you want to save water and money by upgrading to a low-flow shower head? Whatever your reason, knowing how to change a shower head is a valuable skill that can improve your daily routine and save you money in the long run.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to change a shower head, including safety precautions and tips for choosing the right type of shower head for your bathroom. We’ll also discuss the benefits of replacing your shower head, provide video tutorials and unbiased product reviews, and explore the environmental benefits of upgrading your shower head.

Step-by-Step Guide

Before we begin, it’s essential to take some safety precautions. First, turn off the water supply to your shower. Next, cover the drain to prevent any small parts from falling through. If necessary, use a wrench to remove any old plumbing tape or fittings. Finally, use a towel or pliers to remove the old shower head by twisting it counterclockwise.

Once you’ve removed the old shower head, you’re ready to install the new one. Take the new shower head and use Teflon tape to wrap the threads on the arm to prevent leaks. Hand-tighten the new shower head onto the arm, making sure it’s secure. Lastly, turn the water supply back on and test your new shower head to ensure it’s working correctly.

Choosing the Right Shower Head

When it comes to shower heads, there are three main types: handheld, rain shower, and wall-mounted. Handheld shower heads are detachable and offer greater flexibility for washing and cleaning. Rain shower heads provide a luxurious, spa-like shower experience. Wall-mounted shower heads are the most common and can be fixed or adjustable.

Consider the features and benefits of each type of shower head when making your selection. Think about your bathroom decor, your water flow needs and preferences, and the materials you would like your new shower head to be made from. For example, chrome and stainless steel are durable, while brass shower heads can add a touch of elegance.

Reasons to Replace Your Shower Head

Upgrading your old shower head has several benefits, including improving your shower experience and reducing water usage. Old shower heads may have clogged or worn-out nozzles, which can cause low water pressure. They may also leak, causing mold and mildew buildup. Replacing your shower head can prevent these issues and improve the functionality of your shower.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your shower head are also important to prevent issues in the future. Over time, mineral buildup from hard water can clog your shower head, leading to reduced water pressure and even leaks. By upgrading to a new shower head, you can prevent these problems and keep your shower running smoothly.

Video Tutorial

Watching a video tutorial can be helpful in seeing the process of changing a shower head in action. Check out this tutorial from Lowes for a step-by-step demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_K2Kl5PCKM

Product Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the top-rated shower heads on the market to help you make an informed decision. Here are some of the features, benefits, prices, and ease of installation to consider when selecting a new shower head:

– Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower: This rain shower head provides a powerful, spa-like shower experience and has a durable chrome finish. It’s easy to install and has a high-end price point of around $250.

– AquaDance High-Pressure 6-Setting Handheld Shower: This versatile shower head is a budget-friendly option and offers six different spray settings. It’s easy to install and has a high-pressure design that provides consistent water flow.

– Delta Faucet Linden 14 Series Single-Function Shower Trim Kit: This wall-mounted shower head is made from durable brass and offers a sleek design that complements any bathroom decor. The kit includes other components necessary for installation, such as a valve and handle.

Environmental Benefits of Upgrading a Shower Head

Replacing your old shower head with a modern, water-saving option can also help conserve water usage. Low-flow shower heads use less water per minute than traditional shower heads, which can significantly reduce your water bill. Additionally, reducing water usage helps conserve one of the earth’s most precious resources and can reduce your home’s environmental impact.


Changing a shower head is a simple project that can have a significant impact on your daily routine, water bill, and environmental footprint. By following our step-by-step guide, you can easily upgrade your shower head, choose the right type of shower head for your bathroom, and explore the benefits of upgrading.

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