March 1, 2024
Learn how to change the background color in Google Docs, from step-by-step guide to tips and tricks for enhanced readability and creating more professional documents.

How to Change the Background Color on Google Docs

Google Docs is an incredibly useful tool for creating and storing documents online. Not only does it allow real-time collaboration, but it also gives users the ability to customize their documents in different ways, including changing the background color. Changing the background color offers better readability and adds some personality to the document. Google Docs offers various colors and styles to choose from, and it is relatively easy to customize. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to change the background color on Google Docs quickly and easily.

Step-by-step Guide

To change the background color on Google Docs, you will need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Open Google Docs and select the page you want to edit.
  2. Click on “File” on the menu and select “Page Setup.”
  3. A dialog box will appear, click on the “Page Color” dropdown menu to open a list of color choices.
  4. Select your desired color, or click on “Custom” to manually select one.
  5. To save changes, click “OK.”

It’s that simple! Below is a visual representation of the steps listed above:

Changing background color in Google Docs

By showcasing the steps visually, we’re making it easier for users to follow along with the guide and encouraging them to experiment with customization.

Video Tutorial

For those who prefer to watch a video demonstration, we’ve also created a tutorial for easier comprehension:

A video tutorial is an excellent alternative for those who learn better by observing. It breaks the process down into straightforward, easy-to-digest steps.

Tips and Tricks

Although changing the background color on Google Docs is simple, here are some additional tips and tricks that you can follow:

  1. Choose a contrasting color to enhance readability. Dark text on a light background or light text on a dark background is usually the most reader-friendly.
  2. Choose between the Wallpaper image or Solid color for more background design options.
  3. Select a color scheme to maintain consistency across all documents in your business for a branded and professional look.

Common Mistakes

Here are a few of the most common mistakes users make when changing the background color in Google Docs and how to fix them:

  1. Choosing a color that makes the text hard to read- Pick a contrasting color for text readability.
  2. Using too many colors or a distracting background- Keep it simple, unless necessary.
  3. Overcomplicating the design- Use colors that align with the document’s purpose, topic, and audience.


If you encounter problems while changing the background color in Google Docs, here are a few solutions to common issues:

  • Error message: Error establishing a secure connection – Check your internet connection and retry.
  • Page color not updating – Close and reopen the document, highlight the content, or try another browser.


Here are some stunning background color options that you can use as inspiration for your Google Docs:

Example background colors for Google Docs

Make sure to mix and match different colors to create the perfect color scheme that best fits your document.

Best Practices

When deciding on the appropriate background color for your Google Docs, keep the following best practices in mind:

  • Understand Color Psychology- Use appropriate colors based on the document’s message, tone, and audience.
  • Align with Company Colors- Match your branded colors for a more professional look.
  • Keep it Simple- Use colors sparingly and avoid an overly distracting background.


Changing the background color on Google Docs is an easy way to add some personality, readability, and professionalism to your documents. By following the guidance provided in this article, you can customize your Google Docs with ease. Remember to keep the document’s purpose, topic, and audience in mind and experiment with different colors and designs until you find the most appropriate look for your document.

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