April 25, 2024
Get started with the ultimate guide to mastering burpees. Learn how to do burpees, variations, how to avoid common mistakes, take on the burpee challenge and access its many benefits. Get fit and strong with the burpee exercise and make it a vital part of your workout routine.


Have you ever heard of burpees? This exercise might look simple, but it is one of the most effective full-body workouts you can do. A burpee consists of a combination of four distinct movements: a squat, push-up, jump, and returning to a standing position. This exercise can help you build strength, speed, and endurance. Not only that, doing burpees can burn a lot of calories in a short period. In this article, we’ll explore why it’s important to master burpees, and how you can do it in five easy steps.

“A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Burpees in 5 Easy Steps”

Let’s dive straight in to mastering the basic burpee exercise:

Step 1: Get in the Starting Position

Start in a standing position with your feet hip-width apart. Make sure to stand up tall, keep your shoulders back, and engage your core.

Step 2: Do a Squat

Bend your knees and lower your body into a squatting position. Start with your hands on the floor just in front of your feet.

Step 3: Do a Push-up

Once in the squat position, place your hands on the floor in front of you, and jump your feet back, landing on the balls of your feet. Make sure you keep your spine straight and lower your body into a pushup. Do a full push-up, lowering your body until your sternum nearly touches the floor.

Step 4: Jump into a Squat Position

As soon as you finish the push-up, jump your feet back up to your hands, and land on the outside of your hands. Keep your feet moving until they are outside your hands by your shoulders. The movement should be a quick hop.

Step 5: Stand Up into the Starting Position

Once your feet have landed on the outside of your hands, jump into the air. Land softly by bending your knees and then repeat the movement from the starting position.

“10 Variations of Burpees to Help You Break a Sweat”

While the basic burpee is a great exercise, there are many variations you can try to challenge and engage your body. Here are ten options:

1. Side-to-Side Burpees

Start with the basic burpee, but once you have landed on the outides of your hands, do a lateral jump, bringing your feet together. Quickly jump laterally to the other side, landing with your feet outside your hands, and then return to the basic burpee. Repeat the movement.

2. Single-Leg Burpees

Do the basic burpee, but when jumping your feet back, keep your right leg off the ground. Do your push-up and jump back into the starting position on your left leg. Switch sides every other rep.

3. Box Jump Burpees

Begin with a box or bench at a comfortable height. Start with the basic burpee but when you jump forward, jump onto the box, bring your feet down, and return to the basic burpee starting position.

4. Kettlebell Burpees

Grab a kettlebell and do a goblet squat before continuing to a basic burpee. Perform an upright row with the same kettlebell when in the jumping phase.

5. Plyo Burpees

Instead of jumping straight up after the push-up, explode up into the air and land softly on the ground.

6. Tuck Jump Burpees

When jumping up to complete the burpee, bring your knees to your chest and then land softly on your feet.

7. Deadlift Burpees

Begin with a kettlebell or barbell from the ground and do a deadlift, then continue with a standard burpee.

8. Jump Over Burpees

Put a block or an object down about a foot or so away from your hands. After you jump back into the basic burpee start position, jump sideway over the object. Repeat.

9. Push-Up Jack Burpees

After your push-up instead of jumping with your feet back to the basic burpee position, do a jumping jack with your feet touching together and then apart before landing in the starting position.

10. Star Jump Burpees

Do the basic burpee motion, but after jumping up from the squat position, raise your arms and legs out to the side in a star or jumping jack motion before landing in a squat jump.

“The Ultimate Burpee Challenge: How Many Can You Do in a Minute?”

Ready to test your mettle with burpees? Here’s how to take on this challenge:

Explanation of the Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to complete as many burpees as possible in one minute. The timer starts once you begin the first burpee, and it stops once you complete one minute.

Tips for Preparing for the Challenge

Before taking on the ultimate burpee challenge, make sure to have a good warm-up session that includes stretching to decrease the risk of injury, and be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

How to Do the Challenge

Make sure you do the fundamental variations of the burpee first before trying the ultimate burpee challenge. Keep in mind; the goal is to do as many burpees as possible, but there’s no need to stray too much from good form while trying to go fast.

How to Track Your Progress

Write down the number of burpees you were able to complete in one minute, followed by the date you completed the challenge. Repeat the challenge periodically to track your progress.

“5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Burpees”

While burpees are an incredibly effective exercise, it’s important to do them correctly to avoid injury. Here are five common mistakes you want to avoid:

Mistake 1: Not Getting into the Proper Starting Position

Make sure to keep your shoulders back, spine straight, and engage your core to ensure you are starting in the right position.

Mistake 2: Not Doing a Full Push-up

You will not reap the full benefits of the burpee if you’re not going a full push-up.

Mistake 3: Not Jumping High Enough or Not Landing Softly Enough

You need to jump high enough and land softly, especially if you’re doing the burpee for an extended period. If you’re jumping forcefully, you increase the chance of injury.

Mistake 4: Not Keeping Your Core Engaged

Engaging your core muscles while doing burpees helps improve stability, endurance, and overall strength.

Mistake 5: Not Breathing Properly

Breathing properly improves form, increases endurance, and ensures you meet your peak athletic performance levels.

“Why Burpees Should Be a Part of Your Fitness Routine and How to Get Started”

Here’s why burpees should be part of your fitness routine and how to get started:

Explanation of the Benefits of Burpees

Burpees are an effective one-stop full-body workout. It works your legs, core, chest, back, arms, and shoulders, and it’s perfect for cardio and building endurance. Moreover, you can do this exercise anytime and anywhere without a lot of equipment.

Advice on Overcoming Any Fear or Apprehensions

Don’t be intimidated by the burpee, despite its simplicity. Start with small sets of five with perfect form, and as you become stronger and more conditioned, progress to more sets and repetitions.

Tips on Setting Up a Workout Routine That Includes Burpees

Try incorporating burpees into your current workout routine, slowly increasing the number of reps to fit your fitness level. You can also create an entire workout focused on burpees by grouping together different variations and doing them with low rest intervals and high repetitions.


The burpee is a great exercise to burn fat, increase strength, and build endurance. By following the steps for the basic burpee, doing variations to upgrade your workout, avoiding common mistakes, and taking on the ultimate burpee challenge, you can achieve your peak athletic performance. Start incorporating burpees into your fitness routine today, and watch your body transform.

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