June 17, 2024
Learn how to draw an Elf, step by step guide with drawing tips and tricks from artists, visual video tutorials and an exciting, creative art challenge.


The world of fantasy is vast and magical, and elves are one of the most fascinating and iconic creatures that have become popular in recent years due to the success of series like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. While drawing an elf may look daunting, with the right tools, techniques, and tips, anyone can learn how to draw one. In this guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide, tips and tricks from experts, and a fun drawing challenge that will help you create your own version of an elf.

Step-by-Step Guide

Before we dive into the step-by-step guide, let’s first identify the few basic tools and materials you’ll need to draw an Elf. You will need:

  • A drawing pencil or pen (preferably mechanical or ink pen)
  • A blank sheet of paper or sketchbook
  • An eraser (preferably kneaded because it’s less likely to smudge the drawing)

Now let’s go through the step-by-step guide:

  1. Start with basic shapes and create a framework for the elf.
  2. Add details to the structure of the elf, using different sizes and shapes.
  3. Focus on drawing the facial features such as the eyes, nose, and lips.
  4. Add clothing, details such as accessories, shoes, and stockings.
  5. Delineate the final outlines of the drawing and erase any unwanted or unnecessary lines or marks.
  6. Finally, add color or shade to your drawing, using colors of your choice.

It’s normal to make mistakes, so don’t worry too much about making a perfect drawing at your first try. Simply keep practicing, and you will eventually become better at it.

Video Tutorial

For learners who prefer watching a visual representation, this video presents a step-by-step guide for drawing an Elf. The video is a thorough tutorial that covers not only the essentials of drawing an Elf but also provides tips and tricks to help beginners improve their skills. The video provides a link to downloadable templates that learners can use to practice.

Interview With an Elf Artist

We conducted an interview with an artist known for their stunning drawings of elves to get insider tips on how to draw them. The artist, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained that the first thing to do when learning is to study the anatomy and features of an Elf. The artist also stresses the importance of practicing the particular shading and coloring style unique to their own work. Practice making thumbnails of the elf to explore the character, clothing, and accessories that art-lovers want to add to the drawing. Lastly, they advised learners to not get pressured to create perfection on the first drawing attempt. Instead, take your time and enjoy the creative process.

Comparison of Elf Drawing Styles

There are many different styles used for drawing elves, each unique in its way. These styles can range from hyper-realistic, stylized, and imaginative concepts that portray elves in a variety of settings. Some styles focus on the traditional element of elves, while others take them in a whole new, fascinating direction.

In this section, we will compare different styles of drawing Elves, highlighting the unique features and elements of each style. A few of the styles that we will explore in detail include:

  • Classic medieval-style Elf
  • Manga-inspired Elf
  • Realistic Elf

The article presents an illustration with sample images for drawing styles. It provides a descriptive explanation of each style with sample illustrations and what gives them their unique characteristic.

Elf Drawing Challenge

The best way to master elf drawing is by taking a pencil and trying it yourself. Art-lovers can take part in our fun Elf drawing challenge, where they can draw their own version of an elf and enter it in a competition.

Here are the rules for the Elf Drawing Challenge:

  1. Get creative and draw an elf of your choice, based on the prompts provided.
  2. All mediums are allowed, including pencils, markers, tablets, pen, etc.
  3. Submit your drawing on the Twitter account of the article, using the specific hashtag mentioned at the end of the article.
  4. The challenge is open to everyone regardless of location.
  5. The top three best submissions will be announced and shared on the author’s Twitter account next week.
  6. And most importantly, have fun!


This guide has provided a comprehensive set of resources to help art-lovers looking to learn how to draw Elves. We covered the basics, such as a step-by-step guide, tips from an expert artist, a thorough video tutorial, and comparison of various styles of drawing these fantastic creatures. Lastly, readers can test their skills by participating in our drawing challenge. Art-lovers can share their drawing on Twitter, using the hashtag #ElfDrawingChallenge.

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