May 23, 2024
Learn how to draw perfect stars with this step-by-step guide. We explore different methods and techniques to draw stars on various surfaces, how to draw different types of stars, and how to add depth and dimension through shading. We also provide fun and creative ways to draw stars for kids and ideas for incorporating stars in bullet journaling and doodling.


If you’re like many people, you’ve struggled with drawing stars. Maybe you can draw a simple five-pointed star, but what about more complex shapes? And how do you make your stars symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing? Learning how to draw stars is a skill that can benefit your artwork, illustrations, or creative writing projects. In this article, we’ll explore various techniques to draw stars on different surfaces, different types of stars, and how to shade them to add depth and dimension. We’ll also provide tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes, and fun ideas for kids to draw stars.

5 Easy Steps to Drawing Perfect Stars

Step 1: Draw an upright equilateral triangle.

Step 2: Draw a small upward-facing triangle about one-third the height of the first triangle’s base. This triangle should be centered above the first triangle.

Step 3: Draw a small downward-facing triangle about one-third the height of the first triangle’s base. This triangle should be centered below the first triangle.

Step 4: Draw a small upright triangle to the left of the first triangle, about one-third the height of the base.

Step 5: Draw a small upright triangle to the right of the first triangle, about one-third the height of the base.

The result should be a symmetrical, five-pointed star. Remember to practice to get the perfect shape and avoid common mistakes, such as drawing uneven triangles or uneven star points.

Different Methods to Draw Stars on Various Surfaces
Different Methods to Draw Stars on Various Surfaces

Different Methods to Draw Stars on Various Surfaces

Depending on the surface you’re drawing on (paper, fabric, walls, etc.), you’ll need different tools and techniques. For example, if you’re drawing on paper, you’ll need pencils, pens, markers, or pastels. If you’re drawing on fabric, you’ll need fabric markers, paint, or dye. If you’re drawing on walls, you’ll need paint, stencils, or vinyl decals.

Once you have the right tools and materials, you can experiment with different techniques to achieve different effects. For example, using different types of strokes, such as cross-hatching or stippling, can create texture and depth. You can also use different colors to create contrast and richness.

Some stunning examples of star art include embroidery on fabric, spray-painting on walls, or watercolor on paper.

How to Draw Different Types of Stars

There are many types of star shapes that you can draw, from the traditional five-pointed star to more complex shapes with seven or eight points. To draw a six-pointed star, add two additional upright triangles to the left and right of the original triangle.

If you want to draw a seven-pointed star, start with a seven-sided polygon, or heptagon. Connect the opposite points of the heptagon to create the edges of the star. Finally, erase the extra lines and shape the points of the star.

As you draw different types of stars, be sure to focus on shape accuracy and symmetry. This is where rulers and protractors can come in handy.

You can also find inspiration for different star shapes in pop culture, from the sheriff’s badge in western movies to the Death Star in Star Wars movies.

The Art of Shading Stars: From Basic to Advanced Techniques

Shading stars can be a great way to add dimension and depth. With shading, you can create shadows and highlights that give your stars a 3D look.

One of the basic shading techniques is cross-hatching, or a series of parallel lines that create a mesh-like effect. Another approach is stippling, where you use tiny dots to create texture. You can also use blending or smudging to create a softer effect.

With advanced shading techniques, you can create optical illusions and unique styles. For example, you can create a spiral effect with shading that makes the star appear to be spinning.

Practice shading using different techniques and tools, such as pencils, pastels, and paints to see what works best for you.

Drawing Stars with Calligraphy: The Ultimate Guide

Using calligraphy tools can add uniqueness and beauty to your star designs. You can also incorporate calligraphy in your star art for a more artistic and organic look.

First, choose your calligraphy tool, which can be a calligraphy pen, brush, or marker. Then, practice different calligraphy techniques, such as thick and thin lines, and the application of pressure.

You can also use calligraphy to add embellishments to your star art, such as outlining or lettering.

If you’re new to calligraphy, start with simple stars and shapes until you feel comfortable experimenting with more complex designs.

Fun and Creative Ways to Draw Stars: A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids

Drawing stars can be a fun and playful activity for kids. You can encourage creativity by using simple materials, such as crayons, glitter, or stickers.

One easy method for kids to draw stars is to use stencils or cookie cutters as a guide. You can trace the outline of the star and then color it in or decorate it with glitter. You can also create a galaxy effect by using different colors and blending them together.

To teach kids how to draw more complex star shapes, break down the steps into simpler shapes. For example, a seven-pointed star can be made up of two triangles, one square, and two rectangles. Encourage kids to get creative and experiment with different shapes and colors.

Impressive Star Drawing Ideas for Bullet Journaling and Doodling

Stars can be a great addition to your bullet journaling or creative doodling. You can use them as dividers, accents, or decoration for your pages.

One idea is to create a constellation-themed page. You can draw different star shapes and connect them to create a unique constellation. You can also use stars to fill in blank space on your page or to highlight important text or tasks.

Another idea is to create a starry night scene using different shades of blue and yellow. Add shading and highlights to create depth and texture.


Learning how to draw stars is a skill that can be achieved with practice. In this article, we’ve explored different methods and techniques to draw perfect stars, including different types of stars, shading techniques, and using calligraphy. We’ve also provided fun and creative ideas for kids and bullet journaling. Remember to keep practicing, experimenting with different tools, and have fun drawing stars.

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