July 21, 2024
Discover your aura color and how to enhance it with these simple tips and exercises. Explore the science behind auras and learn from real-life examples.

Finding Your Aura Color: Understanding the Science and Practice of Auras

Have you ever felt like you’re giving off a certain energy or vibe? Auras, the subtle energy fields that surround all living things, are the manifestation of that energy. The discovery of one’s aura color can offer insight into emotional and physical health, personality traits, and even life purpose. This article will explore the science behind auras, offer methods for determining one’s aura color, and provide real-life examples of how working with one’s aura can positively impact life.

The Science of Auras

Auras are believed to be composed of electromagnetic energy that radiates from all living things, including plants, animals, and humans. This energy manifests in different colors that can reflect a person’s emotional and physical well-being. While some people may dismiss auras as New Age mysticism, there is a growing body of scientific research on the topic. One technique that has been used to measure auras is Kirlian photography, which captures the electromagnetic field around the hands and feet.

Quiz or Self-Assessment

One of the simplest ways to determine your aura color is to take a quiz or self-assessment. Here is a brief quiz to get you started:

1. What color do you find yourself drawn to the most?

2. What color is your favorite outfit or piece of clothing?

3. What color do you surround yourself with at home?

4. What color do you associate with positive emotions, such as love, peace, and joy?

5. What color do you associate with negative emotions, such as anger, fear, or sadness?

These questions are designed to give you a general idea of what your aura color may be. Here’s a brief overview of the meanings behind different aura colors:

– Red: associated with passion, drive, and physical energy. A person with a red aura may have an active lifestyle and a strong will.

– Orange: associated with creativity, sensuality, and social interaction. A person with an orange aura may value fun and adventure.

– Yellow: associated with intellect, clarity, and learning. A person with a yellow aura may have a curious mind and a thirst for knowledge.

– Green: associated with balance, healing, and growth. A person with a green aura may prioritize self-care and nurturing relationships.

– Blue: associated with intuition, harmony, and communication. A person with a blue aura may be empathetic and communicative.

– Purple: associated with spirituality, intuition, and enlightenment. A person with a purple aura may seek deeper connections to the universe or a higher power.

Meditation and Visualization Exercises

Meditation and visualization can help uncover your aura color. Here’s a simple meditation to try:

– Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit and close your eyes.

– Imagine a bright white light at the top of your head.

– Visualize this light flowing down your body until it reaches your toes.

– Now imagine the light changing colors to the one that you associate with positive emotions, such as love or peace.

– Hold that image in your mind’s eye for a few minutes and observe any other colors that appear.

– When you’re ready, slowly return to your surroundings.

Take note of any colors that came up during the visualization. These colors could be your aura color or related to certain aspects of your life. Meditation can also reveal parts of yourself that need attention or healing.

Expert Advice

Interviewing an aura reading or energy work expert can offer additional insights into aura colors. Here are some actionable steps to put their advice into practice:

– Find a reputable aura reader or energy healer in your area and schedule a session.

– Research aura colors on your own and look for articles or books written by experts.

– Attend a workshop or seminar on auras and energy work.

Aura Color Meanings

Each aura color has its own associated meaning. Understanding these meanings can offer clues into personality traits, emotional and physical health, and life purpose. Here’s a brief breakdown of aura colors:

– Red: associated with passion, physical health, and courage.

– Orange: associated with creativity, sexuality, and emotional security.

– Yellow: associated with intellect, learning, and spiritual growth.

– Green: associated with healing, balance, and growth.

– Blue: associated with intuition, communication, and trust.

– Purple: associated with spirituality, intuition, and higher consciousness.

It’s important to note that aura colors can shift and change depending on a person’s emotional and physical state. Working with one’s aura can help balance and restore energies as needed.

Working With Your Aura

Once you’ve determined your aura color, there are a few ways to enhance and interpret it. Here are some tips and techniques:

– Wear clothing or accessories in your aura color to amplify its energy.

– Use crystals or gemstones that correspond to your aura color in meditation or energy work.

– Practice forgiveness, gratitude, and self-care to support and balance your aura.

– Pay attention to any changes or new colors that appear in your aura. These changes could indicate significant life changes or shifts in energy.

Real-Life Examples

Here are some inspiring stories of people who have discovered and worked with their aura color:

– Jenny, a sales manager, discovered that her aura color was green. She began incorporating more self-care practices into her life, such as yoga and meditation, and found that her relationships at work and home improved as a result.

– Mike, a college student, was surprised to learn that his aura color was purple. He began exploring spirituality and found that it resonated with him on a deep level.

– Sarah, a writer, always felt drawn to the color blue. After a meditation, she began incorporating more creative writing into her daily routine and found that her projects flowed more easily.


Finding your aura color can offer insight into your emotional and physical health, personality traits, and life purpose. By taking quizzes, meditating, or seeking out expert advice, you can explore and enhance your aura energy. Remember to be open to changes and new colors that may appear. By working with your aura, you can create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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