June 19, 2024
Looking to get yourself 10000 Microsoft Points for free? No need to look any further than this comprehensive guide. Packed with insider secrets and tips, this article will take you through the most effective ways to get those points without the dreaded price tag.


As a gamer, you know that having a stash of Microsoft Points is essential to maximize your console’s capabilities. But what if we told you that you could earn 10000 Microsoft Points without spending a single penny? This article will provide you with tips, tricks, and insider secrets to achieving just that.

Unlocking the Secrets: How to Get 10000 Microsoft Points for Free

There are a few methods that might help you acquire free Microsoft points. Here are some of the best-kept secrets.

Participating in online surveys

By completing online surveys, you can get rewarded with Microsoft Points. Various websites will send you surveys regularly. When you complete them, you will receive points.

Using cashback websites

Whether you’re an avid online shopper or not, signing up for cashback websites is a must. These sites offer cashback for buying things online via their affiliate links. You can withdraw the money as Microsoft Points.

Signing up for Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass offers a variety of games for a monthly subscription fee. However, you can also earn points for playing any game that’s on the list. That includes every AAA title available on the Game Pass library.

Other methods

Sometimes, other websites and platforms serve as excellent sources of free Microsoft Points. You can keep an eye out on giveaways, contests, online promotions, and other such events.

Gamers Rejoice: A Comprehensive Guide to Earning 10000 Microsoft Points Without Spending a Dime

Here are some must-try, legitimate ways to get those 10000 Microsoft Points for free.

Checking out giveaways

Various gaming websites and forums frequently announce giveaways. Participating in these giveaways might reward you with Microsoft Points or other gaming-related bonuses.

Creating and completing Xbox Achievements for points

If you’re an achievement hunter, you might want to consider completing Xbox achievements for points. This will fulfill the gamer in you and reward you with those elusive points.

Exploring Bing Rewards

Bing allows you to earn points by just using their search engine. Accumulate a certain amount of points, and you’re good to redeem them for Microsoft Points.

Other legitimate ways

You can look out for subscriber-exclusive offers that Microsoft and Xbox usually send out. That can include various deals and rewards that can help you earn free Microsoft Points.

Maximizing Your Gaming Experience: A Step-by-Step Guide to Earning 10000 Microsoft Points With Ease

There are plenty of digital ways to earn points without breaking a sweat.

Using mobile apps

Apps such as Microsoft’s Rewards app allow you to do small tasks, quizzes, and other activities to earn free points. Just download the app and start earning.

Earning points through game purchases

Some game developers offer free Microsoft Points as bonuses when you purchase their games. Make sure to keep an eye out for those deals when you’re on the lookout for new titles to play.

Using Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is an in-house program that rewards players for completing various tasks. These can include playing new titles or completing specific daily goals.

Other digital methods

You can also try out some digital methods such as looking out for promotions on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Unbeatable Strategies for Earning 10000 Microsoft Points Without Breaking the Bank

If you’re a beginner, you might be looking for ways to earn points that don’t require much effort.

Exchanging reward points into Microsoft Points

If you have other reward points from a particular website or marketplace, chances are you can exchange those points into Microsoft Points. Those websites include Microsoft Rewards, Bing, and others.

Opening multiple accounts

You can earn points by creating multiple accounts on various websites. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of each website before creating multiple accounts.

Checking out free trial offers

Some free trial offers come with rewards points. Just make sure you cancel before they charge you for the subscription!

Other beginner-friendly methods

There are also other beginner-friendly methods out there like using referral codes, participating in limited-time promotions, and more.

The Ultimate List of Free Ways to Get 10000 Microsoft Points: Tips, Tricks, and Insider Secrets

Here are some tips, tricks, and insider secrets that seasoned gamers and Microsoft insiders swear by.

Compilation of various tips and tricks from Microsoft insiders, Reddit users, and seasoned gamers

You can find various tips and tricks from insiders, Reddit users, and seasoned gamers online. These include participating in various online surveys, checking out high-yield cashback websites, and more.

How to earn points for free and save them up for Xbox’s most popular titles

You can save your points and redeem them for your favorite titles. Make sure to keep an eye out for any deals and promotions that might offer you bonus points.


In conclusion, earning free Microsoft points is not an impossible feat. If you plan to do it, remember to only use legitimate methods. Keep an eye out for various deals and promotions offered by Microsoft and Xbox. Lastly, stay motivated and don’t forget to have fun!

Important points to remember

  • Participate in online surveys, check out giveaways, and try other legitimate methods to earn free Microsoft Points without spending a dime.
  • Using mobile apps, earning points through game purchases, and using Microsoft Rewards are some of the legit ways to earn points with ease.
  • Exchange reward points, create multiple accounts, and check out free trial offers, among other beginner-friendly methods to earn those points effortlessly.
  • Save your points and use them for Xbox’s most popular titles.
  • Stay motivated, and have fun!

Final thoughts

Earning free Microsoft Points is possible, but it takes a bit of patience and effort. Start by trying out some of the methods we’ve mentioned in this article, and over time, you can start seeing your point collection grow.

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