July 24, 2024
Discover multiple methods of how to get "Discovery Plus" for free! Whether it's using a free trial, signing up with student discounts, or checking your credit card rewards, save money with these steps!'


Streaming services have been gaining popularity in recent years, and Discovery Plus is no exception. With its vast collection of documentaries, reality shows, and original content, this service is a must-have for many viewers. However, subscriptions can be costly, leading many to seek ways of obtaining this service for free. This article aims to provide practical solutions to that problem, allowing you to watch your favorite shows while saving money.

Use a Free Trial

The free trial is one of the easiest and most popular ways to watch Discovery Plus without paying. All new users are offered a free trial, which varies in length depending on the country of residence. In most cases, the trial is seven days, allowing you to explore the platform without having to pay a penny. Note that if you do decide to end your subscription at any time during the trial period, you will not be charged. This means you can watch all your favorite shows for free to binge watch.

To sign up for the free trial, go to the Discovery Plus homepage and follow the prompts to create an account. You will be prompted to input your credit card details, but do not worry, you will only be charged once your trial has ended. Make sure to read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions of the trial. Remember to mark the trial’s end date on your calendar, as you will be automatically charged if you don’t cancel within the trial period.

To optimize your free trial experience, customize your recommendations by watching shows related to your preferences. This will feed the algorithm with relevant information it requires to suggest titles you may enjoy. Also, take note of the trial’s duration and how much content you can expect to watch in that time frame, as some series’ binge-watch time may be more than the 7 days.

Sign up for a Student Discount

Another way to obtain Discovery Plus is by signing up for the student discount. Discovery Plus offers a student plan that offers users a discount on the regular subscription price. To qualify for this discount, you must be a student actively enrolled in an educational institution and be able to verify your enrollment details. This discount is only available in certain countries and can provide up to 33% off your subscription.

To sign up for a student plan, click the student plan link on the Discovery Plus homepage. You will be prompted to fill out a form and verify your educational status. Follow the prompts to finish the enrollment process and set up your account with the discounted rate. Remember to renew your verification status periodically as Discovery Plus requires yearly verification.

Note that this discount is only available for individual subscribers and cannot be combined with other promotions or bundle discounts.

Consider a Family Bundle

If you have other streaming services, you may want to consider bundling them with Discovery Plus. The family bundle plan offers users a discount when they combine two or more streaming services. The discount varies depending on the bundle, with the more services you bundle, the larger the discount offered. For instance, combining Discovery Plus with Hulu and ESPN Plus can provide users a savings of up to $10 monthly.

To sign up for the family bundle, go to the Discovery Plus homepage and select the appropriate bundle option. You will then be prompted to choose the services you would like to include in your bundle. Afterward, pay the applicable fees for your bundle. The good thing about bundling is that the more the services that you bundle, the more content you will have access to, giving you more value for your money.

Check Your Credit Card Rewards

Another way to get your hands on Discovery Plus free of charge is by redeeming cashback rewards. Suppose you have any credit card programs that offer cashback rewards or purchase rewards. In that case, you may use these rewards to cover the cost of your Discovery Plus subscription. This is an excellent option for viewers who actively use these rewards programs and have enough accumulated points to redeem them for subscription fees.

To utilize this option, go over your credit card rewards programs to ascertain if you have any rewards that can be redeemed for statement credits. If you do have rewards, consider using them to offset your Discovery Plus subscription’s cost. Generally, credit card rewards cannot be directly used for subscriptions, but you should receive a statement credit that will cover these costs. Always remember to check the rewards program’s terms and conditions for rules and restrictions.

Participate in Promotions

One of the most practical ways to get Discovery Plus for free is to participate in promotional offers. Promotional offers aim to attract new viewers by giving discounts on subscriptions or offering free trials to users. These offers usually have an expiration date, so it is essential to act fast to take advantage of them, provided they suit your needs.

Discovery Plus occasionally offers promotional codes that can be used to obtain discounts on subscription fees for a limited period. You can find these codes on the Discovery Plus website or in online forums. To participate in a promotion:

  1. Visit the Discovery Plus website and select the promotional offer you would like to participate in.
  2. Enter the promotional code (if available) or complete the actions stated in the offer details.
  3. Submit the promotion for verification.

Ensure to read the terms and conditions of any promotional offer to be fully aware of the offer’s requirements. Most often, such promotional offers are time-bound, and Discovery Plus cannot reverse any charges incurred as a result of participation in the promotion once it ends

Use a Rewards Program

Finally, rewards programs are another way of getting Discovery Plus for free. Rewards are points accumulated by users of certain services or programs that can be redeemed for various rewards, including subscription fees for Discovery Plus. Such rewards programs include credit card loyalty programs and hotel rewards programs.

To utilize this option, sign up for a rewards program that offers cashback or rewards that can be redeemed for statement credits. Once you have amassed enough points or rewards, redeem them to offset the cost of your Discovery Plus subscription. Always ensure to check the rewards program’s terms and conditions for rules and restrictions before signing up and redeeming rewards. This option is ideal for users who actively use loyalty programs or users who have points that they no longer need.

Share an Account

Finally, another way to get Discovery Plus for free is by sharing your account with friends or family members. Discovery Plus now allows users to share their accounts with up to 5 other people, allowing them to watch content on different devices simultaneously, making their subscription more valuable.

To utilize this option, go to the Discovery Plus Website, select your account, and follow the prompts to share your subscription with others. The good thing is that each person has their own account with separate preferences, watch lists, and experiences, making it an attractive option for family and friends with the same tastes. However, this option has some downsides, such as the inconvenience of having to share passwords or differing preferences in search of shows, so it should be considered carefully.


Getting Discovery Plus for free is not impossible. This article has demonstrated several practical ways to do so, including using free trials, signing up for student discounts, or participating in promotions. This new streaming service is continually evolving and adding new features and ways to offer viewers more value for their money. Remember, the best way to watch Discovery Plus for free is, of course, by using a combination of these solutions. Whatever option works for you, there is always a way to enjoy Discovery Plus without breaking the bank.

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