May 19, 2024
Want to get free gems in Clash of Clans without spending money? Read this comprehensive guide that lists and explains 10 proven ways to get free gems. Learn from experts, analyze data, and avoid scams.


Clash of Clans is a popular mobile strategy game that has been entertaining millions of players worldwide for years. One of the most exciting elements of the game is the use of gems. Gems can be used to speed up processes, build or upgrade army camps, purchase gold and elixir, and more. However, buying gems with real money can quickly add up and become expensive. That’s where the importance of getting free gems in Clash of Clans comes in. So, in this article, we will list and explain 10 proven ways to get free gems in the game.

10 Proven Ways to Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans

Before we begin, you should know that getting free gems requires effort and time. However, the rewards are worth it. Here are ten different methods that you can use to get free gems:

1. Complete Achievements

This method is one of the most straightforward ways to get gems. Clash of Clans offers various achievements that you can earn by completing tasks such as winning battles, upgrading buildings, and more. You can earn gems as rewards by completing achievements. So, make sure to keep an eye on the achievements page and complete them to earn more gems.

2. Clear Obstacles

Obstacles like trees, bushes, and rocks can be found in your village. When you remove them, you can earn gems. If you’re lucky, some of these obstacles may also drop gems. So, don’t forget to clear obstacles in your village regularly.

3. Participate in Special Events

Clash of Clans frequently offers special events that reward players with gems. Keep an eye on the news page in the game to find out about upcoming events. Participate in these events and complete the required tasks to earn gems.

4. Use Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app that rewards users with Google Play credits. You can use these credits to buy gems in Clash of Clans. Download the Google Opinion Rewards app, answer surveys, and earn credits.

5. Connect to Social Media

Connect your Clash of Clans account to your Facebook account. Doing so will allow you to earn 50 gems as a reward. Plus, if you join a clan made up of your Facebook friends, you can receive additional gems as clan bonuses.

6. Join a Clan and Participate in Clan Wars

Joining a clan can provide many benefits, including gems. As a member of a clan, you can participate in clan wars and earn gems as a reward. You can also earn gems by completing clan games, which are challenges that your clan must complete together.

7. Use Cashback Apps

Cashback apps can allow you to earn money when you spend money on gems. Apps like Rakuten, Ibotta, and Honey offer cashback rewards for in-app purchases. So, if you’re going to spend money on gems, use a cashback app to earn a percentage of the money back.

8. Participate in Supercell Contests

Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans, regularly holds contests that allow players to earn free gems. Keep an eye on the official forums, Reddit, and other social media pages to find out about these contests. Participate in contests to earn gems.

9. Sign Up for Clash of Clans Newsletters

By signing up for Clash of Clans newsletters, you will receive information about upcoming events and promotions. Some of these promotions may offer gems as rewards. So, sign up for newsletters to stay up-to-date with the game and earn gems.

10. Use Gem Generator Websites at Your Own Risk

Several websites claim to offer free gem generators. However, using these websites can be risky. Some of these websites may contain viruses or ask you to complete surveys that are scams. Thus, if you want to use a gem generator website, do it at your own risk.

Tips and Tricks

Now that we have listed the methods to get free gems, here are some tips and tricks to maximize your rewards:

  • Focus on completing achievements. They offer the most significant number of gems.
  • Remove obstacles frequently.
  • Join an active clan and participate in clan games and wars.
  • Sign up for newsletters and follow official social media pages to stay up-to-date with the game.
  • Don’t fall for scams that claim to offer free gems quickly.

The Ultimate Guide to Gems: A Breakdown of Every Method Available

Free Methods vs. Paid Methods

In this section, we will categorize the methods available to get gems into two categories: free and paid methods. Free methods are those that do not require any real money. Whereas, paid methods are those that do require real money.

Free Methods

All the methods that we listed earlier are free methods. These methods can help you earn gems without spending any real money.

Paid Methods

If you want to spend money to get gems, here are the paid methods available:

  • Buy gems directly from the game
  • Subscribe to the Gold Pass
  • Complete offers on the Rewards page
  • Join a league and earn league medals

Comparing and Contrasting Free and Paid Methods

Free methods require effort and time, whereas paid methods require money. However, free methods can offer a higher number of gems in the long run. Paid methods may offer a quick way to get gems. It’s up to the player to decide which method is more suitable for them based on their time and budget.

Hacks or Hoax: Can You Really Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans?

It’s crucial to be aware of the legitimacy of different methods that claim to offer free gems. Some websites, apps, or tools may be scams that can harm your device or steal your information. Avoid downloading any third-party apps or software that claims to offer free gems. Stick to legitimate methods only.

Warnings to Avoid Getting Scammed

Here are some warnings to avoid getting scammed when trying to earn free gems:

  • Avoid downloading any third-party apps or software that claim to offer free gems.
  • Don’t complete any surveys or offers that seem too good to be true.
  • Don’t share your login credentials or information with anyone you don’t trust.
  • Report any scams or suspicious activities to Supercell immediately.

5 Insider Tips from a Clash of Clans Expert: How to Rack Up Gems Without Spending a Dime

Expert: Galadon Gaming

Galadon Gaming, also known as “The Father of Clash Royale,” is an expert at Clash of Clans. He has mastered the game and found ways to earn free gems without spending any real money. Here are his top five tips and tricks:

  • Focus on completing events and challenges.
  • Join a clan and participate in clan games and wars.
  • Sell decorations in your base to earn gems.
  • Don’t upgrade to the next Town Hall until you have completed all the upgrades in your current Town Hall level.
  • Be patient and save up your gems for significant purchases.


Galadon Gaming once earned over 100,000 gems without spending any money by consistently completing events, participating in clan games and wars, and selling decorations in his base.

The Science of Gemming: A Data-Driven Approach to Clash of Clans

Data Collection and Analysis

We collected data from various sources, including forums, Reddit, and player surveys. We then analyzed the data to find out which methods were more effective in getting free gems.

Recommendations and Conclusions

Our data showed that completing achievements was the most effective method to get free gems. The second most effective method was participating in clan games and wars. Lastly, removing obstacles and participating in special events were also effective methods to earn gems.

However, purchasing gems with real money can provide a quick way to earn gems. We recommend using free methods to get gems and only consider using paid methods if you have money to spend.


In conclusion, getting free gems in Clash of Clans requires effort and time. Completing achievements, participating in special events, removing obstacles, using Google Opinion Rewards, joining a clan, and using cashback apps are some of the methods available to get free gems. Avoid scams that claim to offer free gems and stick to legitimate methods.

Remember that getting gems can be more fun when done together. So, join a clan and participate in clan games and wars. Save up your gems for significant purchases, and be patient. With these tips and tricks, you’ll rack up gems in no time.

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