March 2, 2024
Get more free VC in 2K23 with these tried and tested methods. From maximizing earnings to ethical strategies, this guide covers everything you need to know about earning VC while playing NBA.


VC or virtual currency is a crucial component of the NBA 2K series. It’s used to upgrade player attributes, purchase animations, and more. While there are ways to purchase VC with real money, not everyone has the budget to do so. Luckily, there are several methods to get free VC in 2K23. This article explores some of the most reliable ways to get free VC and maximize your earnings in the game.

10 Tried and Tested Methods to Get Free VC in 2K23

1. MyCareer

One of the most straightforward methods to get free VC is to play MyCareer mode. This mode allows players to create their own basketball player and gradually earn VC by playing games, performing well in the league, or signing endorsements.

To maximize your earnings, opt for incentives that offer higher VC payouts. For instance, participating in endorsement deals gives you an opportunity to earn more VC, especially when you negotiate better contracts.

2. MyNBA

Another great way to earn free VC is by playing the MyNBA mode. This mode allows players to manage their own team and earn VC through various mini-games and achievements. Completing daily objectives, winning matches, and participating in events can also earn you massive amounts of VC.

Tip: Ensure you are active every day so you can take advantage of daily bonuses and events that offer more VC.

3. MyTeam Mode

MyTeam mode is ideal for players who love to trade cards and build their own dream team. By playing games and winning matches in this mode, you can earn free VC with which to buy packs or upgrade your players. Keep an eye out for challenges and tournaments that offer higher payouts, as well.

4. Mobile App

The NBA 2K23 mobile app offers daily log-in bonuses that you can use to earn free VC. You can also participate in mini-games and answer trivia questions to earn additional VC.

5. Locker Codes

Locker codes offer a quick and easy way to earn free VC. The codes can be obtained from the official 2K Twitter account, community managers, or in-game promotions. Simply enter the code in the Locker Room section of the game to redeem the rewards.

Tip: Be sure to follow the official 2K Twitter account and other social media pages for news on new locker codes.

6. Twitch Prime

Linking your NBA 2K23 account to your Twitch Prime account allows you to receive free monthly drops, including VC, MyTeam packs, and other in-game rewards.

Tip: Ensure you link your accounts so you don’t miss out on the monthly drops.

7. Events

2K regularly hosts events in the game that offer free VC. These events can range from in-game promos to real-life events that tie in with the NBA or other sporting events. Always be on the lookout for events that offer free VC, and participate as much as possible.

8. Watch Ads

Watching advertisements in-game is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to earn free VC. You can earn anywhere from 25 to 100 VC per video, and you can watch as many as you like each day.

9. Simulate Games

Playing games with simulated quarters is an excellent way to earn free VC while you focus on other things. You can simulate up to 12 games per day in MyCareer mode, earning you a maximum of 600 VC per day.

10. Join Online Communities for Freebies

Joining online communities like Reddit can help you stay up-to-date with the latest news on 2K23. Members regularly share tips, tricks, and even locker codes, which can help you earn free VC while playing the game.

Maximizing Your Earnings: 5 Easy Ways to Get More VC in 2K23

1. Complete Objectives

Completing objectives not only advances your progress in the game but also earns you free VC. Take on as many objectives as possible, such as daily, weekly, or season objectives, to maximize your earnings.

2. Take Advantage of Daily Bonuses

Stay active in the game daily so you don’t miss out on daily bonuses. These bonuses can be anything from free VC, MyTeam cards, extra spins at the wheel of fortune, and more.

3. Utilize In-Game Tools

Use in-game tools to your advantage such as the Daily Pick’Em, daily login bonuses in MyNBA, and participating in other mini-games that offer VC as rewards.

4. Invest in Your MyPlayer

Investing in your MyPlayer can enable you to quickly and efficiently win games in which you participate. This is important as when you win games, you get VC bonuses, which means more VC.

5. Play Pro-Am Games

Pro-Am games pay more than standard games, and if you’re playing with good players, you can earn a lot of VC by performing well in the game.

The Ultimate Guide to Free VC in 2K23

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to getting free VC, then this is the section for you. Here, we have insider secrets and advanced strategies that can help you earn even more VC while enjoying the game.

1. Create Multiple MyPlayer Characters

Creating multiple MyPlayer characters allows you to earn more VC. Play MyCareer mode with each of them as it will increase your chances of winning more games and attribute upgrades. You can subsequently transfer all the VC earned by one player to another then start the process all over again.

2. Utilize Boosts

Investing in boosts is an excellent way to earn VC faster. Investing in attributes like the Cap Breaker, Gym Rat, Extra Badge Points, and others will help enhance your gameplay and improve your overall earnings.

3. Do Not Waste VC on Items You Don’t Need

Purchasing animations and other items that do not offer any gameplay benefits is a waste of VC. Always purchase items that will add something to your overall gameplay and earnings.

4. Participate In Live Events Regularly

Live events in-game allow you to earn massive amounts of VC in a short amount of time. Pay attention to what’s going on within the game and participate in any event that offers higher VC payouts if you want to maximize your earnings.

5. Master the Auction House

The Auction House is where you can find rare cards and coveted items that you can resell for a nice profit. By mastering the art of buying low and selling high, you can accumulate VC over time.

Hacks and Cheats: Can You Really Get Free VC in 2K23?

While there are many rumors and allegations of hacks and cheats that promise to deliver free VC, these are often scams. The best and most reliable way to earn VC is by playing the game legitimately.

Tip: Always be wary of scams that require you to give up sensitive information or download suspicious software in exchange for free VC.

From Beginner to Baller: How to Earn VC and Level Up in 2K23

If you’re new to the game, it can be challenging to know where to start. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to earn VC and level up quickly and efficiently:

1. Complete Tutorials and Skill Challenges

The introductory tutorials and skill challenges should be your starting point. They’ll give you a good idea of the game’s mechanics and also reward you with VC for each challenge you complete.

2. Sign Endorsement Deals

When you start playing MyCareer mode, you’ll have the opportunity to sign endorsement deals. These deals offer big payouts in the form of VC and other rewards. Always negotiate better contracts to maximize your earnings.

3. Invest in Your MyPlayer

Investing in your MyPlayer is crucial to winning games and earning VC. By upgrading your attributes, you’ll have an easier time in games and earn more VC as well.

4. Play Multiplayer Games

Playing online multiplayer games can also earn you VC. You have an opportunity to earn more VC if you win games and earn high grades.

5. Participate in MyTeam Mode Events

Events and challenges in MyTeam mode often have higher VC payouts and other rewards. Participating in them can help you earn more VC and level up quickly.

Playing Smart: 3 Legal Ways to Maximize Your VC in 2K23

While there are ways to cheat the game and earn VC, it is important to play smart and avoid breaking the game’s rules. Here are three legal ways to maximize your VC earnings:

1. Participate in In-Game Promotions and Sales

2K regularly offers in-game promotions and sales that allow you to buy VC at a lower price or earn free VC by participating in various rewarding events. Always keep an eye out and participate as much as you can.

2. Join Online Communities for Tips and Tricks

Joining online communities not only gives you access to tips, tricks, and insider secrets but also enables you to participate in competitions and win VC as rewards.

3. Be Selective with Your MyPlayer Choices

If you’re indecisive about the position and archetype of your MyPlayer character, you might waste VC on upgrades that do not benefit your gameplay. Be selective and research where you will get the biggest return on the investment.


Getting free VC in 2K23 is possible, and as this article has shown, there are numerous ways to do so. Whether you’re playing MyCareer or participating in events, these methods will help you earn VC and level up your character quickly and efficiently. Remember to avoid scams and cheats, play smart, and you’ll be earning VC in no time.

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