February 24, 2024
This article provides alternative methods for withdrawing money from Venmo without a bank account, such as cash out options, gift cards, peer-to-peer transactions, merchant payments, and Venmo rewards.


Venmo has become a popular way for people to transfer funds electronically and make payments, but not everyone has a bank account to withdraw funds. This can be a frustrating problem for users who may not know about alternative methods to access their Venmo balance. This article aims to offer alternative ways to withdraw money from Venmo without a bank account.

Alternative Cash Out Options

Venmo has partnered with PayPal to offer an option for users to transfer funds from Venmo to their PayPal account, and then withdraw cash from an ATM. Third-party payment services like MoneyGram and Western Union also offer the option to transfer Venmo balance to cash. Additionally, Venmo offers its own branded debit card, which can be used to access the Venmo balance without a bank account.

Gift Cards

Digital gift cards can be purchased directly through the Venmo app. Users can choose from a variety of merchants to buy gift cards, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Uber. Gift cards can be used to access Venmo balance without needing a bank account, and they are also a good way to shop online.

Peer-to-Peer Transactions

An alternative way to access Venmo balance is to transfer money to friends or family members that have a bank account or digital wallet. To safely receive the money in cash from the person you transferred funds to, Venmo advises users to take certain precautions, including:

  • Only transfer funds to someone you trust
  • Set the transfer to “private” so that details of the transfer are not visible to anyone else
  • Arrange to meet the person in a secure location

Merchant Payments

Many businesses now accept Venmo as a payment option. This allows users to pay for goods and services directly with Venmo without a bank account. Popular brands such as Uber, GrubHub, and Forever21 have adopted Venmo as a payment option, simplifying the payment process.

Venmo Rewards

Retailers and online platforms offer cashback and rewards for using Venmo to complete transactions. This incentivizes users to keep their balance in the app without needing a bank account. The rewards can come in the form of cashback, discounts, or loyalty points. For example, the food delivery service, Seamless, offers a $7 discount on orders paid through Venmo.


Accessing Venmo balance without a bank account is possible with these alternative methods. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to the user to choose a method that suits their situation. It is important to safeguard personal data when completing transactions in cash, and users must take care to ensure that they deal with trusted individuals. By exploring alternative methods of withdrawing money from Venmo, users can continue to use the app in a hassle-free manner.

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