May 21, 2024
Learn how to manage and care for the problem of strong urine odor. With these tips that work, you can learn how to manage it right and ease this issue, all without having to turn to medications that may have adverse side effects.


Strong urine odor can be embarrassing and problematic in everyday life. It can be difficult to feel confident and comfortable when others notice the smell. This condition can be caused by various factors, including medical conditions, dehydration, and diet. In this article, we will discuss tips and remedies to remove and prevent strong urine odor.

Identify Underlying Health Conditions

Strong urine odor can be caused by certain health conditions, including dehydration, infections, diabetes, and other medical conditions. When dehydrated, urine becomes more concentrated and tends to have a stronger odor. Various infections like urinary tract infections (UTIs), bladder infections, and kidney infections can lead to a strong odor due to the build-up of bacteria in the urinary tract. People with diabetes breathe through their skin, and this can lead to an odor that smells to those with the condition. If you have any medical conditions and you notice a strong urine odor, it is recommended to see a doctor.


The first and most straightforward solution is to stay hydrated by drinking water. Drinking enough water dilutes the urine, thereby reducing its smell. In addition to reducing odor, drinking water has numerous health benefits, including flushing out toxins from your body, improving digestion, and preventing constipation. It is essential to minimize or avoid caffeine, alcohol, and sugary drinks because these substances can cause dehydration.

When consuming sugary foods and beverages, bacteria in the mouth break down these compounds, producing acid that can cause a sour smell from the mouth and urine. Therefore, it is recommended to drink the recommended daily amount of water, which is about eight glasses of water per day. It may seem challenging at first, but there are several strategies to make drinking water more comfortable, including carrying a water bottle around, setting reminders throughout the day, and using apps to track your intake.

Dietary Changes

Your diet plays a significant role in urine odor as well. Certain foods like garlic, onions, and fish are famous for causing urine odor, and in general, processed foods and high sugar content within the diet may cause this issue, along with acidic or spicy foods. Therefore, it is essential to focus on a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help to flush out toxins and other harmful substances from your body.

Some fruits and vegetables that can help get rid of strong urine odor include berries, lemons, grapefruit, asparagus, and spinach. You can add these to foods, smoothies, or have them as snacks. It is recommended to limit or avoid processed foods, red meat, and dairy products as they can cause the urine to smell. Instead, focus on eating whole foods and plant-based protein.

Personal Hygiene

Your personal hygiene plays a big role in removing urine odor. Taking a shower regularly is a must, and it is recommended to use soap to wash your body thoroughly. Especially in the groin area, it’s important to wipe from front to back, every time to avoid bacteria from your anus from getting to your urethra. After exercise, it is necessary to change your clothes. When left in closed spandex, bacteria in sweat multiply, and it may contribute to a strong odor. As a general rule, it is essential to maintain clean personal hygiene, especially during your menstrual cycle


Cleaning is an essential part of reducing urine odor in your home. Cleaning the toilet regularly is necessary because it is the source of the strong urine odor. It is essential to use cleaning agents to make sure that there is no build-up of germs and bacteria. Cleaning products ranging from white vinegar, baking soda, bleach, or over-the-counter cleaning agents can be used. Look for a mild one with non-toxic materials that can eliminate germs and bacteria. Disinfectants, similar to detergents, rinse away bad odors to leave a toilet smelling fresh.

Natural Remedies

There are several natural remedies that can help you eliminate urine odor. One effective treatment is consuming herbal tea such as chamomile, peppermint, or green tea. These teas help flush out toxins and bacteria from your body. Pineapple juice has also been shown to reduce urine odor due to bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples that helps break down protein in the body that causes the odor. Another useful remedy is consuming probiotics. Probiotics help maintain a healthy gut microbiome, which, in turn, reduces the amount of bad bacteria in your body and subsequently reduces the odor from urine.


The strong urine odor may be embarrassing, but it is a solvable problem. In summary, staying hydrated, dietary changes, maintaining personal hygiene with daily cleansing of your toilets, and considering natural remedies can all help remove the smell. While it is normal for urine to have a smell, one must pay attention to excessive smells, as it might be an indication of an underlying health condition. Patients should see a medical professional if they suspect medical conditions such as UTIs, kidney or bladder infections, or diabetes.

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