February 25, 2024
Learn the top 10 methods for increasing your carry weight in Skyrim, including using followers, enchantments, stamina, storage options, and more. Follow these tips to free up inventory space and make the most of your adventures in Skyrim.

I. Introduction

Carrying too much in Skyrim is a common issue among many players. Between weapons, armor, potions, and ingredients, it’s easy to quickly fill up your inventory and become encumbered. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase your carry weight and make your adventures in Skyrim more enjoyable. In this article, we will cover 10 methods for increasing your carry weight in Skyrim.

II. Method 1: Carry a Follower’s Inventory

One method for increasing your carry weight in Skyrim is to ask a follower to carry your excess items. To do this, speak to a follower and choose the option to trade items. From there, you can transfer items from your inventory to your follower’s inventory. Followers have a limit to the amount they can carry, but this limit can be increased by giving them gear with higher carrying capacity.

One drawback to this method is that followers can be killed or lost in combat, causing you to lose the items they were carrying. Additionally, followers may not always be available or willing to carry your excess items. To maximize a follower’s inventory space, give them gear with high carrying capacity and avoid giving them unnecessary items.

III. Method 2: Use Enchantments

Enchantments can be used to boost carrying capacity in Skyrim. Enchanting gear with the “Fortify Carry Weight” enchantment will increase your carrying capacity by a certain amount. This enchantment can be applied to several pieces of gear, including necklaces, rings, and gauntlets. The effect of this enchantment can be further increased by having a high enchanting skill or consuming potions that boost enchanting.

There are also other enchantments that can indirectly increase your carrying capacity, such as “Fortify Stamina” and “Fortify Strength”. These enchantments can provide extra stamina points, which in turn increases your carrying capacity. Enchanting your gear with these enchantments can be beneficial for players who like to engage in combat frequently.

IV. Method 3: Invest in Stamina

Investing in stamina is another way to increase carrying capacity in Skyrim. As mentioned earlier, having more stamina points increases your carry weight limit. To increase your stamina, level up your character, invest in the Stamina perk tree, and consume food or potions that boost stamina. Managing your stamina during combat can also help you manage your inventory space more efficiently.

V. Method 4: Utilize Storage Options
V. Method 4: Utilize Storage Options

V. Method 4: Utilize Storage Options

There are several storage options available in Skyrim that can help you free up inventory space. These include chests, barrels, and other types of containers that can be found throughout the world. Additionally, many homes in Skyrim come with storage options such as chests and wardrobes.

One drawback to using storage options is that you may have to travel to retrieve items you’ve stored. Additionally, the items may not always be safe from theft or other dangers. However, utilizing storage options can be helpful for storing excess items or items that you don’t use frequently, freeing up inventory space for the items you need on a regular basis.

VI. Method 5: Remove Unnecessary Items

One of the simplest ways to free up inventory space in Skyrim is to identify and remove unnecessary or duplicate items. This includes items such as low-value weapons, outdated armor, and duplicate ingredients.

To remove these items, you can sell them to merchants, drop them on the ground, or store them in a container. When choosing which items to keep, prioritize items that are useful or rare.

VII. Method 6: Wear Armor with High Carrying Capacity

Some armor sets in Skyrim have a higher carrying capacity than others. For example, orcish armor and heavy armor have a higher carrying capacity than elven armor and light armor. By wearing armor with higher carrying capacity, you can increase your overall carrying capacity.

However, wearing heavy armor can also slow you down and make you more vulnerable in combat. It’s important to balance the benefits of increased carrying capacity with other factors such as stamina regeneration, defense, and mobility.

VIII. Method 7: Use Backpack Mods

In addition to the methods offered by the base game, players can also use backpack mods to increase their carry weight. Backpack mods are player-created mods that add backpacks to the game. These backpacks provide additional carrying capacity and often have aesthetic or functional benefits as well.

Popular backpack mods include “Bandolier – Bags and Pouches”, “Frostfall – Camping Survival”, and “Wearable Lanterns”. These mods can be found on modding sites such as Nexus Mods and can be installed easily with the appropriate modding tools.

IX. Method 8: Use a Horse

Using a horse can be another way to increase your carry weight in Skyrim. Horses can be used to carry excess items and can be summoned using the “Summon Arvak” spell or the “Call Horse” shout. Acquiring a horse requires completing certain quests or purchasing one from a stable.

However, horses can be killed in combat or become lost, causing you to lose the items they were carrying. Additionally, horses cannot be used in all terrain and may become stuck or unable to follow you in certain locations. Overall, using a horse can be a useful method for increasing carrying capacity but may require some caution and strategy.

X. Method 9: Invest in a Home

Investing in a home can provide additional storage space for your inventory. Homes can be purchased in several cities throughout Skyrim and come with storage options such as chests, wardrobes, and weapon racks. Additionally, owning a home provides a convenient location to return to for rest and storage.

However, purchasing a home can be expensive and may require completing certain quests or reaching certain levels of status. Additionally, homes can be vulnerable to attacks if not properly secured. Overall, owning a home can be helpful for players who want a reliable location for storage and rest.

XI. Method 10: Use Console Commands (for PC users only)

For players using the PC version of Skyrim, console commands can be used to increase carrying capacity. Console commands are codes that can be inputted into the game’s console to modify the game in various ways. To increase carrying capacity, use the command “player.modav carryweight X”, where “X” is the desired amount of additional carry weight.

However, using console commands can be risky and may cause unintended glitches or crashes. Additionally, using console commands may not be as satisfying as discovering natural solutions to inventory problems. Use console commands with caution and only when necessary.

XII. Conclusion

There are several ways to increase carrying capacity in Skyrim, including using followers, enchantments, stamina, storage options, and more. By following these tips, players can free up inventory space and better enjoy their adventures in the world of Skyrim.

Don’t be afraid to try out a few methods and find what works best for you.

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