March 3, 2024
Learn how to make dye in Ark with this step-by-step guide. From gathering materials to understanding the science behind dye creation, this comprehensive article covers everything you need to know.


One of the many features that makes Ark: Survival Evolved such an immersive gaming experience is the ability to craft and customize your own world. Dye plays a major role in this, as it allows players to add a splash of color to everything from armor and weapons to bases and wild creatures. Knowing how to make dye is a crucial skill for players who want to fully explore everything the game has to offer.

Step-by-step guide: Making Dye in Ark

Before you can start making dye, you’ll need to gather a few key materials:

  • Narcoberry or Charcoal
  • Berries of various colors
  • Water

Once you have everything you need, follow these steps:

  1. Craft a Pestle and Mortar using Stone, Hide, and Wood.
  2. Craft a Cooking Pot using Metal Ingots, Cementing Paste, and Hide.
  3. Gather Water in a Waterskin or Canteen.
  4. Add your chosen ingredients to the Cooking Pot.
  5. Cook the Dye for 30 seconds in the Cooking Pot.
  6. Use the Dye to color an object by dragging the Dye onto the object in your inventory.

For a more visual guide, check out the following images:

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What You Need to Know to Make Dye in Ark

Here’s a list of all the materials you’ll need to gather to make dye in Ark:

  • Narcoberry or Charcoal
  • Berries of various colors (most commonly Amarberry, Azulberry, Tintoberry, and Stimberry)
  • Water

To gather these resources efficiently, try these tips:

  • Build a base near a source of berries
  • Use a tame with high weight to carry large amounts of resources
  • Upgrade your Water Storage so you can easily collect and store water

Crafting and using the necessary tools is also important. The Pestle and Mortar and Cooking Pot are both essential for creating dye, so make sure you have these items in your inventory.

The Science of Dye Making in Ark

The chemical principles behind dye creation are fascinating. Different berries and ingredients will create different colors, and understanding how this works will give you more control over the dye-making process.

There are a few different types of dyes that can be made in Ark:

  • Basic Dyes (created from one type of berry and one Water)
  • Advanced Dyes (created from two or more types of berries and one Water)
  • Sprays (created from one type of berry, one Water, and one Paintbrush)

The color of the dye will depend on the types of ingredients used. For example, using Tintoberries will create a red dye, while using Azulberries will create a blue dye.

Creative Uses for Dye in Ark

Dye is a versatile tool that can be used in many creative ways:

  • Color your armor and weapons to stand out in a crowd or show off your tribe colors
  • Decorate your base with colorful banners and signs
  • Use dye to identify tribe members or mark territory
Troubleshooting Common Problems When Making Dye in Ark
Troubleshooting Common Problems When Making Dye in Ark

Troubleshooting Common Problems When Making Dye in Ark

Running out of resources, using incorrect recipe combinations, and not having enough space in the Cooking Pot are all common issues players may encounter when making dye.

If you’re running low on resources, try to gather more before starting the dye-making process. If you’re using the wrong recipe, double-check your ingredients to ensure you’re using the correct combination. If the Cooking Pot is full, try removing other items from it before cooking the dye.

The History and Cultural Significance of Dye in Ark

In-game lore surrounding dye is rich, including tribes who developed their own unique dyes and traditions surrounding their use.

In real-world history, dyes have been used for thousands of years for everything from clothing to art to religious ceremonies. Different cultures have placed their own significance on certain colors, such as red representing luck and happiness in Chinese culture.

Ark takes this cultural significance into account by allowing players to develop their own unique dye traditions and stories within the game.

Mastering Dye Making in Ark: Tips and Tricks

To truly master dye making in Ark, try customizing dyes for specific purposes. For example, use a red dye on armor to create a “blood effect” for use in battle. You can also increase efficiency by gathering more resources at once or using a cooking pot with a larger volume.

Finally, utilizing different tools such as Crop Plots to grow your own berries or the Industrial Cooker to cook dyes in bulk can help streamline the dye-making process.


Learning how to make dye in Ark is an important skill for any player who wants to fully immerse themselves in the crafting and customization aspects of the game. By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to create dyes in any color imaginable and use them to add your own unique touch to the world of Ark.

We’ve covered everything from gathering materials and crafting tools to the science behind dye creation and troubleshooting common problems.

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